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Conair Pro Tourmaline Universal Finger Diffuser, Black

Conair pro tourmaline finger diffuser creates negative ions for faster, smoother and more gentle drying. This is a universal fit for Conair / Babyliss dryers but not universal to all dryers out there. Also there are 3 other Babyliss diffusers as well. Model #’s for them. BABDF1(for full size dryers),BABDF2(for mid-size dryers), AND BABDF06 (doesn’t specify size)

Key features

  • The item is universal for conair hair dryers
  • Perfect for wavy hair
  • For shiny healthy hair

Honest reviews



Waste of money. Didn’t fit my conair ionshine 1875. For $7 more you can buy a revlon dryer which comes with 2 attachments including a diffuser…that will be guaranteed to work.

Ingrid Coles Point, VA

Fits on all blow dryers!

I love this diffuser, it fits on my multiple blow dryers and work well. I’m not sure about the “tourmaline” but the diffuser is great!

Karin Perham, ME

fits perfectly

i have a Babyliss Nano Titanium Pro and it fits very well, and has nice little rubber grippy bits inside to help make the hold more secure so it won’t fly off with use.

Josie Mobile, AL

Red section in middle gets too hot

Among other reasons, often people dry with a diffuser so they can wear their wavy/curly hair natural and avoid the damage that comes with flat ironing it daily. I feel like this product defeats the purpose of that. Knowing it has tourmaline technology sounds great, except when you consider that the red plate in the middle gets extremely hot. After a couple of minutes, it becomes scalding hot to the touch. While I can avoid touching it with my skin, I do not want this kind of heat on my wet hair. There is a reason it’s bad to flat iron when your hair is wet (it will fry it) and while the plate in this may not get up to 450 degrees like some flat irons, if I can’t touch it without scalding myself, I’m not putting my wet hair on it.Yes, I know anything on the end of a blowdryer is going to get heated up. But this gets way hotter than other diffusers I’ve tried.And yes, this is *without* using it on high heat, which it says not to. This is using it on my low heat/low speed setting. And I have tried it with two completely different brands of hair dryers.

Kelley Higganum, CT


Works perfectly! Doesn’t blow my hair around and make it all frizzy. Locks my curls in and doesn’t get too hot either.

Lou Oconto, NE

Not universal

The diffuser melted both the hair dryer & itself the very first time I used it. Needless to say, I threw it away. I would not recommend purchasing this product.

Vanessa Weston, WV

Best diffuser…

I prefer this shape of diffuser to the ones with the longer fingers. I have another conair diffuser attachment with longer fingers and I don’t like the kind of curls I get with it. This one is kind of bulky, but I don’t see how that would be avoidable given it is trying to fit on a variety of nozzles and is diffusing air over a wide surface area. This diffuser gives me the best and most defined curls. It has fit on my Babyliss and Conair 225NP hair dryers. I would recommend it to a friend since I am happy with it. I have not tried a whole bunch of diffusers to have a great basis of comparison though.

Christie Gerry, NY

Doesn’t stay on!

I have a conair dryer and this still wouldn’t stay on. I tried to hold it on to at least try and get my hair dry but it go too hot and just kept falling off. This thing sucks!!

Trudy Webster, NC