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Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System, Pink

Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Set The sonic facial brush is gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen. It keeps skin clean and helps prevents clogged pores and blackheads from developing. Using a sonic brush is significantly more effective than washing with a washcloth or hands. It has three speed settings and a 60-second timer to provide a thorough cleansing with every use. View larger Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Set View larger Solutions and Advantages The true glow system includes a facial cleansing brush to help reduce areas of dry skin, oily patches and visible blemishes, a body exfoliating brush to leave skin feeling and looking smoother, and a charging cord and cradle that offer quick charges and cord-free convenience. The sonic feature allows the the brush to operate at 300 oscillations per second for professional cleansing action. This sonic action at 3 different speeds and a 60-second timer ensure the highest-quality results. The Sonic technology oscillates so fast that it literally shakes dirt and makeup from your pores without irritation. For balanced, more effective cleansing, the true glow is equipped with an automatic even-cleanse timer that prompts you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds. You will be truly pleased with the look and feel of your skin after using the true glow Sonic Brush. Features: Charging stand for cord-free convenience Waterproof design for use in the shower Includes 2 facial brush heads, 2 body brush heads, charging cord and cradle, carrying pouch and instruction book Built-in timer prompts you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds for balanced cleansing Brush head operates at 300 oscillations per second for professional cleansing action Dermatologist and clinically-tested. Non-irritating Doubles effectiveness of your cleanser After just one use, pores are 30 percent less visible, and redness is reduced by 30 percent Helps reduce surface oil to normalize skin’s balance Your cleanser + our brush = 100 percent cleaner skin* *than skin washed with cleanser alone

Key features

  • Brush head operates at 300 oscillations per second, shaking dirt and makeup from pores without irritation
  • Gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen keeping skin clear and preventing clogged pores and blackheads from developing
  • Prepares skin to absorb moisturizers better and automatic even-cleanse timer tells you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds
  • 3 speeds and includes two brush heads for face and body as well as charging stand
  • Waterproof and safe for use in the shower

Honest reviews


I didn’t want to like it…

I had been using a regular, old-fashioned facial cleanser, the Conair Power Facial Cleanser which was super-cheap (I’m a tightwad,) but it required batteries, wasn’t for use in the shower, and was kind of abrasive on my skin. I wanted to upgrade but, honestly, I was a more than a little leery about a hundred dollar facial cleanser. Well, this system quickly proved my doubts wrong.When I saw that the brush head didn’t spin, but just vibrated, I thought that it would never clean my skin – once again – wrong! As I was using it I kept trying to convince myself that it wasn’t working, but my arguments faded into contentment. Not only did it make my skin feel wonderfully clean without the abrasive effect of my last unit, it also provided a remarkable, gentle face massage. When I was finished my face was totally relaxed and my skin glowed!The fact that it is rechargeable and can be used in the shower required no effort for me to love – shouldn’t all facial cleansers be rechargeable and waterproof? It just seems kind of dumb for a unit not to have these features, but so many of them don’t. I also love that it comes with two sets of the brushes so I don’t have to worry about reordering them any time soon.Honestly, for the price, I didn’t want to love it – I wanted to confirm my opinion that there is no need to spend this much on a facial brush system, but, kicking and screaming, it completely won me over. I am now a believer – this is the best facial cleansing system I’ve ever used and I’m never going back!PS – It always makes my day to know that people find these reviews helpful. If you’d also like to ask a question or leave a comment I usually respond the same day, so if you have a question or comment (even if it’s just to say, Hi!”) feel free to post it below.Thanks,Claire

Sonia Portland, MI

Compares favorably to Clarisonic at less cost

For the purpose of this review, my frame of reference is the Clarisonic Mia 2 system at a cost (when purchased) of about 50% more. Of consideration is the lower cost on replacement brushes, which further brings down total cost of ownership without sacrificing functionality or effectiveness. However, Clarisonic units have dropped in price while replacement brushes remain around $25 a brush compared to $17 for the Conair brushes. It is arguably difficult to compare pricing because of the many configurations these products come in (brushes, cleaners, pouches, cream, etc…)The Conair arrived well packaged in packaging very similar to Amazon frustration free. The build quality is very good when compared to the Clarisonic and the design is very similar. Conair includes 2 body brushes, 2 facial brushes, a standing charger base and adapter, user’s manual, and a decent storage/travel case. Though my unit arrived charged, I always recommend you fully charge the unit prior to first use. Though I found the build quality to be very good, and the Conair is in fact waterproof for shower use, a concern I have is how the charging base was designed. Instead of using magnetic induction charging like Clarisonic, Conair uses simple electrical contacts. Since this product will likely spend nearly all its time in a humid bathroom, the contacts are likely to rust. Therefore, you will need to ensure the Conair unit is dry before charging. Another possible solution I am trying is to coat the contacts on the base with wd-40 as a preventative measure. A little care will go a long way in this regard.Design and functionality of the Conair is top notch and close to that of Clarisonic. Controls are easy to reach and intuitive. The Conair uses high oscillation vibration for cleaning (like the Clarisonic) compared to less expensive systems (like Olay) that use a spinning brush system. The COnair operates at a reported 300 oscillations per second versus a reported 300+ per second "micro movements" of the Clarisonic (highest speed comparison). However, Conair offers 3 choices of speed versus 2 on the Clarisonic. Both units offer an audible beep to change quadrants (60 second run time).Overall, I really like this system with the exception of the exposed metal contacts on the charging stand. The sweet spot for the Conair is to come in priced below the Clarisonic to make sense to save the difference. In a head to head competition with Clarisonic, in my opinion, the Clarisonic wins if they are evenly priced.

Ashleigh Coy, AL

Don’t Compare Apples and Oranges

Depending on which retailer you opt to purchase this from you’ll have DIFFERENT items and maybe options for your set. Target offers a choice of a pink or lavendar hand unit. Thus far Amazon is the ONLY retailer offering the unit, charging cradle, 4 brushes and a travel pouch. Other vendors are offering the unit with charging cradle, only TWO brushes and NONE mention the pouch in online ads, including the Conair Store. Prices range from $80 – $120, lots of sales for the basic 2 brush sets.MORE Apples and Oranges …Clarisonic IS the leader in the sonic skincare market and IS aesthetically and visually more pleasing with more brush options (normal, sensitive, delicate, deep pore, acne, body) to meet your skincare needs, gentler beeping reminders to move to another facial quadrant and an overall more pleasant vibrating sound. The Conair sounds like it’s bordering on something in a garage workshop. That aside, it’s only a few minutes each day and it performs WELL; cleaner, smoother skin using your own products.You need to have a Clarisonic Aria, PLUS or PRO for 3 speeds; they’re much more than $99.99! Other Clarisonics have either ONE or TWO speeds.Clarisonic replacement brushes range from $20-$25, Conair is offering theirs at $17.99Clarisonic does have a body brush extension handle available for your back, Conair doesn’t.Authentic Clarisonics have a TWO year warranty. Yes there are fakes on the market which means you may not have a warranty at all! Conair offers only 1 year warranty.For this test I didn’t use my Clarisonic for a week before trialing the Conair and it cleansed my skin (facial and body) as well as the Clarisonic and I’m happy to use either one. The normal Conair brush on high speed was harsh for my facial skin and I DO understand why 10 seconds per facial area is recommended. My face had a rosy glow from it, but it went away in minutes…thank goodness. So I do use the medium speed on my face most often. The body brush at that speed was fine and rough heels got a workout with 2 minutes each.It’s waterproof but with electrical contacts that can corrode is a drawback with the Conair and you MUST dry it off thoroughly before placing it in the charging cradle.For me, the Conair is like a solid, well performing Toyota but the Clarisonic is like a Lexus, high performance and aesthetics rule. If you’re in the market for the Toyota, this Amazon offering IS AMAZING with the 4 brushes instead of the 2 brush offering at many other retailers because it gives you the MOST bang for the buck and I recommend it!PS I have Clarisonics … Classic, Mia, Mia2,and PLUS for home and my life as a road-warrior. This Amazon offering does both home and travel duty easily and compactly.

Queen Dilliner, PA

Comparison with Clarisonic

I bought my first Clarisonic, the original Mia, over two years ago and was instantly smitten. It only has one speed, but that is all I really needed. Last month I bought the Aria. I liked the USB charger and the fact the unit was lighter than the Mia, an important factor when traveling. This item is similar in size and shape to the Aria, but feels much cheaper (and it is). I like the stand, which the Aria has but not the Mia 1. The charging system is not as nice. The Mia only requires you to place the charger near the front and it magnetically attached. The Aria uses the same system, but gives you the option of putting the magnetized area in a charging stand. This just plugs in, which would be fine. However, I was concerned with the warning in the instructions not to unplug the unit from the wall without also unplugging it from the base as the unit will otherwise discharge. My bathroom configuration makes it difficult to do so. I could just keep it plugged in to the wall and put the brush down without using the stand, but the stand is what I like best in this unit.Like the much more expensive Aria this offers three speeds. I don’t really see any reason for this and always put them both on “high”. The Aria has me do this once and it remembers the setting. This Conair requires I hit the button three times every time I use it (starts at “low”). Quickly hitting the button once to turn it off works for the Clairsonics; this would only change speed. It didn’t take long to remember to hold the power/speed button down longer to shut it off. Still, I find it a bit irritating.This came with four brushes, two face-sized and two a bit larger and intended for body use. That is much better than Clairsonic. The units seem to do the same thing – move quickly and get all of the crap off your face. However, I find these brushes much harsher than the Clairsonic’s. The ends of the bristles feel sharper and just all around not as nice. The Conair probably cleans just as well, but my face feels a little roughed-up afterward.I much prefer the Clairsonic. They are more expensive, although Clairsonic’s web site currently has their Mia 1 on sale for the same price as this Conair. This Conair is still better than anything outside of Clairsonic that I have tried, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to them.UPDATE: After a dozen uses the brush doesn’t seem as sharp. The speed stays set at your selection as long as you let it shut off automatically. I still find the beeps (to tell you to move to another part of your face) irritating. The Aria also beeps, but this is loud and sounds like a smoke alarm’s failing batteries. I still much prefer my Clairsonics.

Alfreda Bannister, MI

Its OK but pricey

Its a little larger than others I know of but maybe its because its also for your body too. For me I’ll be using it for my face. The cleaner has three speed settings Low, Med, High. They light up letting you know what speed you are on which is nice. I have a similar cleaner and its just a button from hi/lo.The big thing about this cleaner is that its sonic, some may or may not know what that is. Basically, it vibrates super fast. Other makers have them spinning but this one does NOT spin. You have to move it in a circular motion to get that. The sonic vibrations are supposed to be how it cleans. I’ve only used it a few times and while its nice, i’m not quite sold on it not spinning and just being sonic.I’ve been using a similar product for about 2 years now and have seen a huge difference in my skin. But that one is smaller and spins with no sonic. The cleaner does come with 4 gentle brushes 2 for face and 2 for body. as well as the charging base and a pouch to keep everything in for travel. The brushes are very soft and work gently on your face. I use neutrogena and this cleaner helps massage the soap all over my face nicely.You can use it in the shower and its brushes are easily swappable from face to body brush. For me i think its a bit expensive and there are other cheaper alternatives that might be better for some people. Overall its good but it didn’t blow me away. In my opinion i’d like to have the option to have it spin and also because i’m a guy, i don’t like pink and would like plain white or the option of blue. But in the privacy of my bathroom i’m the only one who knows its pink….lol

Deanna Likely, CA

Price for value, it is a winner.

I had the clarisonic, and hated it. This is basically the exact same thing, but for 1/2 the cost. I actually like this one better because for the price it comes with a fair share of brush heads (body, sensitive face, regular face).I keep it in my shower, and use it about 2-3x a week.TIP: I also keep a mini spray bottle of rubbing alcohol in the shower with it so I can sanitize the brush head before each use.So far, I have only charged the battery one time – and I’ve used it probably 12-15x so far. Great battery life!If you’re looking for a solid clarisonic alternative, this is it.

Ramona Hooper Bay, AK

As good as Clarisonic!!!

FIRST TIME EVER that I find a "sonic" brush that is good as Clarisonic but less expensive!I am a skincare junky and have 2 Clarisonic for both of my homes. I travel a lot for work and have been looking for something cheaper and smaller that will stay in my suitcase as a standard travel set. I bought this a couple of months ago at a local Target, which had it for post-Christmas clearance at a ridiculously low price. I am blown away on how good this is.This unit has powerful and TRUE sonic oscillation, just like Clarisonic, and unlike other imitator brushes that just rotate. It beeps through the different quadrants just like Clarisonic. Even at its full retail cost, it’s way cheaper than the cheapest Clarisonic. The only key difference is that the entire brushhead does the sonic oscillation, whereas Clarisonic moves the internal brush element and the outer element stays static. That said, it performs just as well as Clarisonic at cleansing and exfoliation. The gentle brush is also gentler than Clarisonic’s gentle brush…Overall – a very good alternative to Clarisonic that performs equally well. Here are the details:Pluses over Clarisonic:1) much cheaper;2) smaller and lighter weight;3) the button is bigger, not as stiff, and easier to push;4) gentle brush is softer than Clarisonic’s;5) construction feels very solid, seams and edges have tight tolerance.Equal/Neutral to Clarisonic:1) true sonic oscillation;2) truly comparable performance to Clarisonic;3) functionally equal in terms of on/off button, LEDs, beeps;4) variety of brushheads are availableWeakness and possible long time issues:1) charging stand is way too light and has tendency to tip over if the brush is inserted for charging;2) charging contacts are exposed stainless steel, whereas Clarisonic uses inductive charging with no metal contact exposed;3) charger doesn’t support Worldwide Voltages, so could be an issue if you travel overseas like me.

Virginia Ryde, CA


I was reluctant to buy the original clarisonic because I didn’t want to spend that much on some gadget that may not work. I saw the conair true glow when I was walking through target and decided to take my chances and get it. Best. Decision. Ever. I use it morning and night with the sensitive brush head and cetaphil, followed by Thayers witch hazel and Clinique moisturizing lotion plus. I’ve recently started to incorporate honey as a spot treatment because of the purging the brush does.Not even a week in and there’s a significant difference in the appearance of my skin. Pores are already shrinking, blackheads disappearing. Scars are diminishing. I can’t believe I waited this long! Aside from the purging that I’ve been assured is completely normal, my skin has never looked this good.

Doreen Gordon, NE

Good quality, some caveats

I have a face scrubber but not one of this quality. The Conair feels very sturdy, yet gentle enough for the face. The brushes work a bit differently because they don’t rotate, just vibrate. It does clean well. There’s a brush for body use, but I mainly use this as a facial brush as it’s not rough enough for body use. My main concern now is keeping the brushes clean and bacteria-free.

Gloria Alief, TX

Really fine system…will update should those ‘stars’ change!

The Conair True Glow Sonic Facial system has impressed me thus far. My face and neck feel smooth and without makeup my skin looks cleaner. I did not feel any irritation from the unit’s operation.While I don’t quite understand the concept of the brushes not moving and it sonic cleaning, it did deliver.There is no question; there are more expensive units out there and cheaper ones as well.I will update this review should the `stars’ change.Pros:1. It is rechargeable and the charge seems to last.2. It has three speeds3. You can use it on face, neck, body4. You use your own cleanser to ensure gentleness and prevent skin irritation5. There is a beep timer which indicates when to move on to a different part of your face.6. Makeup goes on smoothly afterwards.

Wendi Goodyear, AZ

Easy To Use

There are many reviews here from long-time users of this sort of product, who are able to offer detailed comparisons. I’m not one of those people. I spend very little time on self-pampering. I’m more of a wash and go kind of girl. But I was curious and thought I’d give this a try.I find the pads a little rough. I was expecting softer material. The machine is easy to use and the case is convenient for storage. it does give my skin a healthy glow. While I will use it on occasion, I’m still not good about any sort of routine.

Susan Rogers, AR

BROKE after 2 months, piece of junk

OLD REVIEW: I really really love this product. Since i started using it, my face has been incredibly smooth and clear. While it has not eliminated my blackheads around my chin and nose, it helps keep them as unnoticeable and clean as possible. I use it everyday in the shower for my face and it has an efficient timing feature. Every 15 seconds it pulses and it does this 3 times, to equal a total of 60 seconds. each 15 seconds is meant to do a quarter of your face. So 15 seconds on the right, 15 seconds on the forehead, 15 seconds for the left side, etc… after 60 seconds it shuts off. right from the get go i started using mine on high. my face is used to being exfoliated and washed pretty rough. For those new to aggressive facial cleansing(like with a washcloth) id start out on a lower level. This thing can get very intense and do damage. The 2nd or 3rd time i used it, i got a little crazy around my chin, and it actually took off a couple layers of skin and it burned for the rest of the day. So don’t do that….Overall, i like what this product does. The fact that it is rechargeable and can also go into the shower with you is great. my ONLY gripe is that the replacement heads are somewhat expensive. $15 bucks at walmart, target AND amazon is a little more than i’d like to spend, especially when it recommends they are replaced every 3 months…UPDATED 5/1/14: Charging this has been interesting. after i would let it charge overnight, it would act really really weird for a day or two. The first time, although it signaled on the charging dock that it was charging, indicated by a red light, it didn’t charge. it went dead before i could use it. the second time, it just wouldn’t charge. after a couple days of letting it rest, i tried it again and it charged. its been really choppy and unpredictable as far as that goes. for the price you pay, its a huge issue.5/13/14: it is completely dead and will not recharge at all. bummer.

Beverley Oostburg, WI

This vs. Clarisonic

I’ve had my Clarisonic for a little over a year and I love it. I have experience with this kind of item — I was using the Buff Puff back in the 80s and then I’ve used almost every invention since then. The only thing I’ve stuck with is the Clarisonic. I can’t go a day without it and sometimes I use it twice a day. For reference, my face is extremely oily and I’ve had acne since age 2. I got this item because I wanted to see if there was something out where the brushes were less expensive to replace. This is not it.While this is a great face cleaner, the difference is in the brushes. With the Clarisonic, I admit that I waited a very long time to purchase replacement brushes. I didn’t notice the difference from a 9-month old brush and a new brush since the difference is gradual over time. But when I broke down and got a new brush, I could feel the difference immediately. I wouldn’t say that the bristles were like pins, but I could definitely feel the "sharpness" of the new brush and my face looked better than ever.Here’s the thing — the Conair brush bristles feel like the Clarisonic bristles after those 9 months. It still did the job!! Don’t get me wrong, but the bristles felt softer, they didn’t feel as penetrating. After swabbing my face with toner there was nothing on the cotton, just like with the Clarisonic.So for me, while this does do the job and clean your face, it’s just not the same as the Clarisonic.

Thelma Lenoxville, PA

Makes my skin feel smooth and soft

I upgraded from my $20 face scrubber (BriteLeafs 4-in-1 Electric Facial & Body Brush Spa Cleaning System (BL-802)) to the Conair system and can really tell a difference. My last one had harsh, scratchy bristles, made my face red, and its speed was erratic.The Conair brushes are really soft and don’t scratch or irritate my skin at all. I used it on the medium setting. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to do a good job because it felt so gentle, but after I rinsed the soap off, my skin felt really soft and smooth. I really like how it has a timed 60-second wash. It beeps every ten seconds, letting you know to move to the next section of your face. There is a diagram illustrating which parts to focus on, though it’s kind of common sense.So far, I’m really liking it. However, I read that exfoliating too much can be bad for your skin and make it thin, so make sure you don’t overdo it! Also, don’t use this with an exfoliating scrub. That would be way too harsh, and the instructions advise against it.

Ina La Vernia, TX

Surprisingly excellent!

I have a similar skin care product that uses replaceable batteries and a spinning brush system that I was quite pleased with. When I saw that the True Glow system is waterproof and can be used in the shower, I was very excited about trying it.Included in the box is the device itself, 2 facial brushes and 2 body brushes with covers, a charging cradle with a/c adapter, a pink fabric storage case and a users manual.Of course, I turned it on immediately to check it out and I was so disappointed to find that instead of spinning, the brush just vibrates. How can that clean my skin as well as spinning brushes do? However, I set up the charging cradle and set about charging the unit fully so I could begin using it properly.There are 3 speeds of vibration to choose from and Conair suggests starting with Low speed until your skin becomes used to it then gradually increasing the speed as needed/desired.I have to say that the vibrating brush actually DOES clean my face and body every bit as well as the spinning brushes did and it also exfoliates and minimizes pores and leaves my skin feeling unbelievably smooth and soft. I use the True Glow on my face and body in the shower every morning and then on my face every evening. I haven’t had any problems with skin irritation so far, although my skin is used to this kind of cleaning.Conair cautions you against applying any pressure while using the system. They have also incorporated a timer into the device to avoid over-scrubbing your thinner facial skin. It beeps every 10 seconds, prodding you to move to a different area of the face. After 6 beeps (60 seconds) the unit shuts off. This is the only thing I dislike about the product. I can see it might serve a purpose but because this system is also for use on your body, it’s very annoying having to turn it back on every 60 seconds. I wish that the timer could be turned off because that would make this system perfect, IMO.As others have mentioned, the vibrating vs spinning brushes also make for less water splatter. This is great in the evening when I use it at my sink. I no longer have splashes all over the mirror and back splash! That may sound like a small thing but when you think about an item you’ll use daily, less mess and cleanup is a really good thing.The brushes are kind of expensive, IMO, since they are about $15/ea at this writing. I’ll be interested to see how long they last. Still, this is a wonderful cleansing system and being able to use it in the shower makes it worth maintenance expenses such as brushes.

Keri Matthews, GA

Very impressive

This is a great skincare system for people who have never used anything similar. You will notice a result. Give it a couple of weeks, but it’ll get there. I’m not saying this is a miracle worker or anything, but it really does help. My skin(combination dry/oily) feels fresh and smooth after each use, and I don’t even use it that often, 2-3 times a week. I absolutely love that it’s waterproof and I constantly use it while in the shower (so much quicker and easier). It’s rechargeable which is another great feature and it comes with three types of brushes for the face and body. The actual device feels a tad on the cheap side and I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I have to replace the brushes, hence the 4 star rating, but I’m very excited for this product. It’s not at all harsh on the skin, but I still feel nervous about using it daily, it just seems overkill. But I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants more of a healthy glow and clean-feeling skin.

Cecelia Sewell, NJ

I like this brush but I prefer rotary ones with smaller pads.

I like the Conair brush. It makes my skin feel cleaner and smoother. The build quality is very nice; this brush feels solid. The brush is waterproof and can be used in the shower, which is a great feature. The charging stand can be considered a good feature unless you already have a bunch of devces that need to be plugged into an outlet in your bathroom, in which case an extra courd may not be all that welcome (the latter is my case). The brush just vibrates, the disk does not turn at all, yet it seems to work.Although I like the Conair brush, I still prefer my rotary Olay brush for the following reasons. First, the rotary brush feels like it is scrubbing harder. Second, the smaller pads of the Olay brush make it easier to use it on the upper lip under my nose and closer to the hair line. Third, I like smaller footprint of the Olay brush and the fact it uses AA batteries. I put rechargeable batteries in the Olay brush and I do not have to deal with that extra cord on my bathroom counter.

Robert Cropwell, AL

Great system and waterproof

The conair true glow came with the body of the unit, two face brushes, two body brushes (since replacements are a little spendy I was pleased with the two each), the pink carrying case, and the charger stand.I really like the submersible quality of the conair as I want to be able to take into the bath or shower. The brush does not spin, so if you’re thinking this is one of the spinning brush type cleaners don’t buy it. It sort of vibrates on the face.I just used my regular dove body soap and olay facial soap. Both worked fine. Because I’m taking more time with the brush, leaving it on my skin, rather than just doing a quick body scrub and rinse, I would want to use a soap with more moisture so it didn’t dry out while I was glowing myself up.The brush rinsed easily. I took off the brush to put the body back in the charger. The brushes have vented covers so you can rest them without them touching other surfaces, and they will dry without being gross.When I come out of the restroom I notice my skin is pinker than when I just wash, and when I put on my moisturizer it seems to glide more smoothly. I do feel this is getting rid of dead cells and leaving healthy skin behind while encouraging good blood flow to my face and body.

Vickie Erlanger, KY

I Can Already See a Difference In My Skin

I love the Conair Facial Skincare System. I had the original one and used it for two years. It is very similar to this one except that it had only one speed and was a bit heavier. On the new one, I use the high speed and it is great for the skin. It stimulates the blood flow, exfoliates, and cleanses exceptionally well. I recommend it very highly.

Belinda Monkton, VT

Performs Well

This Conair Facial System comes with an electrical charger, a charging stand, a carrying case, two facial brushes, two body brushes, and the hand unit.I received this yesterday and per the instructions charged it overnight. This morning it was fully charged and I used it as a facial scrubber and body scrubber. This unit is submersible and can be operated in three speed modes. Overall operation is very basic. You can apply soap, facial cleanser, or body cleanser to the brush and operate at whatever speed you feel comfortable with. Since I have used a facial scrubber for nearly four years, I operate at slow or medium speed. When not in use, the unit needs to be returned to the stand for charging.When I used this, I noticed that this did not feel any different than the cleanser I use every day. The manufacturer’s instructions are fairly basic and easy to follow regarding operation, cleaning the brushes after each use, and general maintenance.The end results after cleansing are predictably good. My skin felt smooth and soft. It did a good job of removing dry skin and other facial debris, and my winter dried body parts felt moister and devoid of dry skin build-up.Overall, I thought this set compared favorably with my far more expensive Clarisonic Mia in most respects except that the body seemed to be made of a cheaper and more brittle plastic. I wasn’t going to test out the unit by dropping it on the hard marble floor, but this still seems fairly sturdy.This is what you can expect from using a facial brush on a regular basis. Under most circumstances your skin will be brighter, cleaner, and devoid of black heads and blemishes. Pores will not be clogged and your skin will look nicer. I usually apply an oil free moisturizer after cleansing before bedtime. I have used three different units at different times and intervals and the results have been uniformly good so I think the real issue here is cost and whether you want to spend more money for essentially identical results.I gave the Conair 4* because I like it, but thought the construction could be better considering its listed price of $100.00.

Cecile White Salmon, WA


Want your face to glow? Try this. Its cheaper than the major competitors brand and delivers wonderful performance. Just understand this unit is a bit different than some.. you have to move it around to get the "scrub" effect if you want that but its simple and very very easy. It definitely outshines the cheaper versions that do rotate. I have seen a serious improvement in my skin.

Laurie Falmouth, MA

Cannot Live Without It Now

I have been wanting to try a sonic facial cleansing system and this is a great one for "first-timers". I purchased mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a discount coupon so I paid $64. I did not get the extra brushes and case but that was acceptable. I agree with some of the other reviews about the timer; and I wish that it would provide a little more time between beeps. I suppose that is to prevent consumers from "over scrubbing" and damaging our skin. Great product for the price.

Maryann Cabins, WV

Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Set

When I first tried this out, I thought huh… how can this possibly get my skin clean? Nothing turns, there’s no movement of the brush head. But, after using this for several weeks, I am more than pleased with it. My skin looks radiant and feels so smooth. It’s really evened out my skin tone, especially around my nose and my cheeks.I had been using a product with a brush that rotated. While it cleaned my skin nicely, I found it was little rough and I didn’t like to use it every day. With this Conair skincare system, my skin only looks and feels better the more I use it. It’s really a great product and it’s easy on my skin.The on/off button is easy to push with wet hands and I can securely hold it in the shower. I like that it beeps to tell me when it’s time to go to the next part of my face. It’s quick and it works very well.

Iva Coloma, CA