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Cosmedica Skincare Vitamin C Prep and Tone, 4 Ounce

Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and fruit extracts to leave skin fresh and balanced. Make-up remover. Remove excess dirt. Treatment for oily skin. Treatment to shrink large pores. Adjust pH levels to properly prepare skin for face moisturizers, serums, or chemical peels. Brighter, matte complexion

Key features

  • A vital step after cleansing; neutralize skin surface to ensure skin is clear of excess oil, dirt, and make-up
  • Rebalance pH levels to prepare skin for moisturizers, serums, or chemical peels
  • Vitamin C anti-oxidant qualities will gently remove dead skin cells, dry patches and rough areas

Honest reviews


Don’t Know Yet!

This is a ‘time will tell’ item. I am using this with a Derma Roller. I will update when the time comes that I have something to help. I can tell you, it came on time is well packaged, and is also, the least expensive of this type of product.

Brenda Thomaston, GA

Great Spray Vitamin C

I am now a huge fan of vitamin c. I didn’t realize that it was a spray (spritzer) when I bought it but I actually really like that. it is easy to put on.

Vickie Indiana, PA

Beauty Product

I use this in a beauty salve I make and Vitamin C is always welcome in facial products. I love using this antioxidant in my preparations.

Kelly Rosendale, MO

So far, so good

The toner seems to be doing the job. I have seen my face brighten up just a bit since I started using this product. The brown tinted color of the product made me question if I got an expired bottle at first. I contacted the company and they said that was the normal color of the product. I was relieved after that. But I will keep using this until it’s gone now that I have it.

Eula Chappells, SC

Not a good toner for everyday, Ok for a peel prep.

I was hoping it would help with the blackheads on my nose, but all it did was make my nose peel more, and dry out my skin more in general. I also tried using this pre-chemical peel. It did seem to help as a pre-peel prep, as it has a skin stripping quality that smooths skin out in short term, allowing for a more even application of the peel.I have to comment on the bottle and the issues I encountered apply the toner. The application process is a problem. If you spray it directly on to your face, it doesn’t mist onto the skin evenly. It sprays hitting one area heavily. If you spray it on a cotton ball, it absorbs so quickly into the cotton ball that you don’t end up with enough product to smooth over your whole face.

Clare Covington, LA



Millie Zumbro Falls, MN

too soon to tell…

I just received this and upon first application my face looked brighter and vibrant. Just a healthy glow! I used this on a clean face, followed by their HA serum and my bioelements “all things pure” cream. I have sensitive dry skin and I’ve hit my 30’s so I started having age spots/sun spots, not sure from the two but you can see under my eye area and they are really light almost freckle like, so I’m hoping this will possibly fade those spots. I will update later on w/more info but the customer service itself receives 5 stars for their assistance!!!3/30:This is good stuff! I think I will repurchase this again! Skin is def brighter, that vitamin C kinda brightness. I use this once a night or 3 nights a week followed by 100% Natural and USDA Certified Organic Grapeseed Oil and WOW! GREAT PRODUCT! I still use my Thayers toner but this stuff is good for that pick me upper look or if you have dull skin.

Rosemary Neillsville, WI

can’t hurt

Feels good when spraying, no smell which is important to me, no break outs on the face and anything that may help this 67yr old face filled with adventures lines is a good day. To hard to tell if it works for me.

Naomi Utuado, PR


I’ve only been using this for a few days, but it really doesn’t seem to do much at all. Also, I hate the spray bottle. Most of it goes into the air, unless I jam it right up against the cotton ball. Will update if anything changes

Evangelina Pleasanton, CA

Love it!

Really cleanse my face!! I love this products! I use it before i apply my hyaluronic acid. Feel amazing together!

Winnie Weirsdale, FL