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Cool2day® 25″ Long Curly Dark Brown Sexy Wave Hair Party Wig+Wig Cap JF13


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Great wig great price!

This is a totally awesome wig. Can use it for game playing at home with hubby or actually wear it out on the town. Texture and shine are realistic. Arrived in a reasonable amount of time -less than 10 says. I think you’ll luv it too!

Ann Buffalo Center, IA


okayy well the wig is so big the hair is super FAKE it looks horrible and it sheds worse than a cat!!

Emilie Weare, NH


una peluca bonita, pelo largo, casi a la cintura, con ondas, mucho cabello, color castaño, se ve bastante natural, se cae un poco el cabello, . se ajusta muy bien a la cabeza. el precio es excelente, llego en tiempo normal. ya no me gusta mucho, el cabello se enreda, parece nido cucarachas o algo así. tengo que cortarla.

Melissa Unionville, MO

Great Job

It came sooner than I expected and it looks better on me than in the picture. I am so satisfied with this purchase. Good Job!!!

Katherine Sheffield, PA


Is there such a thing as a defective wig?! YES. lol Length of WAVE WIG as fabulous. No complaints there. Price fabulous. Can’t beat that for sure. Arrived in decent amt of time and pkging ws decent. Wig smelled like fish :(. Ewww. The crown of the wig hd this "crimped" effect. What the heck ws up w/that was beyond me. In addition to that, the overall must have fitted for an ogre! It was seriously awkward and looked as tho I was wearing a deflated balloon! Needless to say, my 1st stop w/this wig was straight to the trash bin!!!

Angelique Elizabeth, IL

very soft and a pretty color

very soft wig but the top is flat flat flat and with my face I need height. I certainly cannot complain for the reasonable price I paid for this wig.

Myra Dillon, CO


Looks just like the picture..has a smell to it . Haven’t used it yet but maybe in time . I would recommend this to friends and family if interested .

Renae Artemus, KY

Nice wig

I really love the color of this wig. It’s very long with beautiful waves/curls and it has such a natural color. Like other wigs, the bangs were very long so I just had to trim those up. The hair can get a little tangles and frizzy, but easily fixed by gently brushing over the hair.

Jessica Rupert, WV

Love the wig fits beautiful..

The wig not only fits well but looks and wears nicely. It holds up better than I thought it would for the price I paid. I would recommend this to others..

Corina Elko, MN

Long beautiful brown wig

This is a really fun wig and I love the look and how it feel it is and amazing wig. I love the length and it has a very smooth natural texture. It is a very fun wig and you can wear it very professional.

Staci Hico, WV

so cute!

I was very surprised by the quality and fullness of this wig! It is comfortable to wear even for extended amounts of time, and impossible to not constantly be playing with the soft tresses! It isn’t as tangly as some of the other wigs I own, and the curls hold up nice. It is a little bit shiny, so in direct sunlight some people will realize a wig, but its perfect for going out in the evening. The scalp part was a little weird shaped when it first arrived, but after a few uses it fits really snug and has no more odd lumps.

Amelia Paterson, WA


Cute… and amazing price, took off a few stars because its not as long and the bangs seemed fake, but otherwise super fun..

Bridgett Baskett, KY

Looked weird

This may work for some but this was not the product for me, but don’t take my word for it, it may work for you!

Beverley Chillicothe, MO


It’s nice for a temporary wig, it tangles easily so it won’t last long. It’s cute, I wish it came in more colors.

Luz Belleville, IL

Love it!

Amazing deal for how cheap it is. It is very smooth and natural, looks just like the photo. I am a photographer and used it for a photo shoot. It worked great.

Barbara Wynona, OK

Flat and stringy

Don’t waste your time or money. While the wig fits well it does not lay nicely even after being styled.

Sonia North Newton, KS


It’s cute. The quality is equal to or slightly greater than you would expect at this price point. It’s glossy, tangles, and sheds. It doesn’t seem like it will last long but it serves the purpose I bought it for. It’s a medium brown color. Like a number 4.

Jeanette Atascadero, CA

It will do it can rock it for a hott minute

This one wig is ok but before u go outside put some spray conditioner in first and a lil infusium 23 then it will work but not too long but US wigs they fit and have different styles but research a wig that best suits u first

Catherine Rea, MO

NIce wig for the price

I like the dark brown wig, but it sheds really bad…but, the texture was soft…the bangs are really long going to cut. But, over all its worth the price.

Georgina Heidelberg, KY

beautiful color and fit

love the beautiful shine and tone of this wigs color and amazing price, my only complaint is I have long hair and had trouble getting it to fit over my hair

Alexandra West Columbia, WV

Very nice 🙂

This wig is WELL worth the price! I just got it today. The color is gorgeous, and it looks very realistic. The only qualm I have with it is that it is a pretty thin wig, so I will most likely just wear this wig with a beanie hat from now on. Overall, very happy!

Sofia Winneconne, WI


This wig looks real no one believes me when I say it is a wig. I wear it all the time easy to style wear with a headbands to help it from slipping back. Goes great for special occasions and everyday wear. I get compliments on my hair and asked who my hairdresser is everytime I wear it.

Patricia West Leisenring, PA

Ok wig

This is an ok wig but it is not the same as the picture. It is also short and very thin. Stitching is good though.

Fannie Intervale, NH

Cute, Lolita Wig

I’ve always had fun wearing wigs and love to look for new ones. As I dress in Japanese Lolita Fashion and have an upcoming event I found this one and couldn’t resist ordering it (the price was perfect, right?) It came with a free wig cap which is always helpful! The colour is very pretty as are the curls and I find it very full and natural looking. The wig also showed up in about a weeks time which was extremely fast and makes me happy. I will definitely be on the look out for more wigs like this!

Amie Thayer, IA