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Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron – 1″

1 inch; 30 second instant heat-up; 25 heat settings; Turbo Heat for Maximum Styling Power; Uniform Heat recovery system; Dual Voltage; Auto Shut-Off; On/Off touch pad; On/Off Turbo Boost; On indicator light; Counter Rest; Cool tip; Tangle Free swivel Chord; Limited 2-year warranty.

Key features

  • 1″ chrome barrel
  • 25 temperature controls for all hair types
  • Instant heat 60-second heat-up
  • Patented Euro design, nonslip grip handle
  • Tangle-free swivel cord

Honest reviews


Better than others

Cynthia Saint Bethlehem, TN

Best curling iron I’ve found but don’t turn it up to number 15!

I am the kind of person who will splurge on cosmetics and beauty products and feel it’s worth it so I don’t necessarily look for the bargain buy in this area but the best working product.Fortunately, this curling iron is not only priced well for the value, it beats out the “old school” curling irons I’ve used for the last 30 years.I actually bought mine at Walgreens for a higher price after reading about it in a magazine.Unlike any other iron I’ve used this one actually heats up in…wait for it….wait for it….30 SECONDS!!!You can also choose your heat level from 1-15 but be leary of that 15—that is a scorcher.However, some may be looking for that high of a heat. I keep it around the medium to medium high numbers and it curls in an instant. And I have uber thick hair.Touch ups are instant rather than waiting for the iron to heat up. If I am going out and find I’ve missed a spot I can basically now instantly reheat the iron and have it hot 30 seconds after I turn it on.Negative: I’m probaby odd in that I always hold my curling iron real close to the barrel. Because of this a few times I’ve accidentally turned the heat level without trying. Not a big deal, but something I’d change if I could to make the wheel maybe a little harder to turn.Conclusion: tops in my book. I won’t go back to the curling irons of the past where I have to wait for them to heat. Instant gratification, baby! 🙂

Billie Kekaha, HI

Nicely Does My Hair, Not So Crazy About How It Burns My Skin

I like the size of the barrel on this iron and I like the results I got with it. However the design of the kickstand and its location are horrible and unsafe.When you heat the iron up on the higher settings the kickstand gets very, very hot and it’s very difficult to use the iron without touching that kickstand because of where it’s located. I burned my hand on it while holding the iron and then I burned my face with the kickstand while curing my hair.I’m not at all happy with this product and I’m returning it after using it only twice.

Marcie Beach City, OH

Complete junk

It won’t curl my hair. I set it at 15 and I wait and wait and wait and my hair falls flat. My hair can curl with curling irons but not this one!

Amie Sidney, IA


I have long hair & I curl the ends everyday for work. This curling iron is the perfect size & price!

Belinda Ben Franklin, TX

Best I’ve used so far

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not extremely good at curling my hair for some reason. I can’t tell if it’s just lack of talent on my part, or if my hair just won’t have any of it. Anyway, with this curling iron my hair actually holds a curl, and holds it well. They don’t look perfect – which may be my fault – but I’ve tried a few curling irons and so far I’ve seen the best result come from this one.

Sondra Ashton, MD

Doesn’t curl my hair much

I have long, thick, and straight hair. I bought this curling iron because I wanted to curl my hair for special occasions. This curling iron doesn’t curl my hair much at all. All it does is make a little wave at the very end of my hair and that is when it’s set to the highest setting. Pass this curling iron, especially if you have hard to curl hair.

Patsy Moffett, OK

Professional Wingwoman Approved

I love that it has more heat settings than a lot of other curling irons, because let’s face it, no two girls have the same texture of hair. I typically use a medium setting. It’s important for my curls to last all night because I’m a professional wingwoman by trade and my profitability is based upon my appearance. I’ve had good luck with this curling iron.

Tammi Big Sky, MT

Why Pay More?

I don’t curl my hair every day so I didn’t need to get a high-end curler. I dropped my old curling iron (10+ years old) and had to buy one from an all-night pharmacy. I paid twice as much as the Amazon price but was very happy with the curling iron. What a surprise to save 50% thru Amazon for the exact same product. Now I have one tucked into my overnight bag for visits to the grandkids.The iron does everything I need it to do. Heats quickly, evenly, and has an automatic turn-off. The barrel is the perfect width (you’d be surprised how much this can vary.) It feels great in my hand without being cumbersome.

Marion Taylor, NE

Sexy curling

I bought the biggest size of this curling just great but I want to say that works well with med_long hair as my hair.

Lizzie Yoder, CO


It gets too hot and is hard to handle without burning myself. It will go out for a garage sale.

Suzanne Chancellor, AL

Inexpensive Yet Functional

I didn’t expect too much when I purchased this Conair curling iron. It is quite inexpensive, about $7 when I bought it. There is nothing incredibly special about it. But it is a decent curling iron. It is available in three barrel sized, 1/2", 3/4" (which is what I bought, and 1".This is the traditional design, with a heating barrel and piece that opens and "clamps" against the barrel with a thumb lever. Our family prefers this to the newer heating wands that have no clamp and come with a heat-resistant glove. We find those tend to be awkward, as you need two hands to manipulate the iron and your hair, as opposed to this design where you have one hand free for a brush, but still can use the clamp to curl your hair.The iron features a black tip at the end of the chrome barrel. The tip does not get very hot at all.Heating is very quick, about a minute, and it has a simple rotary knob built into the handle to adjust the heat. The controls are near where some people may hold the barrel, so you could accidentally touch them, but I think the barrel design makes it simple enough to avoid that (the rotary switch is on a thicker barrel part, adjacent to the heating iron. The switch has 25 power levels, as well as an On/Off switch and indicator, and a "Turbo Heat" button and indicator.There is a small metal rest at the bottom of the barrel to help keep the hot barrel off surfaces when you place it down.The 5′ cord is designed to swivel to minimize tangles.Conair backs the curling iron with a 2 year warranty.

Linda Alanreed, TX

Great for short hair

The 1/2" barrel is perfect for styling short hair. I also like the quick-heating features. Small circumference curing irons are hard to find, and the fact that it was available so readily on Amazon was a major plus – no telephoning around or driving from place to place to determine it’s availability. Because of Amazon’s Prime Membership, it was delivered within 24 hours.

Deana Gilbert, AR


This came quick and packaged just like I bought it in the store.Everything seems fine with it and I like that it has the turbo heat button. Great curling iron for the price.

Jan Birmingham, AL

Good quality for the price.

The iron heats up quickly and seems to be good quality. The buttons are well built, easy to understand and use.Like any curling iron, it does take quite a while to cool down, which is frustrating, but true with any product like this one.The cord is probably about 6 feet, which is a nice length to work with. The cord is a little stiff, so it has curled a little too much now that it has been stretched a lot.Overall good product for the price.

Maria Marion, AR

Works very well.

This curling iron works so well and I’m so glad I bought it. It’s almost identical to a similar one I’d had for a few years that suddenly stopped. It’s so hard to find this size but, once again, Amazon came through. Heats quickly, cord is a perfect length and doesn’t tangle. If you are looking for this size, don’t waste your time looking around. This is the one you want.

Kristin Colcord, WV

In love 🙂

So in love with my conair curling iron. I have been using this everyday since I bought this. I have never had a curling iron with a clip, so I was wanting to try it. It heats up quick. I think the buttons are perfect, I have not hit them once while using the tool. Curling iron came in super fast, came in2 days before shipment date! It did take me some practice to use this. After the third time, I finally got use to it. Overall this product is fabulous. I recommend this if you want a curling iron easy to use, something that heats up quick, shipment comes in super quick, and for a great deal!P.S If you are interested in this product, but unsure how to use it; go on youTube and look up "How to curl hair with conair curling iron". You can look up different styles as well. It helped me choose this curling iron. 🙂

Lena Fromberg, MT


My hair is very layered, so wanted this to do the longer strands. I have a smaller one for the top of my hair style. It heats quickly, love the different heat settings. Feels very comfortable in my arthritic hands.

Angelita Worth, WV

Decent product

Product was okay cord was short curls didn’t last. But for the price what do u expect .thats all I could say

Melba Perryman, MD

Big bang for your bucks

I bought 2 of these conair instant heat curling irons and I love them both. I got one in 1 inch and another in 3/4 inch. The iron does have ajustable heating temperature from 1-25 and fast turbo heating. They heated up nice and hot really fast. They made shiny lovely bouncy curls in my hair. The iron has weight to it and not flimsy at all. This iron is affordable and gets the job done so I highly recommend it.

Kristine Grand Portage, MN

some pluses, some minuses = not such a bad deal

Rarely do I go cheap on things that have to do with my hair but I wanted to try out a new size barrel without making a huge commitment so I gave this one a try.Pros:heats up quicklythe barrel and clip hold even my thinner hair tightlygets hot enough to produce a nice curl without burningcool tip makes holding at certain angles easier.Cons:the collar that regulates the temp broke – it is stuck in the temp range I wanted it in so no need to move it but that could be a bigger problem if I wanted varying tempssometimes takes several presses of the on button to get it to turn onno auto turn offFor what I paid I think this is an acceptable choice; if you are looking for something that will last I’d suggest looking elsewhere though.

Mable Woolwine, VA


Wanted a curling iron with all the features offered by this one. Am very pleased with it and would buy another.

Genevieve Couderay, WI

Bought 1 1/4

This is my first curling iron. I was so confused when I chose this since the price is kinda inexpensive. I could choose something more expensive and popular like Hot Tools brand but I was not very sure with the ideal that I would curl my hair often or even if I could curl it (lol) but this one works great (for me). It gets hot pretty quickly and doesn’t take long to curl my hair. I like it, and I believe it’s good buy. I read some comment said it doesn’t last "too" long or something but I don’t really mind. For the price, just can’t beat it or at least give it a try!!!

Judy West Mineral, KS

So Good, I Bought Two

True to its name, this curling iron heats up fast (literally 1-2 minutes), and a blinking light turns solid when it’s at temperature and ready to use. It gets extremely hot — settings range from 1 to 25 and even a “5” is too hot to touch; I’ve used it at “13” for several months now with great results. Its clamp holds hair securely but doesn’t snag hairs in the hinge. A sturdy wire foot and a plastic tip keep the hot barrel off the countertop. It has an on/off button and will automatically turn itself off (but not until it’s left untouched for about an hour). The iron cools in the usual amount of time (touchable in 5-10 minutes, completely cool in 15+ minutes).I mostly use the 3/4-inch model — but, with my very short hair, I also use the1/2-inch modelduring the first week or so after I’ve had a haircut. Highly recommended — they’re the best curling irons I’ve ever used.

Madelyn East Wallingford, VT

Favourite Curling Iron

There’s nothing like a Conair Curling Iron! I love the instant heat feature. It gets good and hot, not mediocre. It shuts off automatically for those people who tend to forget that they left their iron on (I’m not one of them but I still appreciate this feature). The variable settings are a nice feature to have as well!

Nona Whiteclay, NE

Great Iron. Great Price.

I ordered two of these, in different sizes, because the price was great.I have very long thick hair. I use this on the med/highend of the temp range. I brush, spray section lightly with hair spray, start winding near the top of my hair, squeeze the release and curl down the section, (youtube has instructional videos that are great) I release curl into my hand then spray again.It takes

Geri Little York, NJ

Works great!

This 1″ curling iron works great so far! No complaints. The one thing i would change though, is the iron part could be a little bit longer. I have really long (a little above my butt) hair and it ‘fills up’ the space on the iron.

Kirsten Campo, CA

Great iron

Heats fast. curls well, and doesn’t grab or snag my hair. I like the circular dial design of the heat control. The only thing to keep in mind is the little metal kick stand heats up along with the iron, so if you plan to move it out of the way to curl your hair, be careful!

Zelma Aldrich, MO

very good Iron!

I was pleasantly surprised. The Iron curled the hair very nicely and the price is unbeatable. I got it here for 10$ and in stores, it’s like 16$.

Bobbi Ringgold, PA

Works great for slick Asian hair

My hair is super straight and thin. It also doesn’t take heat very well. What’s so great about this curler is the adjustable heat settings. 7 works great for me and I just hold it there for ten seconds. Not only that but the curls actually stay. Most times, they go wavy after the first 30 minutes, no matter how long I hold it on for. But with this it lasted me two hours. I’m so impressed and especially for the price. You cannot beat that.

Willie Bells, TN