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Coppola Keratin Complex Intense RX Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum, 1 Ounce

Intense rx ionic keratin protein restructuring serum delivers over 25% of pure keratin protein to rebuild the hair’s tensile strength and elasticity.

Key features

  • Through the use of electrostatic penetration, the keratin
  • Fuses to the existing protein bond revitalizing extremely damaged,
  • Color treated and chemically compromised hair

Honest reviews



LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I had the Coppola keratin treatment done on my hair back in August and this product has done wonders for extending the treatment! I think this product is a MUST for anyone wanting to extend the life of their keratin treatment.

Carla Long Pine, NE

Really good

This is a very good product, it made my hair silk and smooth, itlasted a long time and I am ready to purchase more! Reat Line!

Christa Mayville, MI

Perfect pick me up for keratin treatment

I have the keratin treatment done to my hair and my hair loves it! When I used this, it was like getting a keratin treatment. I’ve only used it once and I’m in love! I wil update if anything changes. I have fine, long hair that can get very fizzy in the humidity and needs lots of moisture and protein, and im in my latter fourties, if that helps.. This stuff is great.I combed out 1" sections and applied a couple of squirts of the RX onto each and spread it into my hair. I did my whole head like that and let it air dry. I then flatironed my hair and it was like silk, just ordered more…this one is a keeper

Araceli Transylvania, LA

Use sparingly and not too often.

Too much use is bad and will hurt your hair due to protein damage. Look that up for more details. I use it sparingly on the damaged ends of my hair and along face, the hair that grows more slowly. I just put it in on clean hair and style as normal. Hair feels smoother and healthier.

Winifred Veblen, SD

Great product!

I really love this product! I had a keratin treatment (formaldehyde-free) months and months ago and could not justify spending the money on another treatment, but after seeing the results I had to have something to keep my hair smooth in the horrible Florida humidity. This product really does work and it doesn’t take much to get the job done. It’s consistency is a little thicker than water. I apply it differently than the directions state: I blow dry my hair and then apply the product( which absorbs quickly) and then flat iron it on the highest temperature. I would say it lasts a few days at first and then as the product builds up longer and longer. As with any keratin product you’ll get the longest lasting results if you use a shampoo free of sulfates and sodium.

Cindy Nichols, WI

Coppola Keratin Complex Protein Restructuring

I have been using it after I shampoo and haven’t seen much of a difference so won’t reorder the product.

Alta Cave Spring, GA