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Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Spiral Styler – 3/4″

The Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Spiral Styler features a 3/4-inch, extra-long sprial barrel for gorgeous, long-lasting curls. The uniform heat recovery system provides even heat distribution and consistent curls. The Turbo Heat boost feature increases barrel temperature up to 36 degrees F and it has 25 heat settings for every hair type. And it is ergonomically designed with a cool tip, safety stand, and auto-off feature.

Key features

  • 3/4-Inch diameter extra-long spiral barrel
  • Uniform heat recovery system for even heat distribution and consistent curls
  • Turbo Heat Boost feature increases barrel temperature up to 36°F
  • 30-Second instant heat-up and 25 heat settings for every hair type
  • Cool tip, safety stand, and auto-off feature

Honest reviews


Don’t bother

Somewhere in the fine print for this item I’m sure there is a sentence that says, “Buy this if you’re a sucker.”I use a regular ceramic curling item to make spiral curls in my hair. It works great, but when I saw this item I had visions of even better curls, so I ordered it.What a pain to use. This iron has a raised spiral pattern along the length of the barrel, and you’re supposed to painstakingly wind your hair between these raised spirals… I’m guessing to make an even curl. It takes forever to do this. I did ok on the right side of my head (I’m right-handed) but I had trouble doing the left side. You have to be a contortionist to get the iron at the correct angle and roll it up smoothly. And remember that this is coming from an experienced curling iron user.Were my curls any better than with a conventional curling iron? That would be a big fat NO. AND it took double the amount of time to curl my hair. I kept it, solely because it is good to have a back-up if your regular iron dies at a critical moment, but I don’t have any interest in using it.

Kathy Linthicum Heights, MD

Wonderful Curer

I have a lot of thick, long, hair which does not like to stay curled. This has been the first inexpensive curling iron to work on my hair. It gives me neat sprial curls from top to bottom. I’ve read some of the other comments regarding a dent that the iron can leave…I’ve never gotten the dent…maybe its the way they position the iron.I also recommend using Salon Grafix’s freezing hairspray if you have difficulty getting your hair to hold a curl. This has been the only hairspray that holds my hair.The iron heats up quick, it also has the turbo heat option which allows it to heat up in a minute.I would recommend this iron for anyone!

Annabelle Union City, CA

best curling iron i’ve owned

I have thin hair that hates holding curls, but this is the only curling iron i’ve found that gives me curls that stay in all night- and my hair is still curled when i wake up the next morning after sleeping on it! the only problem is the spirals- they are a blessing and a curse. They are great when my hair will curl inbetween them, but sometimes it just won’t go in between the spirals.

Antonia Lampeter, PA

Mostly Impressed

I really enjoyed the perfect spiral curls this curling iron made. It took me a couple tries to finally get it right. I give it four stars only because it took about double the time it takes me to use a clipless wand, and for some reason even though I had it on the highest heat setting and used hairspray, my spirals became loose waves after a few hours (They were still pretty waves though!). I will most likely use this as a back up or for special occassions only because it was so time consuming.

Lupe Bruno, MN

Same as a regular 3/4″ curling iron

First of all, this is tricky to use. Especially if you have short layers. Second of all, the curls I achieved from it, I don’t really think are any different than a regular 3/4″ barrell curling iron. The curls weren’t all that defined in some spots, and some had a crimping spot from the little clamp. I’d skip it and get a normal curling iron which does the same thing and is easier to use.

Roslyn Lake Katrine, NY

omg im in love

i love this thing!!! it makes perfect curls!! they arent tooo thick and i love it!!! so happy’ its a great buy!

Katheryn Franklin Furnace, OH