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Cool Off Citrus Ice Towelette, 24-Count

When you are hot cool off with Cool Off. Introducing Cool Off a natural, unique personal cooling towelette that refreshes, renews and reenergizes you anytime a quick cool down is needed, whether the temperature is hot, you’ve been participating in sports, fitness, or outdoor activities, experiencing a hot flash or your mood is fried. The ultra-soft towelettes come in convenient single-use portable packets that are infused with a clean-scented blend of natural cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals and essential oils. You simply wipe on Cool Off and then press on the skin to build the chill. National research indicates that consumers report cooling effects up to an hour and a half with the average chill lasting 20 minutes.

Key features

  • Convenient single-use portable packets
  • Clean scent
  • Use them anytime, anywhere
  • Keep them on hand In the car In gym or sports bags In totes or purses In bike pack In golf bag On construction sites In your pocket

Honest reviews


I instantly felt cool

I was recently at a theme park and i was dying of the heat. Luckily my friend, who I was with, happened to receive some free samples of Cool Off earlier that week. We both tried it and were instantly refreshed and cooled down. It was just what i needed to beat the texas heat. I liked the product so much that I immediately came to amazon and ordered some more for myself when I got home. This towelette will definitely come in handy this summer. In fact I used it again yesterday after I was done working out and it felt amazing.

Rhonda Natick, MA

No good

I have to agree with the other 1-star reviews…this product did nothing for me other than give off a sort of burning feeling on the skin which lasts quite a while and is sort of uncomfortable really..definitely did not provide the cooling off the product promises.

Angelica Hood, VA

OUTRAGEOUSLY priced on Amazon, but decent product

First of all, and Amazon will love me for this, do NOT buy these here. This price is outrageous. I just bought these same wipes at CVS on sale for $3.34 for a 12 pack. CVS stores are about as prevalent as Walgreens these days. You are not getting any sort of deal by ordering these here, so if you can make it into a drugstore to get these, do that rather than spend $17 including shipping for 24 of them. That price point is outrageous, and although I do like these….I’d use a mister bottle full of icewater repeatedly before using a product that costs in excess of 70cents each. If you live out in the middle of the desert on the fringes of civilization, perhaps then ordering them here would be a good value.I’ll address the negatives about these first. I really don’t care for the smell. It’s not horrific, but it’s sort of a strange ricola-esque menthol herby smell. I’m not picking up any citrus at all. Secondly, if you don’t like the feeling of Bengay or Icy Hot, pass on these. It’s not exact, but it’s the closest comparison I can make. It’s a very menthol-y feeling. I would also avoid using these on skin that is broken, sunburned, or if you have psorasis, acne, excessively dry skin, or exzema. Menthol will burn if your skin is damaged. The last negative thing I can think to say about them is that you do have to hold it down on your skin for at least 30 seconds to get any sort of effect. You can’t just quickly swipe them across your brow or neck and have any sort of result. They must be held in place for a bit.Now for the good: They DO work for a quick cool down. Everyone in my family reported a pleasant cooling sensation. No one complained of tingling or burning. I would say you get a good menthol effect for about 10-15 minutes. Any longer than that, and you are able to “reactivate” by spritzing a little water on the treated area. They are easy to stick a few in your purse and go. I really, really like this product for the 28cents per towelette I paid and I can honestly recommend them.

Teri Chase Mills, NY

Really works!

I just tried these towelettes today. Last night we had a heavy rain and today everything is very muggy and about 85 degrees. I take the bus, and I have about a 20 minute wait at my transfer point. No shade and little wind. I was dripping (literally) with sweat. I tried the Cool Off Towelette. IT WORKS. Shortly after I applied it to my neck, chest, anterior side of my elbows, and posterior side of my knees I did feel cooler.Call it psychological or the placebo effect — I don’t care — it works. I was no longer "dripping". I felt so much better and I smelled better too. I am ordering more for myself and my golfing relatives.

Jayne Yulee, FL

Don’t expect a miracle

I’d been looking at these for months but was put off by the price. I found these to not smell like citrus at all (but they didn’t have an un-appealing odor)…they smell more like a very weak Ben-Gay. The cooling effect lasted FEWER than five minutes. I think one would get more of a cooling effect by using a muscle rub that cools. I just wasn’t impressed with these and won’t be buying them again.

Matilda Flourtown, PA

They work for a few seconds

These cool off toilettes work well when you first use them, but of course the cooling effect does not last long. I used in a recent trip to Europe and they help in situations like in the back of a taxi that doesn’t have air conditioning, but it is only a temporary measure.

Essie Grover, NC

Very Cool towelettes

Very cool towelettes. It is nice to have something you can carry in your purse or pocket that is soothing and cooling. Thank you.

Rosanna Silver City, IA

Work in hot HUMID temps too!

Most cooling things do not work in humid weather. I have found two that do, this is one of them. Wish I had them a few years ago when I had hot flashes. Nothing works ‘as well’ in humid heat as they do in dry heat…..that being said, these help and if you need them, not only are they easy but it does not look strange to take out a handy wipe looking thing to use. Be carefull on cuts or sunburn as witch hazel and alcohol are the first two ingredients (it does have some menthol but it is next to last listed ingredient.). As with EVERYTHING, going from the first to last listed ingredient, that shows what it has the most of. (such as food, if sugar is the first thing on the list, there is a lot more sugar then if it is the last of 8+ things listed.)

Elaine Worthville, PA

Works Well

I have MS. Being able to cool down quickly is an absolute necessity. I can keep these in the car for use when I need something that will work quickly.

Stephanie Conway, MO

COOL product.

As a resident of Florida, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to get overheated from the heat and humidity, year round. That’s why I appreciate any method to cool off when outside, or when we have power outages and the indoor temperature rises.These towlettes smell fabulous and more importantly actually work to cool off the skin.We recently had a power failure during a thunderstorm, and I had an opportunity to test them, and they were remarkably able to give me a feeling of being cooled, especially, when used with a battery operated fan. I am glad they exist, and in the event of another power failure, I feel less panicky knowing they can help keep me sane.

Deann Tomato, AR

Will keep on buying

Tried this product last year in theme parks and the hot FL sun and it works great. Friends and family also tried it and fell in love with the results. Smells great and is very refreshing.

Renae Johnsonville, SC

weird, but they work

I don’t know what I expected exactly, but this stuff is WEIRD.As other reviewers said, the scent is crazy strong, and while the chill really is intense, you do need to follow the directions and hold the towelette in place for a few seconds. Just rubbing it quickly leaves scent but not much coolness.It is a very weird feeling, though, to have such an intense chill in just one spot. It doesn’t really cool you down overall, but it does help.

Nancy Lafayette, MN

These are terrific

I’m a person who is miserable with heat with humidity, so I thought I’ll try these, I could not get over how great they work, I work outdoors and was always splashing my face & neck with water constantly. Try them, you can’t go wrong money well spent. Thumbs Up!

Lauri Ogden, IL


i have these every where living in las vegas durning the summer oh yeah these little towels saved me from passing out

Kerry Huttig, AR