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Conair Self-Grip Rollers, Assorted, 31 Count

Conair Styling Essentials lightweight self-grip rollers produce effortless bouncy curls without the fuss of old-fashioned rollers. Use largest rollers for body or to smooth wavy or flyaway hair. Multicolored sizes make it easy to produce curls or waves of the same shape. Convenient zippered storage bag is small enough for travel.

Key features

  • Easy setting with rollers that require no pins or clips
  • Fast setting and drying lighweight comfortable rollers
  • Color coded sizes for curls of all shapes
  • For hair of all types and textures
  • For wet or dry sets

Honest reviews


Conair self-grip rollers

Using these for several weeks and love them. No pins or clips. They are like Velcro and just stick. My hair is only about 5-inches long and they hold well. damp hair dries fast in these rollers. I have no idea how they would work with long hair. They probably wouldn’t stay if you tried to sleep with them attached and would probably by uncomfortable.

Celia Crocker, MO

What I Expected…

I have seen these particular rollers, and never tried them, so I decided to purchase and see what they were all about. They come with minimal instruction, so I watched a tutorial first before I attempted use. I have fine hair, but a great deal of it, and these tend to give more body and volume than anything. I would not use these on very wet hair, or sleep in them. Overall, I like them. When used properly, it gives my hair a different look than I cannot achieve with a flat or curling iron.

Desiree Jamestown, KY

Time-Saving Beauty Product! Love Love Love!

I wash my hair at night and let it air dry almost all the way. Then I get a little bit of flexible hold curling mouse and run it through my hair. I grab small sections of hair, comb through it, roll it up, and clip it down by my scalp. I do this until all the hair has been rolled, and then I sleep on it. I take the rollers out in the morning, and wah-la.. Big beautiful, bouncing curls, that are super soft and have great body! So easy, and the curls are long lasting!

Johnnie Milliken, CO

Works great for me!

I have straight fine asian hair, shoulder length, and median volume. These rollers work well. They are my first rollers so I watched tons of youtube tutorial videos before buying. I used them right after received the package this afternoon. My hair was dry, I used Folicure thickening mousse before put on the rollers, and took them off after only 5 mins. I could already see some soft curls.Now it’s the night, and I just took a shower. I put them on again to see how they would work on my damped hair. They worked well too. There are 5 sizes. If the largest is size 1 and smallest is size 5, I used three size 1, five size 2, and two size 3. I just air dried my hair and took them off after 1.5 hours (my hair is now 98% dry). And I was amazed by the result!! I got glamorous soft curls like those of Victoria’s Secret runaway models! I love it! I used hair mask in the shower to protect my hair from being damaged by the rollers. The curls look shiny and smooth, and feel soft.I think the key to put the rollers on properly is to make sure your hair is straight when you put them on and make sure to wrap the hair around the roller tightly. I combed each section first, then placed the roller near the hair root, then slowly pulled it toward the end of the hair as if I was combing my hair with the roller, and then kept gently pulling my hair to make sure it stayed straight while I wrapped it tightly round the roller. I think the combing (with roller; it helps re-straighten the hair) and the pulling (keeps the hair stay straight) are very important. My hair is naturally straight so it’s easier for me. If you have curly or frizzy hair, it’s better to straighten the hair first. Otherwise, your hair is probably going to get tangled and stuck on the roller, and it will be very painful when take it off.I used one hand to unroll the roller off the hair gently while used the other to secure the root of the hair. It worked well. It wasn’t a painful, and my hair didn’t fall. Maybe I pulled out two single strands of hair during the process, but I think that’s pretty normal.I saw they used velcro rollers on Victoria’s Secret fashion show models all the time. That’s why I bought them. Although I don’t know how much damage these rollers will do to my hair cuticles if I use them everyday, I’m not too worried since I will only use them occasionally. Using hair mask before and after using the rollers can also protect the hair from harsh styling material and reduce the damage.Over all I’m pleased with this product. It does what it’s supposed to do, and the price is reasonable. It definitely requires some delicate techniques and patience to use them properly (watching youtube tutorial helps a lot). So don’t be frustrated if you mess up the first a couple of times. You’ll get there with some practices.BTW, it’ll be very difficult to sleep at night with these rollers on your head, as they are pretty hard and the velcro will poke your scalp when you lie down.

Keisha Donna, TX

Get the job done

So this is my second time buying rollers. Last time I got the brush ones and they were fine except that they sometimes left my hair in a big mess. So I decided to try the velcro rollers.The grip is pretty good. You do not have to use the pins to keep them in place. However, if you tend to move around like I do, then you should use pins or clips. I like to get ready and do other stuff in the morning while I have these on, so it’s much easier if I use the clips than when I don’t.I don’t use the same sized rollers all over my head so packing is actually not a problem with me. I tend to use the biggest ones in the front and the two smaller sizes on the sides and the back. It works out perfectly.Also, if you want best results, you should thoroughly brush out each section of hair before you roll it up. It would make it a lot easier for you to take the rollers out. Otherwise the loose strands get tangled and it’s a pain to get the roller out and causes a lot of hair breakage.This is a good product for the price. Gets the job done.

Coleen Junction, WV

you can do curls and waves

i use the small ones to make curls and the big ones to make waves i like it alot like that i don’t have to use heat

Bobby Capulin, NM

Not enough of rollers of same size

you need order more than one pack if you need more than 5 rollers of the same size….Also the set does not include big rolles – only medium and small

Katherine Wellman, IA


These curlers are just what the doctor ordered!They can make tiny curls or just to puff up your already existing texture.They actually stay in place, too!

Cecile Schuyler, VA


They did not stay in the hair well, and the curl was minimal at best. Buyer beware. I would not buy again

Pamala Buffalo, MT

Good Rollers for Hair Boost

Lots of sizes from tiny to very large; reasonably priced; work as described although a clip does add a bit of stability while blow drying your hair; and quick delivery with Amazon Prime.

Krista Granville Summit, PA

Maybe it was just my hair but…

My hair goes a bit down past my shoulders. Maybe my hair was not long enough but after wearing these all day there was nothing different about it when I took them out. Also these curlers were SO hard to get out! It hurt! I made sure my hair as well brushed with no tangles to avoid this problem but alas it ended up a total disaster.

Gena Alamosa, CO

Inexpensive and Stay in your hair

I am a lazy person when it comes to styling hair. I have fine hair that is naturally curly, but lately I’ve wanted to wear it straight so looking for something that makes it fuller and wavy, not curly. These are amazingly cheap, but the best velcro (self roller non heated) I’ve ever used. I dry my hair most of the way (finger dry) use a brush to separate sections, spray a little Kenra Styling spray and roll it up. I then use my blow dryer for about two minutes over all of the rollers and let it set for a couple of minutes before I take out. I have gotten compliments on my hair every day I use these. I use the larger Pink ones and the neon green only (the rest are a little small). I am going to buy another set to get more pink. I also think the smaller ones are harder to roll out of my hair (you never want to PULL).One thing I just realized. I guess the colors can vary per package.

Jodi Gilman, MN

Great Product

I like these a lot. I have some experience with cosmetology, but I had never put curlers in my own hair. Even so, they were incredibly easy to use, and they seemed to do the trick. I used a Youtube tutorial that recommended having dry hair, then running each strand through a straightener first to warm and smooth the strand and to achieve volume but not curl. It worked. I also tried using damp hair and a blow dryer, which also worked, mainly because these curlers have an above average breathing quality that allows air to pass through them easily.

Selma North Tonawanda, NY

Nice & cheap

This item does give my hair some volume. It does not need clips to stay put however you’ll need to roll up small sections of hair; otherwise roll will come undone slightly from the roots. Because it has a texture like velcro, when unraveling the roll, it does leave your hair a bit frizzy.

Katrina Bill, WY

I’m terrible at blow drying.

These rollers are for people like me who cannot blow dry their hair correctly. I set my wet hair with them and then use the blow dryer to dry it and I get a lot of body with my fine hair. The only thing I don’t like are those very tiny rollers. They serve no point for me but maybe they do for someone with very short hair. I have shoulder-length. I can’t sleep with them on but I can’t sleep with any rollers on my head.

Jennie Clinton, AL