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Cool2day® Stunning Girl’s 70cm Long Natural Curly Hair Party Wig+wig Cap 23

*** Please kindly note it’s not REAL PERSON HAIR , the model wearing WIG is just for show *** Feature: *The size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people. All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. *The item is Easy to wash and care just using a little mild shampoo in cold water. *This wig features a high-quality “skin top”, which gives the wig a look of naturalness and reality. Specifications: *Hair material: 100% Japanese Kanekalon (high quality one) made fiber. *Top Material and design: Adjustable Monofilament Net. *Color: as the picture *length: appr 25” *Weight: 0.18kg *Style: Wave *Brand new, AAA High quality *Hair type: We GUARANTEE that the hair we sell is 100% kanekalon fiber. Package Included : *1 X new Pretty human made natural hair women’s wave curly full wig/wigs

Key features

  • Length: 65cm. Tolerance: +/-3cm

Honest reviews


Bought this wig off of ebay

I bought this exact wig off of ebay a few months ago.While described as a light brown… the wig itself looks very dark strawberry blonde in the light. It definitely has a red hue.That being said, this is a fun wig. I wear it quite a bit. It is very long and flowing, It doesn’t shed as much as my other synthetic wigs, and I can pull a few strands on the sides back into a low ponytail or put them up in barrettes without it looking too “wiggy”.The only thing that does give the wig away is the shine many synthetic wigs have, a shine you don’t see in natural human hair. so you can tell it is synthetic.other than that, this is one of my favorite wigs. I have wore it for Halloween, I wore it to an Anime convention (makes a nice Orihime from “Bleach” wig), I wore it to a Christmas party, I’ve even worn it out shopping. Its a really nice wig for the price.

Yvette South Acworth, NH

Amazing and a Life Saver!!

I bought this wig very nervous because I had never bought a wig before let alone one without looking at it in person. I saw that the reviews were pretty decent and for $20 I just felt I couldn’t go wrong. I received my wig in about 3 business days which was so great and when I took it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised :-).I was afraid that the wig was going to look fake and too “wiggy”, but boy was I wrong!! It is just amazing and it looks like real hair. I didn’t tell my husband that I bought one and I just put it on and styled and and he looked at me all confused and said, “Did you go to the hair dressers today and get extensions?”. I smiled and said “No babe, it’s a wig”. He was so shocked and he said it looked like real hair so that made me even more confident to go out in public with it.We went out to a restaurant and I got several compliments on my hair from my family and they all asked me what I did to my hair to make it look so healthy and shiny :-). I ended up telling them it was a wig and they didn’t believe me until I took it off and showed them. After that they thought it was a real hair wig and not synthetic and when I told them it was synthetic and it costed my $20 on Amazon they just couldn’t believe it. My mom wants one now just to play around and change up her hair :-).The only gripe I have about it is that it does tangle easy, but just comb it through with your fingers and you are good to go. The bangs also came much longer than in the picture, but I don’t mind because I like them a little longer anyway and you can just cut them. The color is also a little off as it is more of an auburn color, but honestly the color looks better in person than in the picture.I am getting emotional because I have Psoriasis on my scalp and was losing all my hair (I’m only 26 years old) and I was getting so self conscious and didn’t know what to do. This wig was a life saver and I am so relieved that it looks so real and doesn’t look fake at all. For $20 and the quality of it, you just can’t go wrong. I am actually going to buy another one when I get done writing this review I liked it so much. As far as the seller being rude like one of the other commenters stated, I am not sure because I didn’t really have to e-mail them for anything. All I know is that I payed for my wig and it got here very quickly and packaged really well :-). If you are on the market for a wig or you just want an inexpensive wig to try out, definitely get this one, you won’t regret it :-).

Jillian West Jefferson, OH

Not as pictured

The wig doesn’t have as much hair as the picture shows, and the bangs are really long and need extensive trimming because they don’t sweep to the side at all, they hang straight down. Not pleased with this wig, but at least it was cheap.

Cheryl Beulah, MS

I love it and wear it alot but its a bit big.

This is my first wig so I didn’t really know what to expect. For the price I was wowed and most people dont realize its a wig. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5th star is because the inside cap is SO big theres enough room for a full head of long hair inside. I have almost no hair at all so the cap sags in the back and causes a strange shape but I cover that and no one notices. I did have to trim it cause it was a little over the top for everyday wear and got tangled alot. All in all a good wig as far as I know and I’m glad I made all my first timer mistakes on a “cheap” wig. I may order another and experiment with length and adjustments with this one, thats the nice thing about this wig. It’s not expensive so if you mess it up you just order another. Also the “strange smell” that other reviewers mentioned…It smells like new clothes of a new car, a little like plastic and factory. But it QUICKLY looses that smell and is replace with your smell(your perfume/soap/lotion and whatever).

Bette New Milton, WV

Great quality for the money

I bought this for a playboy bunny halloween costume (full disclosure, I am a man). It looked great. Very natural, and much better quality than I expected for the money. I would highly recommend.

Elisha Mapleton, OR

Nice Quality

packaging wasa very protective of wig and my wife loves to have a large selection and this was a perfect addition with a nice wave and layercut look. Nice for a night on the town and many complements on hair.

Tanya West Swanzey, NH

so pretty

to me, its gorgeous! I can easily brush it but it does shed. I need to find a more sturdy one but I can’t help but love the price for it!

Jamie Edwardsburg, MI

Beautiful Bargain Wig!

Are you kidding me? For the price you would think this is just another cheap costume wig but it’s NOT. This wig is really pretty and does the job. You won’t believe what you get for the price!!

Brandie Dickens, NE

Slightly Tight, Very Long and Wavy!

Well layered, it is curly and thick! The bangs are sided and the color is a beautiful light brown! It is VERY wavy and a little curly, easily gets frizzy however. The only complaint I have is that the cap is a little tight for me and gives me headaches. Overall, it is nice and super long!

Terry Granite Canon, WY

It is soft and silky!

Wow. For the price I paid, I am so happy about this wig. It is soft and shiny. It shipped really fast and it was packaged with care. It came in great condition. The only real downside for me is that the wig cap is somewhat small and it does not have clips in it. But that is ok because I will not wear this wig on a regular basis.

Ora Hamlet, IN


This is a great wig. Looks quite natural, the hairline is well blended. I was super surprised by the great quality of this wig. Great price too!

Mariana Staatsburg, NY

Very nice

This is beautiful.. it looks just like natual human hair, beautiful color i cannot wait to wear this and have long beautiful curly hair 🙂

Tricia Hanna, WY

really soft

first time getting a wig, feel like real hair. there was a free wig cap and a pair of sock along with it. I have shoulder length hair, so it was hard to put it up and wear it

Casey Keller, VA

good for the price

This wig looks really nice considering the low price. It is not a high quality wig, but it looks like a nice wig.

Patty Hamletsburg, IL

Great wig!

This is an amazing wig! You would never guess it was such a cheap wig. I will be recommending this to everyone I know. It looks so much better than the picture. I will be buying one or two more just in case I wear this one out.I am going through chemotherapy and am losing my hair. I can’t afford any of the expensive wigs they sell in stores around here but this wig looks better than any of them! I had to take it in to have my hairdresser trim the bangs for me and she was so shocked by it’s quality I had to send her the link on Amazon so she can recommend it to her other clients.Seriously, buy this wig!

Alyson Jasper, OH

Great Wig

This wig looks very real and is super soft. The only problem is the bangs are a bit long. and could use some styling. and when you put the wig on it doesnt really fit to your head shape well. but besides that its really good!!

Briana Tanacross, AK

Long hair wig

It is going to go great with The Halloween Custom, the wig looks very natural and we got it at a fantastic low price.

Casey Cumby, TX

Made For Peanut Heads

This was the most ill-fitting wig I have ever purchased. What I received barely resembles the image. All the cornstarch and baby powder in the world couldn’t make it look any less like what is attached to a Barbie’s head. Even if I could remove some of the shine, it wouldn’t fit my dog’s head, let alone mine. Save yourself some money, and make a wig out of yarn. At least then it would look more realistic.

Muriel Milton, IN

Looks real.

I got my wig really fast, weeks before the estimated date, and put it on the day after it came. My fiancé asked if I had gone and gotten my hair cut into bangs, he thought it looked so real. As did a few friends I hung out with that day, including a hairstylist friend I have! So if it fools people sitting next to you and stylists, it’s a good purchase in my mind! I definitely recommend this wig!

Alfreda Ether, NC

stylish wig

If you are looking for a wig that is long, straight kinda curly, and has pretty bangs that are pre-trimmed for you, this is the wig for you. This wig is pretty. The color is a dark toned dirty blonde color, great for almost any skin tone. It fits snug on my head, i wont have to worry about it falling off. There is a little shedding but that is expected from a cheaper wig. It is easy to brush through without tangling. I will say you probably have to cut the bangs a little tiny bit more depending on your forehead, to frame the face a little more. In my opinion, this wig looks better in person than on the picture shown.

Mollie Middleburg, KY

Not as shown on picture

Soooo disappointed, wig very thin, does not look natural, way toooo small to wear, and already hair falling out everywhere once I took it out of the packing. Have it sent back to Amazon immediately.

Marisol Rapid City, MI

Love it

I am a photographer and used this for a shoot. It is very smooth and the hair has a wonderful texture. it is exactly as pictured. I recommend it. It’s amazing how cheap it is for a great wig.

Caroline Clearmont, WY

Very Long, beautiful color!

I ordered this wig and didn’t know what to expect. I have never used a wig before and just wanted a cheaper one to play around with and go out once in a while.First impression: The color is BEAUTIFUL. The picture made me worry that it might be dark blonde light brown but it is NOT. It is definitely BROWN and just a pretty light shiny brown.Second impression: The wave in it is pretty but not as wavy as the picture. Also, it gets tangled easy which is to be expected because its so long.I haven’t worn it for a long period of time yet but initially it feels like it will stay on no problem. It comes with a wig cap which works pretty well.Great price, good product. Highly recommend!

Ila Fall Creek, OR

Terrible Mess

The wig is like a cheap doll’s hair. Arrived tangled. Very thin. It is worth $2.99 maybe. Will make a great wig for Halloween.

Wilda Burdette, AR


Obvious. Even after washing and styling. But, fun. Smells fishy. Arrived before ETA and in bubble mailer or plastic type wrap (I’ve forgotten now). Great color. Sheds a lot. Tangles easily, but, the long wigs always do. It’s fun and flirty.

Bertie Meriden, NH

My first wig EVER

And it is hard to believe!So depending on the lighting, the hair color looks different, which I think is pretty cool, if u ask me.The hair color u see of the model is pretty darn accurate, depending on the lighting. Wish it was less red and more brown tho. Kinda wish I got dark brown instead.Took some pix, cut bangs of course (I don’t have a big forehead) and cut the back as well, coz I’m not used to really long hair, makes me feel uncomfortable and also, to make it look natural. :)It’s good tht it’s long so that u can cut it the way u want it to look :)Just so u know I got this for a second hairstyle option for a wedding. And I’m VERY GLAD I got it!At first I wasn’t sure…coz u know, it was a huge change from my really short hair (i got it really short to get rid of my old bleached hair) and also I havent had my hair this long (chest length now) since kindergarten!!!. now I feel so PRETTY lol. Which I don’t usually go for, but perfect for the wedding! since I’m going for a princess look lol with a tiara and all that.I definitely, HIGHLY recommend this wig. Very pretty.makes me wanna get more wigs from them loloh btw the wig is a bit big on me, but np. Used the tightening straps and it is PERFECT now! I figured out looking at some other wigs today and looking inside lol. lPs cool2day is awesome btw, very helpful, very kind and always available to answer any questions! :)Will definitely use this company for any wig situation!! 😀

Teresa Astoria, SD

Stunning beautiful long Light Brown curly wave full wigs jf010023

Well I started wearing it today, just got it yesterday , and it is literally falling apart.Will never order from this seller again. I am going to order same wig from different seller because when I first got it I really liked it. But then it started falling apart.Update: I ordered the same wig from different seller, 3 months and still waiting. I give up on this wig. To bad it is very pretty.

Della Coatsville, MO


I love this wig it is thin but covers all of the netting underneath. i currently have this one and my pink and white one together and they look great I will post pictures..

Leann Mount Gilead, OH

Super fun.

I love this wig its perfect for nights out! super fun! I havent worn it out and about during the day for the fact that it does look a bit fake. So i usually wear it for nights out on the town.

Janice Estero, FL

Ugly & sheds

The wig does not look like it does as pictured online. When I complained and tried to return it for a refund, the seller would not refund my money. They were only willing to replace the item. At this point, I was so irritated that I ended up just selling the silly thing.

Bonnie Mapleton, IA