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Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers, Pink

20 Multi-Sized Soft Velvety Rollers with Styling Clips. Just 2 minutes and you’re ready to roll. Ceramic Dual Ionic Port System promotes shiny, conditioned, health hair! Provides more ions than other setters. Maximum ionic energy with ceramic technology. Ceramic Layered Technology: Soft flocking layer; Aluminum heating core; Ceramic thermal layer. How the Ionic Energy Hairsetter Works to Help Keep Hair Shiny and Healthy: Ions surround the hair shaft, making hair smoother, shiny and more manageable, taming frizziness and static electricity. Double Ionic Port System offers complete ionic coverage for shinier, healthier hair. Ceramic rollers offer better heat transfer. Features: Ionic port and ion indicator light; Power On indicator light; Ion On/On/Off switch; Ionic port and ion indicator light; 20 Tangle-free rollers in 3 sizes – Medium (3/4-inch), Large (1-inch) & Jumbo (1-1/4 inch); Split center cover. Ions release when cover is opened after rollers heat up. Ionic energy neutralizes positive charges that are in the air and cause frizziness and static electricity. Now Conair gives you the benefit of ionic energy plus better heat transfer with ceramic rollers in a setter, for extra shine and super conditioning. Instant heat ceramic rollers are ready to use in 2 minutes. Let you hair shine. The center-split cover releases negative ions when it’s opened after rollers heat up, for the healthiest-looking, silkiest, smoothest, most conditioned shine you’ve ever gotten from a hairsetter. Roll up easily. Grasp roller by stay cool end ring or middle grip bar – roll up to roots for a full volume style or half way up for less volume and more curl. Hold without crimping your style. Innovative Smart Clips are lightweight and hold even jumbo rollers without leaving a crimp mark. UL Listed. Limited 1 Year Warranty. Made in China.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • 75 seconds – fastest heat-up for the perfect style
  • Dual heat comes from both the clip and the roller for extra hold
  • Ceramic technology – for better heat transfer and longer-lasting curls
  • 20 ceramic flocked rollers create dynamic and dimensional curls
  • 8 large rollers
  • 6 medium rollers
  • 6 small rollers
  • 20 heated clips
  • Limited one-year warranty

Honest reviews


Unbelievably flimsy!

Is plastic getting expensive? Because the plastic that the hinged cover on this is made out of is SO THIN…I would describe it as “fragile.” In fact, there’s already a small crack on one side.The on/off switch was also faulty – I had to jiggle it back and forth to get it to turn on initially. It would only stay on if I kept the switch positioned in the middle.This is by FAR the poorest quality set of hot rollers I have ever bought.I only gave it two stars because it DID heat up evenly, and the rollers themselves would be nice in a better “house.”Thank goodness the switch was faulty and part of it arrived cracked, since you can return defective items and not pay for the return shipping on Amazon!

Lucille Dent, MN


Curlers heat quickly and work speedily to give full, springy curls.For those who prefer only waves simply leave them on for a shorter period of time. You’ll find hair hanging in soft waves with an added fullness.Also works well simply for volume – curl and then brush, brush, brush for thick, lustrous hair.

Alexandria Danville, NH


I’m not sure what the exact issue is, but these rollers only curl the bottom of my hair. Maybe 4-5 inches. I suspect this is because they do not get hot enough. The clips are not the worst ever, but they are a pain. They look like they will be nice, but they don’t hold the hair quite as tight as I would like, and they leave a dent every. single. time. My stylist recommended hot rollers to me, saying they are the best way to get a curl that lasts all day, but the curls I get from this barely last an hour. I don’t mean that after an hour the curl is a little limp, I mean after an hour my hair looks like it did before I curled it at all. I have hair that is naturally a little wavy, I usually have no trouble holding a curl. I even used Redken spray starch will is great for holding curls, but still no luck. I’m very disappointed.Also, I noticed a very recent reviewer complained her set did not have an on/off switch. Mine does have this switch. A big one right on front that you couldn’t miss. Are there two different models they are shipping at random? That is a problem.

Tamika Hingham, WI


I have no complaints about these hot rollers, I love them. This is the third set I bought. I bought one for myself and my sister and best friend kept borrowing it so I bought them each one for Birthdays and Christmas. I will never use a curling iron again! These heat up in 30 seconds and have enough heat to curl my hair in 30mins with really tight curls which my hair is down almost to my butt so it takes forever to curl with a curling iron. I would rate this item 400 stars if I could I love it!

Diane Lees Summit, MO

Smooth and Straight to … Frizzy Kinks?

I bought these awhile back and wrote a favorable review on them, but they seem to have become useless somehow. I used to get nice bouncy curls, but now the rollers don’t hold heat and when I unroll my hair it comes out frizzy, fuzzy and kinky. I was shocked because they used to work so well. I’ve taken good care of my set, I never leave it on or forget to turn it off for long periods, and I can’t imagine it wearing out so quickly, especially because I only use them maybe twice a week. I will not be buying another set, I think I’m going with the BabyLiss hot rollers this time.P.S. They only come with three clips.

Summer Bitely, MI

terrible waste of money

I have used electric curlers for 25 years and this is the worst product I have ever purchased. Extreme heat in 75 seconds? Lie! How about mediocre heat in 10 minutes! Don’t waste your money. Also the clips are terrible and DO NOT secure the curler. Just bad all around.

Marla Poolville, TX

Holds a curl

I bought mine in Bed Bath and Beyond a couple years ago and use it 2-4 times a month. It comes with a pouch of gray clips which you insert onto the heated rack. It is lined with sponge to protect hair and doesnt do damage. The rollers take about 10 min to fully heat up and if left in hair for 7-15 min, the curls will last all day.Now for the negatives. The slit design on each roller isnt good for long hair that gets tangled in it. Also, the pink edge to the roller cracks and hair gets trapped and pulls. The roller gets hot to the touch and you’ll find yourself saying “ouch” when rolling onto hair. The clips heat up and do cause indent in hair. If you put too much hair onto the roller and try to clip it, it will fall out.I never use the small rollers, only the large and medium to get loose waves. Small rollers gives really tight curls and its not enough to do an entire head, so its pointless. Buy the conair with large rollers if you’re only looking to do sexy loose waves.

Elizabeth Java Village, NY

Good product but needs some changes

As someone who is normally a big goofball when it comes to styling my hair, I was hesitant to get these after reading reviews. I’ve never even used hot rollers before and wasn’t sure if this would be the right purchase for a beginner. Well I am happy I got these. They are insanely easy to use and heat up super fast. Actually they get a little too hot for me and I use a heat protecting glove when I use them so it’s no biggy. Anyway, I’m just going to list pros and cons..pros:
• none of the curlers are too big. it seems like way too many sets out there have massive curlers and that’s a big turn off to me.
• 20 is more than enough to do my entire head. (but i have super thin, fine hair)
• i am impatient and wanted something in the moment. these are sold at a lot of stores so picking up a pack is easy
• these are super easy to use. maybe it’s because my hair is so thin but i find that i dont really have a problem with the clips that everyone complains about. i do feel like they could have more grip but it’s not a huge deal for me
• these give me really soft, romantic curls. i feel like a disney princess when i style my hair with this. sooo pretty. honestly if i had had this set when i got married, i would have used it to style my own hair for the wedding.
• it’s all very fast. i love that i dont have to sleep on a wet head full of curlers or a sock bun to get the look that i want. this is the fastest way of styling my hair that i’ve found yet.
• hair looks a lot more shiny after using these!cons:
• ends are too hot on bare hands, im not sure how often i’d be using these without that glove.
• the price is a bit nuts. it sells for even more on the official conair site than it does here or in store. i feel like for what it is, it costs too much. this set should be $19.99, MAYBE 25 bucks at the most.
• the reason i feel it costs too much is that it’s a very inconvenient little set. there is no place to store the 17 clips besides the 3 that stay on the burners. this unit is pretty massive and i feel like they should have included a drawer somewhere to hold the clips.
• lid doesn’t clasp shut, it just kind of rests on the unit. not a big deal but that bugs me. i like lids that close.
• there’s no way of storing the cord, not even a little cut out on the end of the plug like you get with vaccuum cleaner cords. you just have to wrap it awkwardly around the unit which looks dumb.i think that’s pretty much all i can say about it. i am happy with it will use it a lot but it needs a lot of changes to be perfect!

Lorna Middletown, PA


This product didn’t work for me, but that’s not to say it will not work for you. My issues with this product was that I burned my fingers each time I tried to put the roller in my hair, you only get a few clips with the product and they didn’t work very well–At least they didn’t work well for me. I gave this product away and even that person didn’t want it. I may be a fan of some Conair products, just not this one.

Glenda Bloomington, WI

Great set

I love this hair curler set. I have purchased two of them now, one for each daughter. Both have long, thick hair and we find that it does an excellent job of providing just the right amount of curl for those occasions when you need it. It takes just a few minutes to heat up and the soft velvet lining on the rods make it less damaging to hair.The only thing I always hate is the clips! Even though there is a small case to hold them, sometimes they get lost! Replacement clip sets would be much appreciated. I think the curler set contains just the right number of each size of roller — even better though would be to have two ore large ones!!Recommended.

Valeria Melrose, IA

I adore these rollers!

I curl my hair pretty frequently, I’m a fan of Old Hollywood style and have been on the lookout for a good pair of rollers for ages. I was hesitant to get Conair ones because most of my other cheaper hair supplies have been disappointing, but I read some good reviews and decided to go for it.So glad I did! These rollers are great, they get super hot and retain heat for forever. I have really thick heavy hair, but letting these rollers cool while in my hair ensures I have bouncy awesome curls for DAYS. Love them!

Suzanne Elizabeth, LA

Excellent product

First I purchased a very similar item but that did not have the on and off switch up front. I am glad that I returned that and ordered this instead. Also, the rollers are great but I dont use the clips hot rather cold eliminating the clipmarks…

Lana Malinta, OH

Great curlers for the price

I have very fine hair that is determined to be straight. I had a set of curlers that were starting to go out on me (they took 45 minutes to heat up and did not hold the curl). I recently decided to replace it with the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers, since I was interested in curlers that would heat up quickly. They heat up just as quickly as they say. They are incredibly hot and do a great job of putting in a curl that holds. Like I said, I have the kind of hair that wants desperately to be straight, and my curl stays all day with these curlers. They are fairly hot on the edges, but I have yet to find any curlers that won’t be challenging to handle for more than a minute. I would definitely recommend these to any of my friends.

Rhea Edwardsport, IN

Wife approves.

I bought these for my wife. She seems to be very satisfied with the product. It makes her happy.This is exactly what I wanted.

Candace Stonefort, IL

Love These

I have no complaints about the service or quality. I’ve had it about 2 weeks, and used it twice. I love these.

Patsy West Kingston, RI


I rarely ever return items because it’s such a hassle. But this, is being returned immediately. The idea is actually very good- it has a side heater to heat up the clips as well as the rollers, a feature I’ve never seen before. However, the clips do not hold- at least not in my long hair. No matter how many times I tried, the rollers would always fall out within a few seconds. Even when I stayed completely still (very difficult when putting in the remaining rollers) they would still fall out. They never stayed in long enough for me to see how well the curlers worked.

Natalia Hinsdale, IL

Wasn’t what i expected

I found these difficult to use unless your into burning your hands. After one use they now reside on my closet shelf until I make my next trip to the GoodWill.

Sherry Sparta, WI

Great Product!

I have advanced from pin curls, to rollers, and then to hot rollers over the ages. What I love about the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers is their “new” way of holding the roller in place. It took a little over a week to get used to the metal clip, but I’ve noticed a definite new shine to my hair, I think it’s because the clip presses down on my hair and smooths it out. I have fine hair that I have to have permed every 2 months (it is quite short). Without a perm, my hair just falls flat and won’t hold a hair style. Also, with short hair I don’t need the heated clip. I just use the clip unheated. I’m sure if my hair were longer, I would need the extra heat from the clip. I really love this product and am so glad I found it. Try it–I think you’ll love it!P.S. Beauty stylists use this type of curler on their celebrity’s glamour photo shoots! (My cousin shared that information with me.)

Cara Cortez, CO

One of my best purchases.

I bought these over a year ago and still love them. This is something I use almost everyday. Well made and easy to use rollers. Heats up super fast. Awesome set.

Alyssa White Oak, WV

Heat Rollers

These hot rollers are the bomb they don’t get tangled in your fair cool to touch no burns and very nice curl, This was a great purchase

Julie Mansfield, AR


Only one roller changes the color dot to show when heated and you have to heat the outer clips individually on the three spaces provided at the far right. So, if you need to use a particular size again that isn’t the one with the dot, there’s no way to tell if it’s heated or not. Then you have to wait for one of the three clips to heat as well. It is weird! It seemed to take a long time to heat up, though I didn’t time it.This is an ok set, but I sure wouldn’t rave about it. If not for the hassle, I’d return it.I just ordered another set that looks like the one I used to have with the U-shaped clips (BaByliss Pro) and hopefully it will be what I’m thinking it is.

Sasha Garciasville, TX

Extremely easy to use, gives my hair body, shine and bounce!

I love these hot rollers. They’re easy to use and give my hair body. I have straight hair and it usually doesn’t hold a curl long, but these work great on it.I haven’t used hot rollers for probably 25 years, but now that I’m going to look for a job again and want some variety in my look (and for going out too), so I bought these. I just have to say that I like this new technology, with the fast heat up, the ionic ceramic rollers and the slit in the clips. It just makes things a lot easier.I did find that the heat-resistant plastic clips are a little “saggy” when they’re clipped onto the roller. This might be because they don’t have long teeth. I do like that they warm up and fast too, though. I don’t want tight curls against my head, I like the look of curls and waves more towards the lower 2/3 of my now shoulder-length hair.So the way it works is that the unit is plugged in and then you can switch it on or off. The rollers heat up in 2 minutes, or so it says and they’re flocked so they’re warm to the touch but not scalding when held. They have a slit in them to hold the ends of hair in place. The hair is rolled up and the warmed clip is put on. I didn’t have a problem with the clip not holding, but it doesn’t hold hair tight against the scalp. It kind of sags a good inch or so down from the roots.I leave mine on for 10 minutes and then unroll. This is more than sufficient to give me curls. I was surprised when I first started using these, because the curl was pretty tight. I like waves so use the two largest rollers. The warmed clip heats the other end of the hair that’s not held on by the rollers and keeps the curl intact from start to the clip.

Alissa Sterling, NE

never ever worked

I purchased this some time ago, but when new, for some reason I never used it.Pulled it out of the cabinet to try it again, and only ONE curler heated up.So whatever I paid for it, it didn’t work.

Ida Vansant, VA