Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air Styling Brush, Black and Gold

2 heat settings for fast styling as you dry. Creates soft, voluminous curls and waves. Air flows to the roots for added lift and body. Aluminum barrel with superior heat transfer for longer lasting styles. Hot air jets let you style as you dry. Features: 1-1/2 inch curling iron and brush attachments. 3 Position switch (high/low/off). Dual voltage for worldwide travel. Cool tip. Safety stand. One year limited warranty.

Key features

  • Big barrel 1-1/2″ hot air curling brush uses hot air jets to create voluminous curls and waves
  • Use on wet or dry hair – hot air adds volume at roots and adds body
  • 1″ natural boar and nylon bristle brush attachment
  • Aluminum barrel provides superior heat transfer for long lasting styles
  • 3-position switch (High/Low/Off)
  • Dual voltage and Cool tip
  • The item has a ‘open’ to ‘lock’ feature to keep the brush locked while usage

Honest reviews


not for short hair

This product is not at all good for short hair. The barrel is huge! I know the description gives the 1-1/2″ measurement but nowhere does it say anything about hair length recommendations. I have to wrap my hair around half the brush and hold it there with my hand (hot!) because it doesn’t even begin to wrap enough to stay on there. Slightly better luck with the curling iron attachment. This will be a fine product if you have at least shoulder length hair. Otherwise, look elsewhere. Now I am hoping mine burns up so I can return it at Amazon’s expense instead of mine.

Jodi Beccaria, PA

Much better than their newer model!!!

I have had a few of these and I love it!!! I ordered their newer model and ended up giving it to a friend. I have very thick hair and it tends to be puffy and on the wavy side. After I blow dry my hair, I use this and it smooths out my hair beautifully. I can also flip my sides back and the bottom length under. I hope that this isn’t going to be discontinued. It works way better than their newer model! Please keep making these. I recently ordered another because it works so well!

Evelyn Calhoun City, MS

Been using daily for 10+ years

I love and live by this tool. I have been using this since I was in junior high and I am now 27. I have a layered hair cut, and this gives me he right amount of curl in towards the face that I have always loved. It smoothes my hair, gives it bounce and body, and gives me the layered around my face look. I love it. It makes my hair look so much better than any old hair dryer and brush combo could. I have always gotten compliments on my hair, and I always attribute it to this hair tool. It is my beauty secret, if you will. It is something I will never be without. I use it daily and my hair is still healthy, so I believe it is less damaging than a normal curler. I can’t live without it.I took off a star because these things do not last long at all. Some break within 2 months, some last almost a year. I’ve been using these for so long and I have gone through a tone. However, I have yet to find a product that compares with my hair, and I can usually pick one up for fifteen to twenty dollars, so I feel it is well worth the bargain.I should also point out that I only always use the stiff bristled brush that comes with it. It combs out all the tangles and locks them that way, so it leaves the hair great looking all day.I also do find that after the initial curling that my hair relaxes a tiny bit through out the day, but that just makes the curl and body look more natural.I have also had my hair all different lengths from hitting just at my shoulder to down the middle of my back and have always used this – no matter then length, it always smoothes and pefects. It’s a wonderful tool, even if it doesn’t last long. Although, it might not last because I use it almomst daily!Also, I would like to point out, I often switch between different types of shampoo/conditioner, from Pantene, Tresemee, Pureology, Biolage…and no matter which type I use, I always get the same results…from cheap to expensive.Give it a shot for salon perfect hair!

Susan Mc Dougal, AR

Hot Air Curling Combo

For me it is way big for the hand to hold. I also have a problem when it stops as the wire turns, that was strange but I guess some people really like it that way. It just doesn’t seem exactly what I thought it would be but yes I am keeping it and trying to work with it.

Chelsea Wana, WV

Great styling tool

Although this says that this item is a Curling combo I use this to straighten my hair. I find that straighteners pull my hair out and cause it to be flat and lifeless and times. However I find that when I use this to straighten my hair I am able to have more body and volume. I found it easy to use and it did what I wanted it to do!

Lindsey Center Point, TX


I like this hair tool so much I purchased another one to keep in my travel case. It’s the perfect, easy to use styler for my hair.

Imelda Oradell, NJ

Awesome Product

I have been looking for a replacement for my Jilbere including contacting the company. A friend told me about this one and I ordered 2, will likely order 2 more for back ups. This is a perfect finish styler as long as u don’t use the brush bristles which can tear the ends of your hair. I recommend this unit to all my clients that have hair 4 inches or longer. Again, this is a FINISH styler and not intended to drive your hair from the beginning.

Eleanor Homer, IN


I’m not sure if I got a faulty product, but the “hot” air was not hot. It was lukewarm at best. As such, it did nothing at all to my hair except make it extremely frizzy. No curls or waves.You might have more luck than I with this product. And because Amazon allows you to return this after you’ve opened it (I’ve already spoken to a rep and created a return tag), no harm in trying. It’s just not for me.

Brianna Mekoryuk, AK

It lasted about 4 months and broke.

I really liked the results I got from this iron. However, after about 4 months the connector that you twist to lock the barrels in place no longer worked. I guess you get what you pay for.

Kristie Clear Lake, SD

Very short cord.

I returned this styler after just a few uses because it gets VERY hot, even on the “low” setting, and the cord is very short. I don’t recommend it as a hair dryer, styler, or anything! Look elsewhere.

Frankie Mason, KY

very good hot air brush. it’s easy to use and make your hair shiny and curly too

very good hot air brush. it’s easy to use and make your hair shiny and curly too. it’s very worth your money. the quality is more than the price!!!! love it.

Karyn Nunnelly, TN

Leaves my hair shinny

I bought this hoping I wouldn’t have to blow out my hair and then flat iron or curl it. It does work but my hair is not as FULL as it would be if I blow it out first however it does come out really shinny! Both attachments give a different look so try them both. I gave it 4 starts only because it’s really LOUD and I wish it had my power but I still like it.

Mallory Aquebogue, NY

Quck shipment

It’s a great product. I have had two before and my last one, of three years, died finally so I went to buy a replacement but could not find one anywhere. This Hot Air curling iron is a great price and it works great for my hair, which is on the thicker side and wavy. I can do anything from baby-doll curls with this thing to soft shiny waves or use it to shine my hair and give it some shape after straightening. It’s a good multipurpose tool.The shipment on this thing was crazy fast. I ordered it and the third day it came to me. I did a test just now to see if it works and it does. Nothing was wrong with the packaging or the product. When I need one again I will defiantly buy from this person/business again.

Tamika Bureau, IL

Doesn’t curl, doesn’t blow dry…kinda just halfway done.

It doesn’t curl, but it will create a wave at ends. It doesn’t blow dry quickly because high speed is equal to the lowest speed on a normal blowdryer. I’m not in love with it but it will work for occasional use, otherwise I would be really annoyed.

Antionette Avon, MA

old style styling

There are those of us, of a certain age, who never managed the technique of holding a hair dryer and a round brush at the same time. We grew up in the era of long natural straight hair. Now we live at a time when more styling devices are required. This is a great tool for getting curl or body into hair while holding only one object. Be sure to have your hair damp-dry before you start, or styling will take forever. The motor is small, and doesn’t "blow" very strongly. Get the majority of the water out of hair first, and you will be ok.

Rosanna Funk, NE

I love this Conair Hot Air Curling Combo

My recommendation for this hair dry is that the customers try. I really like to use it when my hair is wet. It dries your hair quickly,the hair is shinny, soft and manageable. I’ve had it for a few months now and I like it so far. I don’t have anything negative to say about this product.

Madelyn Columbus, OH

the best hot air curler ever!

I’m so glad Conair still makes this item. I’ve tried other brands and other sizes, but this one is perfect for mid length, fine hair and the options of 2 sizes allow you to style hair in various ways.

Hazel Laona, WI