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Conditioner-Direct Leave In Giovanni 2 oz Liquid

Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner for all hair types Pump up your style. This leave-in treatment repairs to help plump up each strand for undeniable thickness that lasts. Restores strength, luster and nourishment to abused hair Moisturizes and builds body Detangles for easy comb-out, easy styling

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Honest reviews


I heard it was comparable to KC Knot Today….

Lets face it. You only get 8 ounces of the all natural kinky curly knot today and have to pay about 11 dollars for it (in store). That isnt too bad compared to prices of other conditioners, but I still wanted something cheaper.In comes a helpful person…”Giovanni Direct Leave-In is comparable to Kinky Curly Knot Today.”Do you think I ignored that statement? Not hardly! So I looked into it, loved the natural ingredients, and I bought the sample size before getting the regular. The 2 ounce was enough for my whole head. I have a LOT of hair guys. I have, if you hair type, 3C/4A kinky curly hair. It is VERY thick and gets VERY dry. So of course, I need a reliable leave-in. I used the 2 ounce, liked it, and decided to buy a liter to replace my dwindling KCKT for now. The liter of the Giovanni is 11 dollard by the way! so major WIN.After using the liter a while, I noticed that the Direct Leave-in is a tiny bit lighter than KCKT. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing. It was just a bit more runny. It went onto my hair like the KCKT, you know, that smooth application feeling. I really liked it. But with the KCKT I could still feel and see it (like the results of applying it) on my hair a few minutes, unlike the Direct Leave-in, which seemed to disappear after a few minutes of applying it in. This is most likely because its a bit lighter. I really like to feel my products on my hair, unlike some, and I did with Direct Leave-in, just not as much as with the KCKT.By the end of the day my hair felt good regardless, so I was pretty pleased. I get some wonderful twist and braidouts with just the leave-in and some shea butter. I love the smell of KCKT but Giovanni has a nice smell as well.I have not used the Direct Leave-in as a detangler. It is TOO light. Like I said before, my hair is very thick, and not only that, it is also long, so I need a good THICK detangler. This will only play the role of a leave-in for now. SO…Pros:LighterSmells goodDoes the JobMore for your buckCons:LighterIs not tangibly visible after a few minutes (if you care about that)Overall, I like this leave-in. It is sufficient enough for me. Its not like my favorite KCKT, but its definitely up there in the ranks. I will most likely spoil myself with KCKT after I finish this liter. But I have no problem using the Liter for now. 🙂

Nadine Lockbourne, OH

Just ok

Makes hair kind of stringy, I didn’t see a difference in moisture really… If i put it on right after a shower it was more soft than if I had waited 10 minutes…

Teresa Galena, MO

Isn’t moisturizing enough

I have 3c/4a hair and this leave in make my hair soft when wet, then it makes it dry. I seal with evoo. I’m on a no silicone regimen right now. I noticed that my hair was more moisturized when I used silicone conditioners.

Hannah Elgin, ND

Funny car/gasoline smell

Maybe there was just something wrong with the bottle I received? Someone who has been using this can probably confirm or deny this, but I got a 2oz bottle to try this direct leave in conditioner. I love Giovanni products. I usually use the smooth as silk conditioner (that has a slightly sweet-candy-like smell that fades quickly as your hair dries) but I put that on and leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. I got this leave-in thinking it would be better for traveling (not taking up as much bathroom time when the bathroom has to be shared with multiple people) just a simple apply after shampoo and leave it, but as soon as I opened it there was a VERY strong car-engine smell like a hot engine running and inhaling the oil or gasoline type fumes. I thought perhaps it was the bottle–maybe heated up in travel to hot Florida, but when I applied it to my hair the smell was worse. I don’t even know if it’s good for my hair or not because I had to re-shampoo and condition with my regular conditioner to get the smell out. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Arlene Cuba, AL

Great also…

This make as leave in Conditioner great product for the curly hair, make it softer and can get style my hair easily again. Very satisfied with that Leave in Conditioner.

Iris Parsons, KS

The best leave in conditioner

I’ve always loved this stuff but it has been a while since I’ve used it. I will definitely purchase this product again.

Adela Grawn, MI