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Conditioner-Reconstruct-Nutrafix for Damaged Hair Giovanni 8 oz Liquid

Conditioner-Reconstruct-Nutrafix for Damaged Hair by Giovanni 8 oz Liquid Conditioner-Reconstruct-Nutrafix for Damaged Hair 8 oz Liquid Product deep repair for critically damaged hair Rebuilds hair from the cuticle layer replacing missing nutrients and addingproteins for strength. For chemically dependent hair. Re-energizes tired damaged hair Encourages thickness and volume Fills in porous hair with rich proteins Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

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Giovanni Reconstructor

I love love love love this stuff! It smells amazing, it feels wonderful on my hair. I mix it with the Giovanni protein infusion and leave it on overnight with a cap over my head. Leaves my hair soft and shiny!

Debora Newton, KS

Didn’t notice a difference

Maybe you need to use all the products together to get results but I felt that I spent money on this for no reason.I really never noticed a difference while using this product.

Jean Covina, CA

Made my hair a tangled mess

This product feels great when you put it on. However, when I went to comb out my wet hair afterward, I found that it was a tangled mess, especially at the ends. I would have probably broken off half my hair while trying to comb it out if I hadn’t used a leave-in conditioner to help de-tangle it. So even once my hair is dry, I won’t really be able to tell how well this product worked since there is so much leave-in conditioner in my hair now . This is going in the garbage. My hair is too fragile to risk more breakage.

Kenya Irondale, OH

Please please please don’t change the formula!

Usually with reconstructors my hair ends up a little hard, so I have to end up deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner. However, this conditioner absolutely turned my hair around. I used to have lovely, low porosity (I actually liked the fact that it wasn’t very porous) hair that became damaged through my physical activities — wearing helmets, swimming in an overchlorinated pool, etc. My ends were an absolute mess. After a few trims and this treatment, my hair turned around. My hair was moisturized from the inside without it feeling coated, or leaving a film. It felt supple and healthy. I used a lot of conditioners before I found this one. Definitely a staple.One more thing, I see some reviews that say this conditioner isn’t for Black hair, or for natural hair. I am African American and my hair is natural, so it really depends on your lifestyle, hair needs, etc. more than the texture of your hair.

Madeleine Shellman, GA

A great deep conditioner!

This is a great, affordable deep conditioning hair treatment.Its super gentle, effective, and feels luscious when applying to your hair.Has a very light scent that is no where near overpowering.

Angela Alix, AR