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Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Curling Iron

Get a perfect curl every time with the Conair curl secret. Loaded with features, this styling tool helps you effortlessly create voluminous curls with just the touch of a button. With the curl secret, your hair is automatically drawn into the Tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed, and heated from all directions to effortlessly form a perfect curl. Open to release a beautiful, free-flowing curl. Repeat to create curl after curl. It is suitable for all hair lengths and types so anyone can create gorgeous curls with ease. U.S. Patents 8,607,804; 8,651,118; and 8,733,374 and other U.S. Patents Pending.

Key features

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and flyaways, and protects hair from damage
  • 400 degree F highest heat for long-lasting curls and waves
  • Professional brushless motor for precision styling; Long life motor with safety sensor for tangle-free curls high performance heater for instant even heat-up and recovery
  • Feature sleep mode and energy-efficient auto power reduction
  • 2 heat levels and 3 timer settings

Honest reviews


Curly Curly!

This really works! I was skeptical and thought it might pull out chunks of hair when it "sucked" in the hair. Not true. It automatically stops if it tangles or pulls at the roots. You can easily get as tight or loose a curl as you want by adjusting the heat setting or time setting.

Tommie Burlingame, CA

So far I am happy with this curler.

I read so many of the reviews that made it sound like my hair would be sucked up and claimed by this curler. I had visions of having to cut off my hair at the root to release it. I still decided to take a chance on it. I have long hair that is difficult to curl and doesn’t hold curl very well, especially in humid weather. I can curl my hair when getting dressed, and by the time I get downstairs, it’s straight again.Because of the past difficulty in curling my hair, I used the highest setting at the longest time. First of all, it beeped and flashed if I put too much hair in it. As a first-time user, it didn’t get my hair stuck in it at all. When it beeped and flashed there was a problem, I released it and my hair came out without a problem. After the first use, I think I need to turn down the settings. It definitely made a lot of curl, and the curl didn’t fall out even after brushing. There was too much curl and fluffiness for my liking. The next day after sleeping on it, I still had enough wave in my hair that I didn’t have to curl it.I still have some learning to do as to how to use this curler, but I think it will work for me. It’s just a matter of experimenting with the amount of curl I want and how close to my head that I want it. Since I wash my hair every other day, I am impressed that the curl lasts for the second day. To- date, I haven’t had any other curling method that would last even one day.UPDATE:I have now used this curler about 4 times, and have gotten better with it. So far, I haven’t had my hair get stuck in it even once. The trick is to keep strand of hair to 1-2 inches at the widest point, and to make sure it all fits in the channel of the curler. The first time I used the curler, I had it set to the high heat setting with the longest curl setting because my hair is usually difficult to curl and doesn’t hold curl. I also started the curl within 3 inches of my head. Doing it this way, the style was much too “bushy” for my liking. The second time, I used the low heat setting with the longest curl cycle, and started the curl 4-5 inches from my head. I also held the curler closed for a few seconds past the 3 beeps for done. Doing it this way, the style was great – not bushy, but perfect curls. Using other curling methods, my hair was usually straight the next day after sleeping on it. After using this curler, there was still a lot of body and plenty of waves when I brushed it out. I didn’t have to curl it again or pull it back like I have done in the past.At this point, I would highly recommend this curler for anyone with long, hard to curl hair. Follow the directions that come with the curler, and you won’t have any problems with it.

Julie Rienzi, MS


I really didn’t know what to think when I ordered this, but I was pleasantly surprised. In all my years of using curling irons, I could never achieve the perfect curl I get with this time and time again. You can curl your hair rather quickly with it. I have received many compliments on my hair since using it. My hair is fine and straight by the way.

Alyce Colorado Springs, CO


I really love this little machine. It makes the most beautiful and neat curls. I already have curly hair. But on the days i dont want to scrunch it, or put mouse, or i dont want any products in my hair PERIOD, I use this. Reason being, is because when it twirls and curls my hair strands, it sort of smoothes them out, and makes them a neater curl, so when my whole head is done, i finger brush my hair, and with my fingers i separate the curls and toussle them. This makes my hair look natural and beautiful, and theres no product in my hair.The CON: I’ve used it for a week now, and about 4 times my hair got caught the wrong way in the twirly thing, and i had to fight hard for my hair back. LOL. Its not a perfect machine, but I think its also maybe about being more careful and learning to use it.

Kimberley Lisle, IL

Junk! Do NOT Buy 30.00 to Return

Look how many new and used are for sale, that tells you how unhappy many people are, including me. I have to RETURN this to China! I think a lot of people put them up for sale themselves to avoid the cost. Tool is awkward, too long holding over head- too much fussing. If you are going to buy, find a place you can take it back or ship back free. My shipping cost back to China was 30.00!

Harriet Mount Vernon, AR

Definitely works and is easy

It does curl you hair but your hair must be somewhat smoothed prior to the use or there is still some areas near your scalp that will be frizzy. It is definitely easy to use as long as you follow the directions and does not tangle your hair if used properly. For long hair it will curl a fair length but you cannot have a totally curled head. Right after curling a length it has to cool for a bit so the curl can set. I have been using some of the same products I use when I straighten my hair with this curler.

Vicky Leeds, NY


I bought this item elsewhere. I am NOT Amazon verified…. all my other reviews aread on purchases I def made here on Amazon. I love Amazon.I truly despise this item. It no way is "great" or wonderful and the directions are idiotic. I have a high level of intelligence. I tried this item and then came back here, fully expecting to hear similar stories… but no– apparently I am the idiot who doesn’t follow directions, otherwise I would be delighted and buying this for half my family and friends.My issues:It’s a Conair: made in China. Cheap parts, cheap labor = cheap product. Conair has ALWAYS sucked. It is way too hot and the motor sounds like it had a problem the first time I attempted to use it. The heat is way too hot. For the person who said ‘go ahead and leave your hair in the chamber longer is a MORON. You’ll burn your hair off. The missing automatic release feature is just proof that it’s cheap. All the beeping in the world won’t prevent you from burning your hair.The item is super picky about how you hold it, how you put the hair in and how the hair is presented. Not only do you have to comb, de-tangle and smooth out every tress — but you will have to probably do it at least twice more for every other curl made. People on here say that you are a moron if you don’t follow those directions… well I followed them and my hair still got stuck despite being detangled, smooth, etc etc.The 1/2 -1" guideline of how much hair you have to put in the ‘chamber’ is serious. You can’t put more in. Say each section takes the average time of 10 seconds to heat and you have 30 seconds per side, 30 sections on the back = 90 sections. (remember this is 1/2 – 1" sections– so this is actually the best case scenario) Apply some simple math and you’ve got 30min. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but remember, you have to spend an appropriate amount of time combing, detangling (or risk being the moron who can’t follow directions) section your hair off into at least three large sections, THEN you need to pull each section out, comb, de-tangle, suck it in and THEN wait the 10 seconds, then take it out, move it over, comb, de-tangle, suck it in, and THEN wait the 10 seconds. So in my case, apparently I am the "idiot" here who doesn’t like this item, it took me over 50 minutes to do a half-assed job that I ended up putting in a messy bun. At least half the time, it didn’t "like" the way I put my hair in.I don’t know about anyone else — but if you are over 30 like me, you don’t a) don’t care that much about ONE hair style — and b) your arms are going to get tired.If it was possible to give a negative star rating I would.

Alisha Penrod, KY

wrong product

I’m so angry, what’s wrong with you Amazon. I order Infiniti pro curl secret by Conair and you sent me some thing else named curl matic automatic curl machine. The one I order was model no CD203 and the one I got is CPCM1. Mine was dark plum and this one is silver. I definitely will return it. it’s a kind of fraud that show something on market and send something else. It was a gift for my sister and Amazon destroyed my surprise.

Geneva Norman, NC

Works well, but Use Small Sections to Avoid Tangles. Much Better than Curling Iron!

I do enjoy how this curls your hair in a snap, without having to twist the iron around sections yourself. What a relief. However, my hair is pretty damaged right now, so my curls are not retaining as well as the should.I do need a hair trim (makes a HUGE difference in curl retention) and a few egg-yolk masks (for protein filler) at home, as well as my usual intense moisturizing masks, to bring my hair up tp grade. I’ve been slacking, being busy at work.That being said, this thing still did an execellent job with curl formulation. To get tighter curls, however, you DO have to use smaller sections. And if your hair is damaged like mine, be sure to massage in a few egg yolks for 15 minutes (an incredibly effective and less expensive protein-filler mask), condition, and rinse, a few times a week, to get your hair in better condition, as well as moisturizing mask, and trims (to hold curl).[…]If you paste in this link, you will see the “Southern Belle” effect I ended up with for a few hairstyles… I had to tone down the jewelry to avoid it. LOL!A great product. Do be careful not to overload with too wide of a section. Stick to 1/2 inch, or your hair will get caught.

Florine Avondale, WV


I got the Curl Secret today and was so excited to try it out! I was a little apprehensive, seeing as I read some reviews that hair got stuck and had to be cut out or that it didn’t work on thick hair. For the record, I have normal hair(and lots of it!) halfway down my back. I read all of the instructions first, which I highly recommend. It has to heat settings and 3 different timer settings. When curling my hair with a curling iron I crank it way up, but I only used the low heat setting and it curled just fine. It will only take around 1/2" of hair at a time and I brushed each 1/2" section before sticking it in the Curl Secret hoping that would help prevent my hair from getting stuck. I was SUPER excited when perfect curls fell right out! You have to make sure you keep it closed and it will start beeping, but don’t open it until you hear the 4 quick beeps in a row. It was a little awkward at times since you have to use your right hand, but not too bad. It makes a loud beeping sound if you put in too much hair or if it starts to get caught. I’m not sure how anyone got their hair caught enough to have to cut it out, but my hair caught in it a few times and it stopped spinning and my hair came out easily, no scissors required to free it! I had to go over a few pieces twice because the curl looked a little weird, but I think it just takes more practice to get it the first time. Overall, I LOVE this! I was never good at curling my hair and the curl always fell right away, but this has lasted all night. Just remember…READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST!!! 🙂

Loraine Pinos Altos, NM

badbadbad…. but amazon return policy is great.

Umm……. this was just a bad idea. not only did it just eat my hair up. If you have a lot of hair… this product is not for you. If you have thick hair, this product is not for you. Amazon has a great return policy and once i got my lock of hair out of it I returned it. It also completely fried my hair crispy (the part that was in the curler).. I guess I will just have to stick to the curling iron.. there are no short cuts in life apparently. This also didn’t curl my hair… more like crazy weird curls.

Tami Pine Ridge, SD

I love this hair curler!

I was very skeptical about buying this for my daughter for christmas so I went online and read some reviews and watched some you tube videos on the product and saw mostly positives so I ordered and am I happy!! This thing is awesome!! Once u get the hang of using it u can have ur entire head pf hair curled in no time! I’ve used it more than she has!! Highly recommend!! Another thing id like to add is that my hair does not hold curl well, its very straight but the curls from using this thing lasted all day! I couldn’t get over it! I HIGHLY recommend this Curler!!

Paige Oxford, FL

I love this little wonder

Purchased this when I saw it in the store, at bed bath and beyond, after seeing a brief video presentation. I used it on my hair a few times and then also tried it on my friend’s hair and it worked very well. Much better than using the wand where you can burn your hand or neck. Here is a video I did about this product.[…]

Lucy Oneida, WI

I really wanted to fall in love with this

It does what it says it does but this is why i give the 3 star review, i have long fine hair and i had minimal snags when using this but and i do mean but, this unit is heavy, to try and do the back of your own hair while waiting for this to curl is a bit strenuous, and by strenuous I mean my arms were shaking and i only got the bottom half of my hair done. I will stick with my hot curlers as these are much easier to use. If they can manage to make a more user friendly lighter unit this would rock, but until then, if you purchase this, prepare for a killer arm workout. also have to mention you have to face this unit with one side always to your head (labeled on unit which side) which can be difficult when curling the back of your head. Save your money and get a good quality hot curler set instead, trust me.

Annie Brookhaven, PA


I have been through so many hair curlers growing up and the curls never lasted longer then 1 hour. I’ve had long hair down to my waist to shoulder length hair. I changed to the heated hair curlers that you leave in for about an hour or so but it so time consuming not only do u have the time to put the curlers in you have that time you need to wait and leave it in.This hair curler is AWESOME! You need to make sure you don’t put more then 1/2 inch of hair into the product to get some really good curls. I’ve tried it on my hair (little past my shoulders) and my daughters (her hair goes past her waist, very long) and for both hair types I have the same conclusion for how much hair you should put in to curl. Also there is a note on the curler that tells you which side should face your head so you don’t put your hair in the wrong way and get a pull from your scalp, I’m sure that would really hurt. You must make sure there are not tangles in your hair so there is no pull. The timer will beep when you should release. Now, heres the thing……I found that you need to do it twice on the same strand or else you will end up with more of a wave then an actual curve. Now this may be different for others depending on your hair type. Our hair type is just really straight, this may be the reason for needing to do it twice on the same strand. I tried to just leave it in the curler longer then the beep but that does not work. It really needs to be ran through twice. Now some may thing thats a lot of work but these curls last a really long time. My daughter and I have very thick straight hard to style hair and the curls lasted till the next day with NO product in our hair!!! Its well worth it in my opinion!!! What I love about this curler is you don’t need to worry about bumping it because it will not burn out. The only area that you need to be careful of is the side that faces the head. The actual hot curler faces your head so just make sure you dont have it touch your skin and you will be fine. Another thing I love about this product is while the hair is in the curler you or the person you are curling can move and not worry about pull! The hair will simply come out and unravel off the curler a bit, which is great if you are trying to curl a child’s hair! I did try to use it on low but you will not get much of a curl with a low setting so if you do want some really nice curls you need to have it on high. Its really not that complicated to use its very easy to catch on.

Tessa Plainfield, NH

Seriously sucks!!

so I have tried and tried to get this thing to work, I’ve tried it on 5 different people including my own and I get maybe 1 curl out of 10 strands of hair. I have read about this and have watched youtube videos and I still can not get it to work…i am unsure if maybe I got a defective one, or that these just suck in general…i am going to give it one more try hoping I can see some improvement if not, I will be sending this 100 piece of crap back!!

Gloria Bayamon, PR


This product was super exciting to me. I got it on a Christmas sell and I’m glad I did. The curls weren’t as smooth and I hoped for but I’m pretty sure that was my own fault. It worked just as it claimed and was very easy to use. I did manage to get my hair "stuck" once but it was because of my own misuse and after a very light pull it cut off and I got my hair out with ease. I have long thick hair down to the top of my butt.

Adrian Grain Valley, MO

Five Stars

very easy to use and won’t burn your fingers.

Heather Presho, SD

could be improved on the curls

I’m not sure about the description of this product. My hair doesn’t come out as curly as the description says it will when set to a certain setting. Overall I’m satisfied

Estelle Terral, OK

With a little effort, it’s amazing!

It took me a few tries to learn how to use this new type of hair styler (reading the instructions, watching a couple of YouTube videos, reading though some Amazon reviews), but once I got it, bam! Gentle waves every day, just the look I was hoping for. I can leave the house with loose curls, sprayed curls, or sleek brushed waves.I’m so glad I gave this a try, and spent an hour or so learning how to use this – it is saving me so much time, AND giving me better results than I I thought possible. A motorized styler – who’d’ve thought?

Lourdes Kaplan, LA

Over a year later…..

I’ve had the curl secret for over a year. While it does an excellent job of achieving a certain type of curl, it doesn’t necessarily replace a curling iron.PRO-achieves a consist curl on both sides or your head-easy to use once you get the hang of it (great for anyone who struggles with using an iron)-the absolute best part of the this iron is that hair is heated on BOTH sides so curls LAST LONG! Sometimes days with minor touch ups!-multiple heat settings allows a variety of curl coil (tight or loose)-Perfect for above the shoulder length hair.CON-really only makes one type of curl, either loose of tight depending on how long you hold it (vs. an iron where you can alternate direction, thickness etc)-takes waaaay longer than an iron because you can only curl VERY small sections of hair at a time-HEAVY! If you have a lot of hair be prepared for an arm workout!-tangles hair. No matter how many times I have curled my hair over the year, I ALWAYS tangle (at least one piece of) my hair. Its probably because I’m frustrated by how long it takes so I take sections that are too wide into the machine.-tangles (getting hair stuck in machine) hurts a lot! Its one of those OW!!! “Get this thing off my hair!” moments. Its a mad rush to reverse and unplug before permanent damage happens.-the longer the hair, the more likely it tangles-price. You can get the same look with a curling iron for much less moneyOverall I would recommend the curl secret for anyone with above the shoulder length hair and/or anyone who has trouble using a curling iron.*see my curl secret photo for long hair in customer images

Angelina Louann, AR

It is also kind of scary when it sucks your hair into it

Have to be careful with it. It can tangle your hair. It is also kind of scary when it sucks your hair into it.

Erica Prairie City, IL

This is the best one

I tried so many but this was the best I think. I made a mistake by returning it and now I consider buying it again.

Tanya Eagle, CO