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Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Compact Styling Setter

When you’re on the go and there’s no time to stop at the stylist’s, just plug in this set of 12 multi-size rollers to give your hair an instant refresh. The Conair Instant Heat Travel Hairsetter comes with 8 large rollers, 4 medium rollers, clips and a soft black carrying pouch with zipper and handle. Rollers have sure-grip starter strips and ceramic technology for even heat distribution. Pouch comes with inside pockets for clips and access slot in back for the cord. Dual voltage systems let you take this handy little pack worldwide. Imported. Pouch: 4-1/2Hx6W”.

Key features

  • Compact setter in a soft fabric pouch
  • Ion Shine technology
  • Heats up in 90 seconds
  • Includes 12 patented design rollers: 8 large, 4 medium
  • Unique starter strip

Honest reviews



I bought these recently at a local drugstore, and tried them today for the first time. I have never used hot rollers before, and was apprehensive about having to do it for my sister’s wedding in a month. But these were just perfect… easy easy easy to use, and even as a beginner I did an almost perfect job, just by following the enclosed instructions (which were simple as pie). I had a couple of rollers in the back of my head get a tiny bit tangled when I tried to take them out, but I attribute this to “pilot error” and not any deficiency in the product. I think they are great!!!! Get them, you won’t be disappointed.

Dora Harrison, ID

Pretty Disappointing

I’ve owned many hair curlers, and I was looking for one that offered large rollers and fast heat up. I was disappointed on both points. First, the “large” rollers are not large. They’re medium. The smaller ones are really small. I plug it in before my shower, and even after showering and blow drying my hair, it’s still not really heated up like it should. The only thing I can say that’s positive about this product is the compact size of the unit and the number of rollers, which is nice. But if you’re looking for large rollers (greater than a one inch diameter, and something that heats up really fast — this one is NOT for you.

Anita Bourbon, MO

Came in beat-up, faded out packaging… doesn’t heat up very hot

When I first got these, I was concerned over how old it looked. The cardboard box it came in was faded like it sat in the sun for a long time, and it was all beat up. But I thought I’ll go ahead and give them a shot.I have the rollers in my hair right now and my first impressions are how hot they didn’t get. I let them sit for a good 15 minutes before putting them in my hair and they weren’t very warm. Every other rollers I’ve had get so hot that you can hardly stand to handle them, but these were barely warm at all. In addition, they didn’t seem to grip my fine, straight hair very well. I had to reroll each one multiple times to get it to stay in.Disappointing. I’m going to wait until I take them out to see how they do, but my hopes are not high.

Hattie Penfield, PA

Love this travel set

I love this little set. It heats quickly and curls my hair very well. I have long straight hair. It is nice and small and fit well in my suitcase for travel.

Jan Swampscott, MA

Rollers heat up quickly, but need better size selection

I received this roller set as a gift last Christmas. I have fine, straight hair that just touches my shoulders, and I like curling it once and awhile for special occasions.On the plus side, I found that these rollers heated up quickly, and they gripped the hair well thanks to a combination of the combs on the rollers themselves and the included metal clips (although I would have preferred something a bit more updated–my old roller set from the 1970s had the EXACT same clips). There are 8 medium-sized rollers and 4 smaller rollers, and this is the main flaw of this set. First, these 12 rollers were barely enough to set all of my hair–and, as I mentioned earlier, my hair is relatively short (just touching my shoulders) and rather thin, so no way would this set work for someone with longer or thicker hair. Second, the medium-sized rollers really didn’t work very well for me, as my hair was too short for them (but yet there wouldn’t be enough for someone with longer hair). The smaller rollers were better, yet there was only four of them, so their use was limited.Overall, I was disappointed in this set. There are definitely some good things about it–and it is certainly sized nicely for travel if that’s your main purpose in purchasing it–but due to both the roller size and limited number of rollers, the usefulness of this set restricted.

Verna Fort Lee, NJ

perfect hair every time.

I love these. I got myself two sets and moved all the blue/larger ones in one container. I use them all the time and only aftrt I apply a heat protecting product. And then a curling cream. Leave them in for at least 15 min and done.

Bertha Hopewell Junction, NY

Did not work

I recently had my hair styled and thought curlers would help me maintain the style–unfortunately the curlers were too small, they really didn’t heat up as fast as the instructions said they would, I also had trouble making sure they were connected to the heat source–the casing is just too floppy for that I think–also, I didn’t like the pins–the curlers kept on flopping around on my head and just weren’t hot enough to do the job. I returned them and will stick with a curling iron.

Maryann Wadley, AL

I’m throwing away my curling iron!

Great to get back to hot rollers…much better for my hair and styles better! My only negative is that there is not an "on/off" button you have to unplug the cord yourself and sometimes I forget to do that. However, at this price, this is well worth it.

Karen Antonito, CO

Didn’t heat up

This item didn’t really heat up hot enough for me to get a good curl. I have use many hot rollers and these are the first ones that just don’t do it for me. Very compact and would travel well, but I would get the other clips if you keep this hot roller set.

Valerie Westernport, MD

Do NOT use if you have fine hair

This was a complete and utter waste of money…here’s the beginning of my laundry list of complaints:1. There is no indication of when it’s heated up. I waited about five minutes and then just started to randomly touch it (that’s what she said). Impractical and annoying.2. The rollers don’t stay hot for long and generally didn’t seem all that hot. The only moderate curl I got was on the very first one I managed to put in.3. The pins are the WORST and not do stay in place. They completely did not stay on the roller, or in my hair and hurt when I tried to push them in so they’d properly hold. My hair slid out of the roller before I could secure them.4. The rollers are shaped oddly…with grooves. What for? I have no idea. Do you want ridges in your hair? If it’s suppposed to help grip one’s hair, it FAILS MISERABLY at that task.I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try these out or they would have been a definite return. I have fine textured long hair, straight with a slight wave, easy to curl but tends to fall flat. If you have thicker or coarser hair, perhaps this may be a better tool.

Lorraine Ada, OH

works great

it is a great choice when you have a short time and need gorgeous hair. I brush mine straight and use conair in the ends. I am very happy with it.

Marguerite Emmonak, AK

pretty good rollers

I have a set of Conair rollers from 2008 that are flocked and work great, but the set only has 8 large rollers in it. I need at least 20 to do all of my hair. So I bought this to supplement that set.I have long (just below bra strap), thick, coarse, slightly wavy hair that is very easy to curl, and holds curl for a long time.I used both sets at the same time so I could compare how they worked.This set does not get nearly as hot as my other set. But, I left them in for at least 20 minutes, and the curls they made were nearly identical to those made by the older set of rollers.I found that the little set of teeth on one side of these rollers really helped grip my hair so I could wrap it around each roller.The size of the large rollers in this set is just a bit smaller than the large in my other Conair set- but those also have the fuzzy coating on them. This difference in size between the two sets did not seem to make the curls look any different, though.I think the key with this set is to let it heat up with the lid zipped for at least 10 minutes, if not a bit longer.Based on my first use of the set, I feel it gives me what I was looking for: nice full waves and smooth, shiny hair. I also like that the set is small and compact and takes up much less counter space than my older set.Given that these rollers do not ever reach a high temperature, they might not work as well for people whose hair doesn’t hold curl well. I am actually pleasantly surprised that they made curls identical to the hotter set, as it seems there is less heat damage I will subject my hair to if I continue to use these on a regular basis.

Eva Merom, IN

Good product

My only complaint was that the box looked like it came out of a salvage sale. I was worried that it was not new. It was taped up and the corners were worn. I presume it was a new product. Another point is that there is no change switch for the dual voltage. Does it automatically change when using it abroad? I bought separate clips as my hair is thin and the rollers seem heavy with the clips provided.

Elisa Saltillo, TN


It was a cute idea for travel, but for my purposes, it had too few rollers and never quite got hot enough. I ended up buying and keeping the Conair Compact Hairsetter (in blue); it’s a little clunkier to travel with but delivers much better results and has the right number of rollers.

Natalia Roundhead, OH

Great product, Works fine, Thank you.

I bought this styling set to take it overseas. I just have given it a try and it is working fine. I like it because it is not too heavy and it is compact. The case is really fantastic, keep everything in place. The only thing I am not too happy is the amount of rollers, should have at least a pair more, but I will manage.

Lynda Bear Mountain, NY

Great hot curlers

Love love these! I use them everyday not just for travel, nice and compact, heat fast enough for me tho maybe not quite as quickly as others and the curl they give is fantastic. The grooves on each one seem to grab onto the hair and separate to give more curl and don’t get the loose ends to retrieve onto the curler like others I have had. I have always liked the metal holders better than all the newer style ones as they leave no ridges and keep the curler in place really snugly. I had an old one by conair that only had 8 curlers which were never enough nor did they curl so well and twelves is perfect for me at least. Shipping was super quick as always with Amazon.

Kara Manhattan Beach, CA

Great but rollers are too small

I love these! I only wish the “large” rollers were actually large. They made my curls too tight, it looked like I was going to an 80’s prom! Otherwise, they worked great. I have long, thin straight hair, and let the rollers warm up for almost 10 minutes. They were definitely hot enough, but not too hot to hold. The clips held my hair very well. The case is small, perfect for traveling. Too bad they don’t make a “jumbo” rollers version of this!

Lilly Santa Barbara, CA

Small package, Big results

I was impressed with how quickly they heated up and the amount of curl it produced. Wish they came in a bigger size, the curl was a little tight for me and maybe it’s just an adjustment of time in hair and amount of hair per roller. Overall, excellent!

Bernice Graceville, MN

Just as described–great

I read many reviews of many many hot rollers before deciding on this one. I’m very pleased with this–it heats up quickly, it’s easy to use (no hot poles to burn your hand on as you reach for more rollers), it’s compact and it works. I leave the rollers in for about 7 minutes and the curls turn out great. The clips are easy to use and they don’t leave clip marks or dents. I would buy this exact same one if I had it to do over again.

Fannie Inver Grove Heights, MN