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Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish

Be sensible. Be distinguished. Be flawless with the Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish. This classic beauty mirror features incandescent lighting that give off a soft, halo glow. See up close and personal or take it all in with 7x magnification to see every detail and 1x magnification to view your overall look. The flexible face adjusts to any angle for easy viewing. Plus, the polished chrome finish is stylish and matches any decor.

Key features

  • 7x Magnification to see every detail and 1x magnification to view your overall look
  • Flexible face adjusts to any angle for easy viewing
  • Soft halo lighting for a beautiful, incandescent glow
  • Stylish polished chrome finish
  • Fog-free viewing

Honest reviews


Illumination is heat generation

Not the best, not the worst. The light radiates heat, which I didn’t care for, and the oval shape is rather small. I’d recommend this mirror for someone who is not in need of getting a close up of every flaw. Like someone under 30. After that, a bigger mirror with more amplification is better. And heat build up in a mirror is never a good thing. 🙂

Lillie Mina, NV

Beautiful But Not Too Bright

No, I’m not talking about a person. I’m reviewing this lighted mirror. I really like the oval shape and don’t see that available as much. And I got it in chrome so it’s shiny and lovely. The light is not that bright. But if I’m right up to it and have another overhead light on in my bedroom, it works. I love the way it looks. It also feels solid and weighty. Just wished it was brighter.

Margaret Oakdale, NE

Stopped Working After 2 Days

I was very happy with this until 2 days later the light stopped working. I checked several outlets to make sure a fuse wasn’t blown or something weird, but it must have had fault wiring. I didn’t like how the light switch was on the wire either, I would have preferred it to be easier to access like on the stand.I want to thank Amazon for promptly exchanging it for a different model: BE47BR. I have not had any issues with my new mirror.

Tonia Sequatchie, TN

The best.

I love this mirror. Putting makeup on has been so much easier since getting this mirror. I love that it has the double sides. The close up really helps with eyebrows and false lashes!

Delores Big Bend, WV

Love the view

I like the fact that this mirror has a light on the edges and reverses for a close up view. It is attractive on my dressing room table.

Carolyn Hinkley, CA

Conair BE151T Double-Sided Illuminated Oval Mirror, Chrome

I bought this mirror for my teenage daughter to use for applying make-up. She loves it. The light is bright and works very well for the "detail" work. Nice size mirror, too!

Hannah Nancy, KY


I love this mirror. It sits on my vanity, calling my name every morning. I love the magnified side as you can see EVERYTHING. I can pluck my eyebrows, even those pesky blonde hairs on my chin. My husband refused to look into it, as he didn’t want to see his pores. He broke down one day and took a blackhead tool to his face.

Liliana Piscataway, NJ

wish it was brighter…

This mirror helps in doing makeup, but would have been much better if it was brighter. It is better than nothing…

Lizzie Lloyd, MT

love this

i couldnt find this is any store. it is so great, really helps light up your face and makes it easy to see anything youre doing, and i love the magnified side to do my eyebrows

Effie Marbury, AL

poor illumination

I have bougth anotherone from costco for 19.99 and its has a white great light, loved it, By mistake I gave it away… as I said big mistake because I tried to replaced it for this bad ligthted, small and expensier one !!

Beryl Lentner, MO

Good Buy!

Yes! Just what I wanted and for the price! Amazing I used right away and I love it, about the light in my opinion it’s great in others idk but I think it was a good choice (:

Bernadette Bentonville, VA

great value!

perfect for makeup applications, persons with sight issues, etc.

Gale Philip, SD

It’s okay but the light is too bright

I love the look of the mirror, but the light is a little much. It doesn’t seem to illuminate my face, but rather obliterate it! I like my old Conair one better and will probably give this one to someone else.

Martha Clearmont, MO


I purchased this as a gift and when it came I was pleasantly surprised that it was as nice as ones that I’ve seen in stores for triple the price. Happy purchase…Victoria Seaward

Shawn Sharpsburg, MD