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Cool2day Cute natural Fashion Long Straight Wig Kanekalon BLACK Full Wigs jf010161

Cool2day® — Only for your Beauty ! Feature: 1.Excellent Quality straight 100% Japanese Kanekalon (high quality one) made fiber wig 2.You will be amazed by the quality. Wearing it, it can bring you more confidence, and more charm! 3.It is both natural looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties as well as for daily use. 4.The size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people. 5.All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. 6.The item is Easy to wash and care just using a little mild shampoo in cold water. 7.This wig features a high-quality “skin top”, which gives the wig a look of naturalness and reality. Specifications: Hair material: 100% Japanese Kanekalon (high quality one) made fiber. Top Material and design: Adjustable Monofilament Net. Color:Black Length:appr 25” Weight: 0.18kg Style:Wave AAA High quality Hair type: We GUARANTEE that the hair we sell is 100% kanekalon fiber. Package included: 1x Long Curly Hair Party Wig Note: The display pictures shown online were taken by our professional man using our own model. There would be slight difference on the model shape or colors from different person ,please contact us if it does not look like the picture

Key features

  • To protect our brand reputation, we have NOT authorized any other sellers to sell our products on Amazon, including those “Fulfilled by Amazon” sellers Please help fight against counterfeiting by selecting to buy direct from “Cool2dayINC” under “More Buying Choices”.
  • You will be amazed by the quality. It will bring you more confidence
  • Very stylish design with natural looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties as well as for daily use.
  • You can wash it in cold water by hand,don’t use the hair tomb,if so ,it will fall out
  • for Cosplay, Film, Theater, Party, Carneval, Halloween,Christmas

Honest reviews


Great Wig for the Price

This is a very nice wig for the price. The hair feels very soft and it’s very shiny. The only thing that I do not care for is that the bangs are very long. You can fix that though by pinning it back or cutting the hair.

Juliana Odell, OR


i have mixed emotions about this wig. first of all…. i must admit that i love the shape/style and colour of this wig ( it’s more like a dark brown/ off black – 1B). it made me look super hot!!! plus, the length is magnificent. however, the quality of the material used is very poor (i hate the feel of it against my skin) and it tangles a whole lot. i wore this wig for a week and had to keep brushing and applying gel for it to stay done (hair kept blowing into my eyes). so unfortunately, i won’t repurchase anymore of this product. in terms of recommending it to others, i highly doubt so. women… we better off using human hair!

Jesse Salton City, CA

Don’t Buy!!!

I bought this wig once and I liked it until on the 3rd day of me wearing it the straps both fell off, i thought it would be ok. So it wont be as snug as i want it…. that night went to take it off and the front and back fell apart!!!! I messaged them and told them they offered me a refund or to ship out another one… So i opted for another one. November 20 it was shipped, here it is Dec 21st and still NO WIG!!! Don’t do it! Go somewhere else to get your product if you want to receive you product and a quality product! I did receive a refund, that’s the only thing good that came out of this!

Brigitte Clay, TX

knot bad

It have’t worn this out yet, but as far as trying it on, it’s okay. The hair is super fine and soft, but it is heat resistant -with my flat iron on the lowest sitting-. It’s not a very full wig either, but that’s fine. Unfortunately it does tangle, which seems to be the thing with either curly or long straight wigs, but my loop brush takes care of that okay. It doesn’t shed badly, and I’m looking forward to wearing it out, not on a windy day though.

Jayne Roseland, NJ

took a long time but its ok

I brushed it with my fingers and a few chunks of hair fell off 🙁 its kinda shiny but you could use baby powder to hide it. Another thing was that it got to my house a whole month after I bought it but that’s ok since I didn’t need it in a rush. Other than that, it looks pretty real~ and its soft too~ so I think it’s good for its price.

Rhea Avenal, CA

Sexy, basic, long, straight wig with a bang

If you are looking for a basic, sexy, long,straight wig with a bang, this is the one for you. This wig is very sexy. It has beautiful bangs that you can either wear in the front, or swoop them to whichever side you feel most comfortable with.This wig comes with adjustable straps. It fits pretty snug on your head. I love the length. I’m 5’7 and it comes down to my lower back. I have already purchased a lot of these wigs. If I ever feel the need to purchase more, I will.

Adriana Aurora, MO


It’s made well I can brush it and hair doesn’t fall out. The length is nice too but it is really shiny. I have washed it to try to get rid of some of shine but it didn’t help much. Over all it’s a nice wig but you can’t make someone think it’s your real hair.

Janie Ruth, MI


surprisingly, this is one of the cheapest but overall the best wig I have ordered from Cool2day. The bangs are PERFECT and need ZERO styling. The hair is silky, soft, but not fake looking. The wig cap isnt super tight, and the seller included a wig cap also. would definitely buy another

Benita Ray Brook, NY

Looks fake

It’s cute but does look fake, with shiny shiny strands. It stays on good, and is easy to take care of.

Jodi Emporia, VA


WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT TAKE CARE OF YOUR WIGS IT WILL FRAY. But that is not the wigs fault, It’s yours. I learned this the hard way. Mine is currently frayed baddd. But that was my fault for a first time wig owner. I cut it with a straight razor. And didn’t use a wig brush. But this wig is very amazing. Looks real enough to wear every day. Fits well. And is over all amazing. WILL BUY AGAIN! 🙂

Mary Salem, FL

Very cute

Great for the price, I was truly surprised at the quality. It was a teeny bit large, but I was able to adjust and work with it fairly easily. It looks nice and thick, not think and stringy like some I’ve seen. It does tangle pretty badly, though, the only downside.

Allyson Putnam Station, NY