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Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hair Setter w/ BONUS: Wide Tooth Comb & 3ml Packet of Argan Oil; 20 count – 3 sizes

Quick to heat and gentle on your hair, these hot rollers make it easy to curl hair every day instead of just on special occasions. Includes bonus wide tooth comb and 3ml packet of argan oil. Rollers heat up in just two minutes from their ionic port and are charged with ionic energy, which protects your hair from frizziness and static and actually promotes conditioning and shine while you curl. Each roller has stay-cool plastic ends on either side that are easy to grasp and protect hands from the heat while winding sections of hair. The kit includes eight jumbo-sized rollers for soft, sophisticated-looking curls, six large rollers for creating loose, bouncy curls on medium-length hair, and six medium-sized rollers for creating tighter curls or for use on shorter hair. The rollers also come with twenty lightweight hair clips to hold them in place without leaving any noticeable crimp marks in your curls.

Key features

  • 75 seconds – fastest heat-up for the perfect style
  • Dual heat comes from both the clip and the roller for extra hold
  • Ceramic technology – for better heat transfer and longer-lasting curls
  • 20 ceramic flocked rollers create dynamic and dimensional curls: 8 large rollers, 6 medium rollers, 6 small rollers
  • 20 heated clips

Honest reviews


Save Your Money and Find Something Else

Let me draw a rather obvious picture for you before I really dig into my review. When using heated rollers, the user wraps hair around the curler. The layers of hair act as a buffer between the hot curler and the person’s scalp. Just tuck the clip into place and you can go about your business until the curlers cool and you remove them to reveal your curls.Not if you use these curlers, though, because some “genius” thought that more heat would improve the curl and figured out a way to heat the clips too. Now, instead of there being any distance between your flesh and heat, there is potentially none at all. This is especially the case along your hair line.The first time I used these, I had slight red marks all along my forehead and my ears were practically glowing because the curlers kept slipping and the heated clips kept touching my skin.Needless to say, I was not pleased.If you already own heated hair curlers, you likely have a set where you can take the clips and store them, either in a space on one side or along the back. Not with this set of curlers. There is nowhere to store the clips for the curlers. They don’t even offer a zipper bag or something for them. You’re on your own. If you have a bag or something in which you can store the clips, good. If not, I would suggest buying something or creating something before you use these curlers because you’ll need to keep rotating new clips onto the heating element to get the full benefit of those heated clips.Of course, the obvious solution is simply to not put the clips on the heating elements. Sort of defeats the purpose of actually having heating clips. But if you’re like me, you probably don’t want your ears and forehead to be bright red and would prefer not to experience the discomfort of the heated clips anyway.A poorly thought out and very poorly designed set of heated curlers.

Charmaine Claiborne, MD

Review of Shame

I was excited about these curlers-they take up less room on my bathroom counter, and work just like my other set.I’m still going to use my other set. These were a pretty horrible experience.To begin, I plugged it in. There isn’t an on/off switch-not a big deal, you just plug or unplug. I then noticed there is no place to store the clips. It holds 3 in the case, and as for the rest, well pray you have space/organization somewhere.They heated up very quickly though. I didn’t time it, but I believe they were only plugged in for 2min before the indicator light went off. O and on that subject, the indicator light is easily compared to a math test. The instructions sounds easy-it’ll go white. Well SURPRISE! It’s not that large, easy to see light that turns white. That would be too easy. It’s a light on one particular curler that goes white. It took me a second to spot. Whatever, I rolled my eyes and went on.I picked up a curler. And then dropped it. Because the entire curler gets pretty hot. All my other sets have at least some area that you can grip that isn’t as hot as the conducting metal. Not this set! My finger prints were burned off after use.I manned up though, and proceded to put them in my hair. I figured out that the fuzzy “non-slip” part of the curler is actually warm compared to the plastic hot pink ends. And as a side note, if you use the heated clips, prepare for some pain, because those are hotter than you know where.As i was curling, I noticed the clips were not wrapping around the large curlers that I was using. Because I have fairly thick, medium length, silky hair (especially after using the argon oil. That stuff is why the review gets 2 stars) and because I’m not fond of the poodle look, I used the largest (there are 8 of those) curlers. I made very certain to place the clips then, because they weren’t wrapping correctly, in such a way so as to not achieve the lined look in my hair.How silly of me, because once they were all happily set, and I unplugged it for safety, they began to slip around. What happened to non-slip? Beats me.I made sure then, to not move around at any pace faster than a slug. I mostly just sat around because I was afraid to do much more movement than breathing. In retrospect, it made no difference. After 15min, the clips had moved around so very much, and of course, as I took out the curlers, my hair had the dreaded lines. Which were even more accentuated by the argon oil in my hair. I brushed my hair with the wide-toothed comb provided, which actually did better than expected, and yes, my hair was curled well. Except for the lines. And it somehow ended up looking very greasy after using the curlers-it didn’t before them. Weird, I know.Overall, I feel like throwing the set out of a window, and keeping the argon oil and comb. I don’t believe this was the intended effect Conair was going for. Save your money, these aren’t worth the trouble.

Imelda Woodlawn, IL

Good product, great curls, some logistical issues

I’ll start by saying this is a really good hot roller set that is easy to use and fast. The rollers took about 5 minutes to heat up as indicated by one of the rollers having a dot on the top of it that turns white when they’re ready. In actuality, 10 minutes worked better. There are three different size rollers, 8 large, 6 medium, and 6 small for a variety of tightness in your curls. The velvety roller gives all the perception that you’re not frying your hair, and the heated plastic clips secure the roller in place well. I was a little concerned that there is only room for 3 clips at a time being heated in the unit, but they heat up extremely quickly. If you replace the clips as you go, they heat up plenty, in fact almost too much. The rollers are easy to handle hot, but the clip is actually a little hotter and has the potential to burn so don’t let it touch your skin.Having said that, I have long straight thick hair that generally takes curls well and I have a lot of it which posed some logistical problems. I would prefer that all the rollers be the same size since you really do notice a difference in the tightness of curls for each of them and the smaller size comes out a bit frizzy. There also aren’t enough rollers in the set for me to set all my hair and leave it in, but you do have the option to purchase extra rollers and switch them out as you go like the clips. Unfortunately with the potential for extra rollers and the fact that most of the clips come in a separate package, the unit doesn’t store everything nice and neat. You need to store the clips separately so could lose or break them. The cord on the unit is not retractable either. Lastly, there is no on/off switch or auto off feature which is surprising. Apparently there are other models by this maker that at the very least have an on/off switch. I’m not sure why it’s not the case here, but you have to unplug it to shut it off and it’s important that you do, since I wouldn’t be surprised if the clips melted over time, they get so hot.Overall, the results are good and these are by far the best hot rollers I’ve used, but there are some issues with the logistics.

Phyllis New Glarus, WI

Pumped Up The Volume

I have fine hair and these rollers did a good job of adding bounce and body. The set heats up quickly. The flocked rollers are gentle to the hair and the hot pink plastic edges make them fairly easy to handle. The twist on this set is that you can also heat up the butterfly clips three at a time. This is supposed to prevent crimping and lines in the hair. I used them on one half of my head and unheated on the other and can’t say I noticed any difference. But overall, I did like the quality of the curl and the increase in body. I liked the butterfly clips. I admit to being a bit of a klutz and have never mastered the old school pins. The bonus wide tooth comb and sample of argan oil was considerate.This is not, however, a perfectly designed set. First the ready to use light is on one of the rollers. This is confusing and hard to see. Secondly, the clips must be contained separately making them susceptible to loss and damage. Thirdly you must unplug the device to turn it off. While that is probably not bad practice with small appliances, it is annoying. Finally, I really wish manufacturers would use retractable cords.I don’t know that these curlers would be as successful on very thick or long hair. My hair is medium length and layered.But overall I was pleased. My hair had lasting body, curl and shine. Recommended.

Terri Beaver City, NE

Rollers are great, clips are iffy

I’m a longtime user of hot rollers, probably over thirty years. These are nice, rollers and they heat up really fast. The rollers do what they are supposed to do, but there are some engineering issues that need to be addressed: One, the clips work perfectly on the smallest rollers, but are not big enough to hold my hair and the roller on the medium and large rollers. I have long thick hair and that probably adds to the problem, but I’d imagine most people using hot rollers have fairly long hair. I always end up using the pins from my old hot rollers. Secondly, the rollers are placed on three metal strips for heating, but arranged inside a scalloped shape, with a small cut-out for the small rollers, and large cut-outs for the large rollers. I find this rather irritating when I’m removing my rollers in the morning, and I have to stop and ponder how to get all the rollers back on the metal strips where all the rollers fit. Sometimes, I just give up and leave them in a pile until I get home and have the energy to put the puzzle back together. That said, the rollers are nice and seem of good quality, heat quickly and well, but are just lacking in the two areas mentioned above.

Roslyn Gans, OK

Researched, purchased, tested, and approved!

Ok, so I’m one that does massive research before I buy anything. So needless to say, I googled searched, saw all the youtube videos there’s to see, and read most amazon review and decided to purchase The Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hair Setter with Super Clips and Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hair Setter.As soon as they came in, I put them to the test. I washed and blow-dried my hair. It’s long and layered. They were ready to go after 5 minutes of plugging them in. I rolled up sections as I dried it (double the heat). I also sprayed the dried sections with L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold. I used the multi-size rollers for the back to create tighter curls and the jumbo rollers for the front and bangs to create volume and loose waves.After I finished setting them all, I resprayed. I put on my make-up, got dressed, and had coffee. Left them in for about 45 minutes. They were completely cool to the touch before taking them off. I was very impressed with the end result. Beautiful!The only con is the clips for the Multi-size roller; they don’t hold the roller enough to stay in place. Other than that, great buy!

Essie Shelby, IA

Fine at home unit…

First off, the box was missing the instructions. I went on line and printed them out.Promo indicates that it takes 75 seconds for the unit to heat…no way. Don’t believe any hair setter is at heat necessary in such a short time.Indicator light…when ready to use, it should go from reddish orange to a white…mine did not.Now to some good news:1. There are plenty of rollers2. Rollers were comfortable and easy to secure with clips provided3. All rollers heat at the same time, but only 3 clips at a time…so the user has to add from the generous supply of extra clips as each is being removed and use them in sequence…thought this would be a true annoyance…surprisingly, it was not bad to do.After 10 plus minutes, or when heat dissipated from rollers in head, removed the clips and rollers and let hair cool, then finger styled and shook out the curls…a very nice soft look.As far as portability…no case is provided. It is best as an at home unit.

Janice Argenta, IL

Hot Rollers Have Come a Long Way in 15 Years!

When I was in high school, the only way I could make my hair look like Rachel from Friends’ hair was to get up EARLY in the morning, every morning, and set my hair on hot rollers. I’ve had a set of Remingtons since back then that turned white when hot, and had wax inside to stay hotter longer, according to the accompanying instructions. That set of hot rollers has served me well for over a decade and a half, and in the last few years, I haven’t done much with my hair other than let it air-dry and let my natural waves/curls be their bad selves.Then this magical hair setter arrived, courtesy of the Vine Program, and I might be a hot roller believer again, at least on days when I don’t want to look quite so wild-haired. I ripped the box open and tried it right away, not even bothering to brush or section my hair first. The rollers heat up in just a couple minutes, and the clips heat up even faster. I didn’t even use a mirror. I used all 20 rollers in the set, and while it DID accommodate all of my bra-band-length, very thick hair, it took a little effort, some roller rolling trickery, and I would have achieved a better end result had I not overstuffed the curlers. Still, though, what I got were big, bouncy curls that looked quite nice! This morning, I used all the rollers from this set and supplemented with my 1990s-era Remingtons, and I also took the time to section my hair beforehand- by the inch, it’s a cinch; by the yard, it’s hard. The results were even better, with each roller having to deal with only a 3/4-inch thick section of roller-width hair. I’m enjoying big, bouncy, curly hair today. Actually I needed to put in some products to tone down the bigness some, because with my thick hair, it was almost as “big” as it is long.I also had a good side-by-side comparison of the two sets of rollers. The rollers on my Remingtons always got quite hot to the touch on the side that was closest to the heating unit when they were on their spindles, and the curlers themselves were sort of grippy-rubbery, which could make for some pulling. Also, I had to buy Conair SuperClips for use with those rollers, because I never did get the roller-pin technique down. The Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hair Setter heated up much faster than the Remingtons, were much more comfortable to roll and also slide out of my hair, with their flocked outside. The ends stay cooler, too. I like that the clips are also heated and easy to use.Like I said before, I have thick, heavy, fairly long hair, and two sets would do the job better than just the one. You can order extra rollers and clips in specific sizes from Conair, and they heat up fast enough that if that’s the route you wanted to take, if you know which size rollers work best for you and you don’t want to mess with the other sizes, but if you like using different sizes in different places in your hair, you might be farther ahead to just buy an extra set. Then at least, you wouldn’t have to figure out where to store the extra rollers that won’t fit in the unit for storage. As for the comb and the argan oil packet, they’re nice perks, but nothing awfully special.The one complaint I do have, and it’s not a deal-breaker, is that there is nowhere to store the 20 clips that came with this unit. Three of them go along the right side, inside the unit by the curlers, and the other 17, you’re on your own figuring out how and where to store them. I used a Zip-loc bag. That doesn’t bother me so much, because with my original sets of Remington hot rollers, I bought the Conair Super Clips and had to figure out where to keep those clips, but they weren’t made specifically for those curlers and they weren’t included with them. The clips included with the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat set are made specifically for these hot rollers, and they could have provided an on-board storage drawer for the clips, without adding too much extra size to the unit. Still, that’s not a deal breaker for me. I love the ease of use of this hair setter, I love the results, and I really am thinking about buying another set and getting rid of my Remingtons finally, after all these years!

Vonda Flowery Branch, GA

not for thick hair

I have very thick hair, down to the middle of my back and often have trouble finding hot curler clips that will hold my hair. These curlers are nice because it’s a gentle heat and you can heat up the clips in the container but for me, unless I use tiny sections of my hair and that would take me all day to do, these clips just didn’t hold the curlers in. I tried on one section of my head to use tiny sections and it took me a long time. Then I tried using normal section pieces and the clips and curlers just slip right now. I think this would be good for someone with thin hair or a young girl. It’s a great product but I need heavy duty clips.

Lindsey Jensen Beach, FL

Hot Pink and Fabulous

The main question is: What did we do before ceramic hair products? Ceramic rollers, curling irons, straighteners? I really don’t know but I now own all of the above and my hair somehow always comes out as I want it to. I love Conair’s ceramic rollers and this is my second set. My hair is very hard to control – it’s medium thickness – but I have a lot and it has very uneven texture: curly here, wavy there, straight somewhere else. Until I found ceramic rollers, I couldn’t curl my hair. I’m not sure if it’s the ceramic itself or the flocking on the rollers. The rollers are held onto the head by butterfly clips that keep them on securely even if you’re moving around. When you remove them, there isn’t a dent or line where a pin would ordinarily leave one. The ceramic base holds the heat quite well and the unit heats up quickly. You won’t burn yourself as the rollers are not too hot to handle. I keep the rollers in my hair generally longer than one would need to because I have such hard to manage hair. I have to shout out to Conair for giving the rollers a very girly hot pink ambiance. They’re really adorable. Comes with a useful, sturdy, wide-tooth comb, 20 rollers in three sizes (I prefer the jumbo size), and 20 butterfly clips.Recommend without hesitation.

Georgette Lincoln Acres, CA

Works great on my daughters’ hair!

I originally ordered these for my oldest daughter who has long, fine, and thin hair. She was doing natural pageants and I couldn’t get her hair to hold a curl from a curling iron and foam curlers were just too tight and frizzy. Now I know these say instant heat but I let the curlers heat up a good 10 minutes before I start using them on her hair. Just a note, if your hair has a hard time curling, dirty hair works best. If you are working with clean dry hair, I suggest putting lots of hair spray on each section of hair before rolling it. I’ve found that if you want a relax look, use the larger curlers and if you are looking for more of a tight curl, use the small. I leave them in her hair for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 30 to 60 minutes. When I take out the curlers, I don’t let them fall out, I actually unwrap it so the curl stays in place. After all the rollers are all out I hair spray some more. Once the hair spray is dry I style it. I have found that if have the clip up too high on the roller, it will leave an indent. I wish I could find a set of curlers I like with the pins, but after trial and error, I’ve learned how to use these curlers with much success!

Allene Mechanic Falls, ME

Not my favorite.

I am disappointed with this product though I was excited to get this hair setter because I was under the mistaken impression that the clips could be stored inside the unit instead of lying all over the counter-top or in drawers needing to be dug out and arranged when I wanted to use them. There is only room for 3 of the plastic clips in the compartment and then if you want to heat them (not sure why you’d need to do this), you have to move them in and wait a bit for them to warm.The unit does heat up quickly when plugged in but there is no ON/OFF switch so you have to remember to unplug it after use (I am bad about that — I know it’s not best to leave any small appliance plugged in because the electricity stays on, but I do it anyway thinking that switching to OFF will suffice.) When the ready dot on one of the curlers turns white, it has reached curling temperature. The rollers come in 3 sizes which should be sufficient for most light wave needs but if your hair is really thick or long, you might have some trouble. There are twenty rollers in all and they are plastic with flocking that won’t tear at your hair. They are not too hot to handle when fully warmed. The product is labeled as being charged with ionic energy that protects from frizz and static and I found that to be the case for me. The curl was soft and full of body. My other issue was that the curlers would NOT STAY IN PLACE. The ones on the top of my head weren’t secure enough and bobbled toward the front of my forehead and flipped all over the place. Since the clips had no real tines to them, they did not grip as well as I would have liked. I didn’t notice any crimp marks when I removed the rollers. The set comes with a nice wide-toothed comb and a small foil packet of Argan oil that either needs to be used all at once or some provision for it to be stored so it doesn’t leak the rest out when you want to save it. It was only a sufficient amount for one application to my shoulder length hair.Overall, I have to say that this set isn’t my favorite. I prefer this model instead:Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers. It has an ON/OFF switch on the front and the clips have tines that make the rollers much more secure in your hair. Ultimately, however, both of the products I’ve used have not answered the clip storage question to my satisfaction!

Tammi Hillsboro, IL

Didn’t work on thick hair

My hair is thick, naturally wavy, and passed my shoulders. When I get a blow out with curled ends, my hair holds the curl for days as I have a lot of “body.” Normally, I will straighten my hair with a hot iron in the morning so I was excited to try these hot rollers and change up my look. Unfortunately, these did not curl my thick hair – at all. It gave it a little body, but you could not tell that I had left in these curlers for over 15 minutes. It was disappointing.The transparent white dot was an easy indicator as to the readiness of the rollers and the hot clips were a nice touch. I laughed at the argan oil, because it was a tiny sample that did not make it through all of my hair. I receive bigger samples from the well-known beauty store in the mall. I am disappointed to say that I cannot recommend buying this product if you have thick, hair as I am afraid they just won’t work for you.

Lorie Justiceburg, TX

Great Hot Setter

I love it, it is very easy to use, just turn it on and in 5 minutes the rollers are hot. Enough rollers for medium lenght hair. The clips do make a little mark on your hair so I tend to use them cold so there is no mark on my hair. Get the one with the on and off botton otherwise you need to plug it in and out every time you wish to use it.

Daphne Malaga, NM

just perfect

I don’t think that there is a great deal of differece in heated rollers. I’ve been using them forever. These are really nice. Light. Get plenty hot. Slide in easily. Good clasps. The ion thing may be a real thing… my hair is silky.

Rosemary Hillsdale, NY

Nice for shorter hair.

This thermal style roller is good for gentle waves in long hair, but not tight long lasting curls. It would work well on fine shorter hair, but I have very long hair and it just leaves a small wave which fades rather quickly.

Debora Mount Saint Joseph, OH

3-5 stars depending upon your hair and preferences

I have very fine hair. Over the years, I’ve had to work hard to find the curlers that work the right way and come up with tricks for keeping the curlers on my head and not falling off. For the most part, my favorite are a set of traveling curlers that have plain wire clips that hold them in to prevent the kink other types of curler holders can leave. So, these intrigued me with their promise of no kinks and great curls. Here’s what I found:- The curlers have a place that hold four clips that heat with the rollers. You have to keep replacing the clips in it as you roll your hair. That’s not bad. And, it seemed to work for me where I had more hair (at the sides and bottom). I tried a few times, but always ended up with a kink at the crown/front of my head where I have less hair. This annoyed me. But, if I had long, luscious hair down to shoulders all around I think these would be a fine choice.- The curlers did heat up very quickly – the longer you leave them the hotter they will be.- The clips did keep the rollers on my head instead of me chasing them around the bathroom floor as they fell off my head. But, they also take up a lot of space when you’re not using them.- I wish (and it’s just a wish) it had an on/off button – instead of having to plug or unplug it, but I guess that also makes it more eco-friendly. After all, everyone says to unplug your appliances even when they’re off to save energy.-I did love the big slot in the middle of the rollers that heat them up — instead of the old rods you used to place them on, the good variety of sizes, the sponginess of the curl that protects your hair – and surprised me by stiill giving a lasting curl and finally the wide tooth comb that came with it – so you don’t destroy the curl while styling.

Tiffany Pine Valley, CA

Gentle on my hair but clips don’t alway hold rollers in place

I like the way these rollers heat up in only two minutes, feel gentle on my hair, and offer eight of the big curlers I like best and six each of the small and medium sizes. They also curl my medium-fine chin-length hair reasonably well but not as much as other electric rollers I’ve had (but which also seemed to be harder on my hair).The clips are okay to use and good in that they do not pinch or feel too tight but problematic in that they occasionally don’t hold the rollers well enough in place. I also wish there were a place to store them right with the unit since loose clips are much more likely to get lost.

Marta Evans, WV

For my wife’s long hair, the rollers are small. And the clips could be more ergonomic. But they do the job.

My wife is using these to set her long hair, replacing an old Conair set which has very large rollers. She says these are a better fit for someone with medium to short length hair, whereas her hair is very long. They do the job though.Her only big complaint is that the handles for the clips are too small even for her tiny fingers.Otherwise it’s a great set and the fact that she switched over to it completely is a testament to its quality and function.

Candice Big Sandy, WV

No wrinkles just curl

I want rollers that give me curl, or just body, without the wrinkles that can occur with some roller/clip combinations. These do the trick. Let them heat completely up. Then leave it until they cool for curls, take them out after a few minutes for body. (Don’t brush your hair until it cools completely). The oil that comes with the curlers gives great shine and keeps those flyaway hairs from popping out. I will definitely buy more of that stuff. The curlers are easy to use without burning fingers, the clips are strong enough to keep hair from slipping, and they work! Don’t hesitate to buy these. Conair is the only hair care products I’ve bought since I was fifteen, and I’m OLD now. Smile.

Janis Waterloo, IN

At last…lasting curls. Simply amazing.

I have not used hot rollers for many years.when I did use them I would have curls for about 5 minutes then my hair would be straight again. When I saw the opportunity for these new curlers and their promises of lasting curls I thought why not give it a try.This morning I washed my hair I applied the argone oil sample but it’s not really clear on how to use it it just says apply to wet or dry hair so I assume you leave it in your hair I put a little bit in my hand and rubbed on my freshly washed dry hair and it made it immediately frizzy so I didn’t care for that very much.Its a learning curve with these rollers on figuring out just how to place the clips so you don’t get marks on the hair. The unit heats up fast but the rollers do not burn your fingers like the ones did from 20 yrs ago. I found the hot clips to be too hot against my scalp so I stopped heating the clips just used them. I waited 12 hours from the time I curled till writing this review. I still have beautiful bouncy curls. With my fine hair that is amazing. The only reason I took off 1 star is the clips don’t have on board storage. I’m just keeping mine in the box for now. The rollers don’t tangle when removed another big plus. Each person will need to set your own time and if you heat the clips or not. These are the best curlers I have ever used.UPDATE:Just had to come back and tell you my curls held for 5 days. No gels or sprays. I have fine thinner hair that is damaged from medications and coloring. My har looks fuller and so smooth and bouncy. I upgraded my rating to 5 stars who cares if the clips are not on board. BEST hair curlers ever.

Hattie Blue Island, IL


I LOVE the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hair Setter with Bonus Wide Tooth Comb and Packet of Argan Oil! This product is well worth the money. The flocked (soft, fuzzy) surface of the roller helps hold the hair in place. Curlers heat up quickly and it does not take long to set hair to create voluminous, soft, beautiful, natural looking curls. I use these several times a week in the morning before work and it does not take too long for those that are in a hurry in the morning. I also have a curling iron but I prefer the use of these rollers because of the incredible volume, softness and natural look of the curl. Curls do not look frozen or stiff as you often get with curling irons. Tip: Use a heat protection spray before you place hair around the roller. Once all of your hair is on the rollers, add a bit of flexible hair spray while it is cooling. Your curls will last all day! The rollers come with clips (not the metal pins) and they are very easy to use, a wide tooth bonus comb and last but not least, ARGAN OIL! I adore argan oil. It makes my hair so very happy! Guess what? I highly recommend this set!

Lorene Shapleigh, ME

Good set, but why get rid of the on/off switch?

I had this exact set of rollers before — I got a second set in order to combine them, and have more of the smaller rollers, which I use more. So I have used this set of rollers about 3 times a week for the past 2 years.Pros:- Heats up quickly (not in 75 seconds or whatever they claim, but easily in under 5 minutes)- Gets VERY hot in that time (you can open the lid during heating if you prefer it less got)- Clips really help to hold the curl- Flocking on rollers avoids damaging your hair- Flocking is durable (on some previous roller sets I had, the flocking wore off easily, but on this set, it’s only barely wearing off a couple of rollers after about 300+ usings)Cons:- This set used to have an on/off switch on the front, which was GREAT, since you didn’t have to unplug it every time. I guess Conair just needed to be cheap and save 5 cents on the manufacturing of each set or something…hate it when companies make their product worse just to make a bigger profit!- The top lid’s hinge is a little flimsy — it breaks somewhat easily, especially if you move/shift the set around a lot (which you’ll tend to do more since you now have to keep unplugging it!)- The “bonus” wide tooth comb and packet of Argan oil are not very useful. Nothing quite as messy as a foil packet of oil…a better “free bonus” would be an extra clip or two, since that you might actually use if you lose one! (Roller sets used to come with at least one extra clip for this reason.)Overall, I recommend this set — it would just be nice if Conair would bring back the on/off switch.

Bette Iola, TX

Best Hot Rollers Ever!!

This is the second Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Setter that I own. There is nothing wrong with the set that I’ve had for 6 or 7 years. I just love this set so much that I wanted a “back-up” just in case. Also, I bought the first Setter when I had very short hair, and now that my hair is longer, I generally only use the largest size roller, so it’s nice to have a few more of that size.This Instant Heat Setter is really instant! It heats faster than my curling iron. The rollers are extremely easy to use – and I think they are easier on my hair than the velcro type. Each roller has a “cool” ends which makes it easy on my fingers and my hair. The heated clips are a nice feature, but the Setter works well, even when the clips are not heated. Before I tried this Setter I always had a problem getting hot rollers to stay in my hair – the pics and pins never seemed to hold the roller in place. The clips have solved this problem. The only remotely negative thing I can say is that it takes a while for my hair to cool down. I like to put the rollers in and have them cool down before I remove them and that takes at least 15 minutes, which isn’t exactly “instant.” But, if I want less curl, I clip in all the rollers and then remove them and allow my hair to cool when the rollers are removed. This works very well and is very quick!!The comb and the Argan Oil were nice bonuses, but I would buy this hair setter with no reservations if these 2 “extras” were not available. If you like to add some curls or waves to your hairstyle – this Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Mult-size Hair Setter is for you. You can vary the amount of curl by using different roller sizes and by the length of time you leave the rollers in your hair. This product really does not take much more time to use than a curling iron. I love it!

Shawna Houlka, MS