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Concha Nacar De Perlop Natural Bleach Cream, 2 Ounce

This unique bleaching cream formula is concha nacre’s signature item. This is a natural bleaching cream that has many different uses. It’s mainly used to whiten the skin, to aid in removing unwanted blemishes, spots, scars and dark patches, while at the same time it removes impurities and cleanses the pores. It does an overall great job of beautifying the skin.

Key features

  • Signature item
  • Helps to remove scars and blemish marks
  • Many uses

Honest reviews


Amazing find- Refining, Chemical exfoliation

I’m trying to figure this stuff out. I can’t find a whole lot online, so I’m checking out the ingredient list and going from there.This review is for the bottle marked #3; Bleaching Cream.First of all, it’s not a bleach. Technically, hydroquinone is not a bleach either, it operates by shutting off excess melanin production where applied. That said, I have been looking for non-hydroquinone alternatives to treat birth-control induced melasma. Treat your acne, get dark spots instead. Go figure. Anyway:The texture is sticky and gritty. I like this because I can gently exfoliate with it once or twice a week. Perfect for that.I stir the jar with a toothpick, as the directions indicate, before use. I don’t like the idea of contaminating it with my finger. I apply it evenly, which doesn’t take much, massaging it in, then layering it a bit.I leave it on for the recommended 60 minutes. I can say that my skin looks similar to after using a very mild glycolic acid; that is to say, the surface is refined. I think this is the honey working, along with the citric acid from the lemon juice (BTW, a mask of 50/50% lemon juice and honey is fantastic).I like that this product contains bentonite, which is found in my very FAVORITE clay mask, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s also found in a very expensive pre-mixed clay mask sold at Sephora. At any rate, it’s very very good at drawing out impurities from the pores. The combination of bentonite, along with the citric acid from the lemon and refining properties of the honey, I believe is what makes this work as a spot-treatment as well. I read that this mask also contains papain (papaya), a fruit enzyme. So there’s another hydroxy acid to help refine and encourage cell-turnover.In conclusion, I believe this mask to consist of natural ingredients that are meant to both chemically and manually exfoliate, with honey and irish moss to sooth and keep it gentle. It’s gentle but does the job, so I’d say it’s a 1-2 times per week kind of mask. I recommend cleansing with the Grisi’s Concha Nacar bar soap, steaming your face, then applying this mask while it’s still wet. For $5, I can almost guarantee you’ll love it.NOTE: I read that people are having breakouts from this. That’s because the ingredients cause more rapid cell turnover and renewal, which can cause an initial skin purge. With regular use, it will go away, and you’ll be left with clearer skin than you had before. That stuff was going to come out at some point anyway; this is just drawing it out quicker.

Edwina Santa Fe, MO

miracle product

After seeing an article in which celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung swore by this stuff, I decided to invest all of $5 in a container of this. I’m currently recovering from my first acne flare-up in years, and have been trying to counteract the damage with a bevy of masks and creams from brands like Clarins, Fresh, Kiehl’s and Philosophy. I have very dry/sensitive skin and am therefore limited in the products I am comfortable sampling. Many brands are pretty heavy-handed with chemicals, so I have to avoid most of the mainstream acne-vanquishing products. All of the products I have used in the last few weeks have been either ineffective or exacerbated my remaining blemishes. I was literally at my wit’s end, so I tried this. The first 5 min stung ever so slightly, but this eventually subsided. After an hour, I washed it off and was surprised that my skin was not raw at all – despite the initial sting. In fact, my dull, acne-ravaged skin was transformed. It glowed all night and was noticeably softer/plumper/healthy-looking.I’ve been using this once a week or so for about an hour since I purchased this and can say that it substantially reduces the darkness of my acne scar discolorations after each use. Forget Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream. Forget Clinique Even Better. And definitely forget about Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask. THIS WORKS.

Mercedes Folcroft, PA

waste of money

does not work. do not buy. awful smell and does nothing to the skin. I used this for 3 months and saw absolutely no results

Heidi Brave, PA

A Beginner

I was doing some research and came across Concha Nacar Bleach Cream #3. Before trying it I wanted to get all the information I can about this product.Over the years my face have become sensitive and quick to irritate especially from any kind of heat so I started using only natural food and products for sensitive skin. After researching Concha Nacar I saw that all the ingredients it has I use or have used before but had to give it a second thought because of the lemon juice and papain ingredients, I didn’t want the citrus to irritate my skin. After thinking hard about it I decided to give it a try.I love that it’s gentle and can be use daily. I usually apply it only on my blemished areas before cleansing my face because I don’t like how the product stay on after rinsing off with cold water as directed. To make sure my skin doesn’t get irritated I would massage as small bit of grapeseed oil on my face before applying the cream.I allow the cream to sit for about 45 minutes on my face and the remainder 15 minutes I let the steam from the shower open my pores to get a good deep cleansing from the bentonite clay. Then I cleanse with oatmeal, honey and cinnamon. After I’m done my face feel very smooth and soft. I have noticed some of my blemishes and acne scars are getting lighter. Even though I just started using Concha Nacar Bleach Cream I would recommend this product if your looking for gentle and natural.

Brandi Lakeside, MT

Giving it some time

I just recently bought this product and have been using it three times a week. Haven’t really noticed any changes, but I haven’t been using it long enough either. I’m continuing to use it and give it some time

Millie Tallman, NY

Not a cream at all

This is a harsh scrub that I don’t think anyone should use on their face. I returned it. It’s described as a cream as if its something you can put on and leave on as a moisturizer, however it’s just a scrub you use then wash off. How is that going to lighten your skin? Maybe because you’d scrape 3 layers off with ground up shells??

Elisha Melcher, IA

Not what I expected but I do like it.

I was looking for a light weight cream that would help with some acne spots I have, something that would be of a lotion consistency and rub in easily so I can get on with other things.This is NOT that, it is heavy and more like a "scrub" with it’s "real oyster shells" that seem to be ground up to a fine consistency.That being said, although it is not what I was looking for, I do like it! It is like a scrub that leaves your skin brighter and smoother. I also like the super clean scent it leaves behind. You get an immediate brighter/cleaner appearance on the area, I haven’t used it enough to speak on long term results because it is a time consuming process. The directions say leave it on for 30-60 minutes, I leave it on for 30 minutes as I am too much of a busy body to stay still that long.I give it 4 stars for it’s scrubbing brightening effect.

Terry Northborough, MA

Awesome Skin Lightener/Corrector

I have used this cream before and it worked well. I wasn’t able to find it in stores anymore and all other lighteners are an overnight cream. I am happy to find it on amazon. I use this cream to lighten dark spots and even out my skin tone. I like the ingredients, it feels very natural on the skin. I recommend this for light and darker skin. It also provides a faster result than other overnight skin lighteners.

Justina Wrigley, KY

Good product

Leaves your skin super soft and smells great. I recommend this product but I’ve read you have to be careful because it has bleach on it so if you are planning on buying it start slowly.

Glenna Ellerslie, GA

Its alright

I’ve been using this at least 3-4 times a week for the pass few weeks and I’ve seen little to no change. I think I should invest more money and get a stronger product.

Betsy Prides Crossing, MA

Wish it came in a bigger tub!

I started using this on my face, which has never looked better after using it! I read that it’s good for scars, so I tried it on a really bad raised scar on my hand. It’s already feeling less raised. On a whim, I decided to try it on my arms, and it’s getting rid of the red raised spots I had there, as well. I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to a lot of things, but this has been very gentle, and it doesn’t feel scratchy like I feel with every other type of exfoliant I have used.

Camilla Longstreet, LA

Smell is strong

The smell is irritating, I still use it once or twice a week though, it’s a good exfoliating product, it’s not a cream/moisturizer but rather a gritty mask that you leave on for 30-60 minutes. The smell is strong so I am not a huge fan of it.

Fannie Colliersville, NY

Best Face Cream Ever!

been using this product for over 7 years its my secret weapon in fighting discoloration, and acne marks it evens and beautifies my skin tone

Muriel Mc Shan, AL

No Results

I didn’t see any results. I also don’t like how this feels. Feels like I’m applying a gritty mud to my face.

Caitlin Kenmare, ND


do not like. It did not remove the damage like the commercial said it would do. Will not recommend. Not a good product for me.

Dorothea Moose Lake, MN

jo jo baltimore

I love this product, 2 or 3 times a week in Spring and Summer I mix this with Nivea Soft lotion and evening cleansing, and apply with a face brush, and leave on for an hour! Rinse, and moisturize, it leaves the skin so smooth and soft! I do it once or twice a week in Fall and Winter! I love the Perla Madre brand better, because you get more product!

Catalina East Orange, NJ

good for acne marks.

When I was 23, i had alot of acne scars. This mexican guy told me to sleep with this on everynight for a week or two. Well it worked! Now I dont usee it anymore because too much use on oily skin will cause breakouts.

Tracy Jennings, FL


Reasonable price and must say it really gives your skin glowing look ,so getting this product is worth the price

Manuela Monette, AR


This cream leaves my skin feeling so soft and exfoliated. It is difficult to wash off but its worth it. I bought it to help fade some acne scars but it is too soon to tell. Either way, I like it.

Adela Montegut, LA

1st review

I just got it and I guess i should have paid attention to the details. This item should be put on to the face and left on for about 30-60 mins 2-3 times pre week. it smells good and it has small pieces of sea shell in it, i guess you could scrub your face with it but its very think when you put it on and coud be very annoying having to wear it for 30 mins at a time. But I will give it a try and come back with another review when the jar is empty.

Roseann South Woodstock, VT

It takes a while to work

It does take a while to get results and I mean a WHILE but it does work. Reasonable price, good quality and efficient.

Monique Luxemburg, IA

It makes your face soft! and definitely lightens

I wish I did I before and after picture…I’ll keep that in mind whenever I try out a new product. But seriously Concha cream is usually my go to stuff when my skin is going through some serious outbreaks. Pimples for me means scars so knowing I cant help but "relieve" a pimple I can only expect to heal with brown spots. With the concha cream I literally see my acne get less inflamed and my dark spots are incredibly lighter. I especially love using this mask just to have baby soft skin. Its oh so pleasurable!About me: I have combination skin, little to no acne depending if I leave my make up on after a loong(maybe drunkin) night, I have anemia so I scar easily…The ingredients are also explicit which I enjoy.Optimally drinking lots of water keeps skin clear.

Hattie Kirwin, KS