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Conair Plastic LED Mirror with Doors, White Finish

The Conair tri-panel 1x/3x magification beauty mirror has three panels for varying views. It’s 1x/3x magnification and has different magnifications on each panel (1x center/ 2 sides 3x). It has lifetime LED lighting which saves energy while saving you money. It’s convenient for travel, storage, small areas and every day use. You can store it away with ease as it’s compact and runs off 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Key features

  • Elegant slim design, with foldable base and rotating mirror head
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) mirrors are efficient, safe and long lasting
  • Fold back the stand for easy storage
  • 70% more energy efficient when compared to Conair incandescent lighted mirror lifetime LED lighting
  • Battery operated (3 AAA batteries not included)

Honest reviews


Hate it

Light is not bright enough. It’s so small! Battery ran out fast! Tossed it and got new one brighter and bigger is conair.

Maryellen Isle Of Springs, ME


I’m pretty surprised at some of the negative reviews! Here’s my honest opinion….When I ordered this mirror, I was thinking it was going to be this huge, heavy mirror with lights. I was looking for a mirror that lights up and has magnification and would store in a drawer or train case when not in use.1. This is extremely light weight. Perfect for me – I am 50 and have suffered 2 broken necks and a back so heavy items are a no go for me.2. I LOVE how it folds up so you can store it in a drawer or even pack it in the suitcase for travel. It really is awesome!3. I like how the big mirror is the perfect size for makeup application, tweeze your eyebrows – or whatever you need to use it for. And I like that the smaller side mirrors are magnified!4. The light is quite bright – I have NO problems seeing my face in this mirror at all! My batteries died quick, but they are cheap batteries and I always replace them with my own batteries right off the bat so I don’t get mad when the other kind dies. Quick, easy fix to that issue!5. I like how you can tilt the mirror at different angles <say you’re standing at the bathroom sink – tilt it back so you can see, or however you want to tilt it!> You can see the way it tilts in the photo in the description.The center mirror is about 6 inches tall by about 4 inches wide. Each side mirror is about 2.5 inches wide by 6 inches tall. I am 50 years old so I am full grown, and feel the size is great for applying my makeup. It lights just just fine..I can see everything I need to see to do my makeup perfectly. I suppose if you want a mirror big enough to see your entire head, neck and stuff around your head – get a vanity table, or go sit in front of your bathroom mirror. What else do you need to see buy your face? LOL6. The best part – at least for me – is there’s no plugging this into a wall, so there’s no cord to get stuck on anything and fall to the floor and possible break. The stand is the perfect size to sit on a counter or table. I sit on my couch and have a movable computer table that I use to do my makeup. This mirror sits on the table just fine. No slipping, no falling over. It’s great. I get natural light from outside plus the light from the lamps in my living room.I don’t know why people complain about the light – it’s actually pretty bright. My living room is so dark that I definitely need good light to put on my makeup so I don’t look like a clown when I leave the house. So far – I look fine! Nor do I know why there are complaints about the weight or size. It’s big enough to see your face in, it’s small enough that when you close the "doors" <the side mirrors> and fold it…it fits very nicely in my train case or my bathroom drawer.I’ve been using a small hand held mirror that had metal "legs" that you separate so it can sit on a counter….and this mirror is SO much better!If you’re looking for a big professional type makeup mirror – keep on going!For $25 bucks you just can’t go wrong. I love it and would definitely recommend it.

Dayna Gladstone, MI

Child-sized mirror. Is well-made and well-lit for price.

I have a bad habit of not reading reviews when ordering things. In this case, I should have read the dimensions of this mirror: it’s not adult-sized at all. It would be great for a little girl’s dressing table.Even though it’s small, I wouldn’t consider it "portable" because it’s heavy (I certainly wouldn’t pack it to take on vacation). Since it does put out good light, I have taken a stronger magnifying mirror and attached it to this one…that way I can see clearly when plucking eyebrows, etc..The center mirror doesn’t have magnification and the two sides only magnify 3xs. You can fold the sides over the center when not in use. It uses batteries and has the on-off button on the back.I’ve had probably five lighted make-up mirrors in my life (I’m in my 40s), and they all were quite nice. The only difference in the mirrors nowadays is that they are lit with a different type of bulb (which is good because who wants to hover over hot light bulbs while putting on makeup?) What I don’t understand is why manufacturers are charging so much for these mirrors.. I know there’s a such thing as "inflation", but charging over $100 for something I paid $15 for 20 years ago seems a bit steep.

Mariana Mc Donald, TN

Shame on Conair

Very disappointed! The lights are not bright at all and the batteries wear-out very quickly. I initially purchase this for traveling…alas, it was not meant to be. I expected better quality from a huge reputable company like Conair. Meanwhile, the stand is perfect. If they would just fix the battery issue and the lighting it would be great. Take it from someone who has literally spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on beauty products throughout her life time that this is not something you should be purchasing for yourself or anyone else.

Mia Pinehurst, MA

Perfect Mirror

Love this mirror. I bought two of them. One for myself and one for my mother. We both use it. I especially like the fact that there are to different mirror sizes. I use this everyday. I recommend this product.

Lula Riverview, FL