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Coola Suncare Classic Face SPF 30 Sunscreen, 1.7 oz.

Protect and boost your skin’s defense against aging caused by the sun with this antioxidant-infused, farm to face sourced broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen. Designed for all skin types, this non-greasy formula is crafted with 70 percent plus certified organic inactive ingredients. Organic evening primrose and linseed oils reduce inflammation, even skin tone, and balance moisture. Safflower oleosomes provide lasting hydration while the phyto-protector plankton extract stimulates and rejuvenates weathered skin. Organic acai oil, known for its anti-aging benefits, delivers abundant antioxidants through its omegas-3/6/9, vitamins b1/2/3, and vitamins c and e.

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Not Natural

I loved the application of this product, very smooth, no smell, no white patches and, supposedly, all natural. Then I looked at the inactive ingredients! EWG rates this product #3 for problematic ingredients. The most problematic is the OCTINOXATE, which they rate #6! I’m torn. I have not found another sunscreen with as good an application as this one but I don’t want to put harmful things on my skin. I have decided to return it. Sigh!UPDATE: I just discovered that EWG rates highly the Coola PLANT BASED sunscreen (not this one). The reviews for that product, however, suggest it leaves a white paste, like most other sunscreens. I’m going Dr. Mercola’s face stick. It got good reviews here.

Briana Lastrup, MN

good and light

I used this all summer, and liked it a lot. It’s light and affordable. It’s given a good rating by the EGW, which monitors products for toxicity.

Lourdes Seneca, SD

Great everyday SPF moisturizer.

Its really good, and it doesn’t irritate my skin, feels good too but I wish it was a bit more matyfing and not so greasy.

Josie Winlock, WA

Perfect for my skin but a little pricey

I used to love Dove’s face lotion, but it was discontinued and had only SPF 15. I wanted to give my face a little more protection cuz my skin is somewhat sensitive, so it’s hard to find a face lotion that smells good, not oily, and doesn’t give me eczema reaction to it. (Ahem…Neutrogena)Thank goodness I found Coola. I love:-Gentle and clean scent of cucumber-SPF 30 for extra sun protection-Dries quickly-Reflective but not oily (this could be a con if you prefer a matte finish)-No skin reaction-Made in USA-Made with organic ingredients (this could be a con if you don’t believe in organic)I don’t love so much:-A tad pricey ($25 for 1.7 oz).-Weak and unreliable pump. (Sometimes the pump doesn’t work, so I had to try everything there is, for example, squeezing content to the top, shaking the bottle, pressing pump multiple times. When it works, sometimes the pump unexpectedly spits out too much too fast, spraying squirts of lotion onto my clothes.)

Alyson Beals, ME


A nice sunscreen/moisturizer that goes on easily. I have sensitive skin and had no problem with the product. Will buy again.

Christi Mineral, WA

A Fruity Change of Pace

Summer is here, which means I need to amp up my SPF. I use sunscreen on my face year-round (usually a moisturizer with SPF15) and right now I’m using Coola Cucumber Moisturizing Face Sunscreen in SPF 30.I have combination/oily skin that tends to get even slicker during the warm summer months. I also have very pale skin that tends to burn when exposed to the sun for even a short amount of time. I prefer a face sunscreen that isn’t greasyCoola Cucumber Sunscreen SPF 30 is a thin white colored cream. It has a moderately strong cucumber scent that dissipates shortly after application. It’s a nice change of pace from the “tropical” fragrances you can encounter with other sunscreensThe active ingredients in Coola Cucumber Sunscreen are Avobenzone (2%) and Octinoxate (2.1%).I use this in the mornings after washing my face. It absorbs well and I’m on to the rest of my morning routine. Coola says you’ll be sun-ready in 30 minutes (as with most sunscreens) and that you should reapply every two hours. Most days I wear makeup, so reapplication of a goopy sunscreen isn’t going to happen–but then most days my sun exposure is “limited.” I have noticed that my “limited” sun has resulted in a tan on my un-sunscreened flip-flopped feet, so I’m sure to put my face sunscreen on every morning.I like a moisturizer with SPF and I would use this weekdays (when I’m mostly inside) and weekends when I’m out and about. I find it hard to judge the effectiveness of a sunscreen until it fails for me and I try not to leave myself exposed to sunscreen failure. I’m happy with the Coola Cucumber for my current lifestyle. The moisturizer is light and absorbs well into my skin.

Sheri Empire, NV

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I got a sample of this lotion and definitely was pleased, so I price checked a few different places and found Amazon to be a good deal. Love this sunscreen- the smell, the lightness, the consistency. It is hard to find SPF 30 lotion for the face that isn’t gunky and thick. I have already recommended it to many friends.

Krystal Collingswood, NJ

tried it once and it was okay but moved on

I bought this because I found it on the EWG working list for sunscreens and it had good reviews. It was okay, but I moved on. I didn’t like the dispenser and I found the sunscreen to just be okay. I had previously used the Dermagenics Sun Savvy and have since changed to the Suntegrity. I think both of those products were better than this one.

Marissa Knoxville, AL