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Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

Conair’s velvet touch paddle brush in salon black and silver has a soft touch handle for a more comfortable hold. The flexible cushion base massages your scalp and acts like a mini shock absorber for stress free brushing. Ball tipped bristles will not snag or pull hair while you detangle and style. This wide headed brush is designed to gently detangle wet or dry hair. Use it for everyday brushing of all hair lengths or for that daily inch100 strokes inch of hair maintenance. Especially good for thick hair, the flat wide head creates smooth styles on medium to long hair and is great for blow drying straight styles. It’s one of the must have brush styles simple and easy to use beauty technology for your best look.

Key features

  • Velvet touch handle for comfortable control
  • Flexible cushion base for stress free brushing
  • Ball tipped bristles prevent snags and pulling
  • Designed to gently detangle wet or dry hair
  • Smoothest and creates straight styles

Honest reviews


Great Brush!

It is a nice size and a well made brush! I love it. Very wonderful. Great price as well. Would buy again.

Nichole Bay Village, OH

Velvet Touch

Great brush especially that fact it doesn’t frizz out your hair.. Works great when blow drying wet hair into a straight hairstyle..

Kerry Mckenzie, ND

Good Deal

Love it! Same type my stylist uses. Hair dries smooth

Glenda Malibu, CA

It gets the job done

So I have waist-length, straight, fine to medium hair. My hair gets easily tangled but anything and it’s a pain in the butt to brush out. I think it works alright, it just all depends on your brushing technique. I start from the bottom and work my way up. With that being said, it has a plastic smell. I’ve had mine for over a month or two and it still smells like it just came out of the package. That would be my only complaint.

Florence Sheep Springs, NM

Nice quality, great value

This is a very nice, basic paddle brush with plastic bristles and smooth round plastic tips. It is very comfortable in your hands, not too heavy and not too light-weight. Perfect for styling long, wavy hair!

Kasey Eros, LA

Great for taking out knots

I have very long curly hair. This brush helps get the tangles out fast and painlessly. My daughter is disabled and cannot sit up unassisted so she always has knots in the back of her head, but the brush helps remove them quickly and painlessly as well. She does not fuss when I brush her hair and THAT says a lot!! Great brush. I will be replacing all of myOther brushes with this one. Yes I have a few becauSe I always misplace them lol.

Katelyn La Grange, IL

At Last: I Found It !

I spent over 4 decades trying brushes for my super fine, thin, and long hair that does not tear my few precious strands. Who would have thought that an inexpensive brush would work better than all the others. When I awaken my hair is a jumbled mess. With this Conair brush I did not feel one tug. It is AMAZING!!! I’m ordering another one. My hair is the kind that knots when the wind blows. If you have hair like mine, buy this. It is a 10 Star item. After I wrote this review the price jumped from $2.90 to the present price of almost $9. That happens often here on Amazon. I feel Someone is taking advantage of you and me. Also, it is never a small increase, it always seems to double. Rediculous,

Brenda Masonville, NY

Works great

All I was looking for was a replacement brush and I have found it. This went through my fine hairs knots with ease and it hasnt fallen apart on me. If it does, Ill send an updated review!

Latonya Milford, NE

great brush

i have med/long hair and this brush is great! it detangles easily and leaves my hair smooth without the static that some paddle brushes do to you hair! love

Nellie Saco, MT

Nice brush

This brush is not very heavy. It combs my hair well and is easy to use and clean. I use it often to brush my hair out during/after blow dry-sessions at home. It is a good brush for the price!

Roslyn Purvis, MS