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Conair Pro Style 1875 Watt Hard Hat Hair Dryer

Conair pro style 1875 watts hair dryer is professional quality at an affordable price. featuring variable airflow settings and 2 heat and 2 speed settings for maximum styling and comfort the conair pro style delivers salon-quality styling at home. it is fully adjustable with varying height control and an extra-large hood to accommodate jumbo curlers. a convenient carrying handle and folding feature makes it easily storable in compact areas. bring a professional salon home with the conair pro style 1875 watts hair dryer.

Key features

  • 1875 Watts
  • Variable Airflow Settings for Maximum Styling Comfort
  • 2 Heat/2 Speed Settings
  • Extra Large Hood
  • Adjustable Height Control

Honest reviews


Good for the price

I really didn’t expect anything spectacular with this dryer,but i am satisfied with the product overall…the seller did not tak elong at all to get my product out to me and it arrived packaged nicely and undamaged. I am using the dryer now as i write this review and even though it is very cheaply made i am impressed with the heat settings. High is indeed very high heat and perfect for when i do my deep conditioning treatments…the airflow is not bad either considering where the holes are place…all around the top of the hood, and then the airflow from the opening in the back. I can actually see this doing a good job on my hair if i were to roller set and get under the dryer no problem…if you are just looking for a cheap but gets the job done such as deep conditioning with heat for 15-20 minutes type of hair dryer then i say buy this one. Its ok for its price.

Tameka Moorcroft, WY

Will never purchase again!

Dryer does not dry my hair well at all. I can sit under it a full hour, and my hair in some sections will still be dripping wet. Total waste of money.

Bridget Carlisle, NY

It’s OK

I use it for conditioning treatments and very been happy with it for that so far. I took away one star because of how loud it is. Another, con is that since it came with no instructions on how to lower the bonnet, I find myself sitting on pillows to raise myself up to reach the heat. I called the company and even they did not know how to lower the bonnet.

Marcia Heidelberg, KY

I HATE HATE HATE this dryer

I purchased this dryer to replace my old, old, old hair dryer. My previous dryer was great but it just stopped working after many year. So it was time for a new one. This dryer has two speeds low and high nothing in-between, ok I did not like that feature but I can live with that, what I did not like at all was the fact that the vents were only on the top of the hood so there is no air flow around the sides of your head. There other featured I was totally displeased about was the fact that you can NOT adjust the hood at all its either up or down. I don’t know about you but when I dry my hair, the dryer goes on the table and I site facing the dryer and it would be nice to adjust the hood so it does not feel like half your hear is not being dried. I did try to face fwd but it is still to high and I don’t feel that I am fully under it comfortably. I had put something under it so it would tilt forward. Mind you my table is NOT that high and it your average hight table. Unfortunately I normally wear my hair curly and did not bother to open the box and inspect it until now (4 months later) so it is to late to returen it which makes me want to kick myself for that. My old dryer was from Conair and being that I loved it so much I figured I would love this one just as much, NOT the case at all. I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with this crap.

Lolita Manville, NJ

Like the one I used as a kid

There aren’t a lot of hard hat hair dryers around any more. This one is not too expensive and gets the job done. My only complaint about it is the plastic smell which was overpowering the first few times I used it. I’m happy to say that did subside. Would buy again.

Natasha Saint Henry, OH

Pretty Good

This hair dryer is nice and my hair is left dry and bouncy for the most part, but for some reason the bonnet doesn’t reach the back of my head. I wear small rollers and I have to hold the bonnet up to dry the end of my hair. Just know it’s worth the money, if it suits you.

Odessa Tinian, MP

Great price and hair drier to buy for beginners!

This was my first hooded hair drier and I love it! It dries my whole entire head compared to other people who have purchased this drier in the past. I deep condition my hair all the time with this wonderful Conair hair drier in about 30 mins or longer. Packaging and delvery was excellent without any problems from this seller.Thanks for the great drier!

Araceli Morse, LA