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Conair HS18WPK Hot Sticks Hairsetter,14 rollers

The hot roller system that’s safe and gentle to hair and gives you all the curling power you need for fun, flirty and curly or wavy, romantic and elegant styles. Easy-to-use, flexible roller system for tight curly spirals or loose soft waves. Great for any hair length.

Key features

  • Quick heating system
  • 14 soft flexible rubber sticks with interlocking ends to secure hair
  • 2 different sizes – make long-lasting curls for a variety of curly styles
  • Easy-to-use curl loop design – no clips necessary
  • Cool-touch end rings for comfortable handling
  • 2 different sizes – make long-lasting curls for a variety of curly styles
  • Easy-to-use curl loop design – no clips necessary

Honest reviews


Worst product ever

If you have straight hair, do NOT buy this set of curlers. The curlers do NOT "hold on to hair," so even the smallest amount of hair refuses to go around these tiny curlers. If someone has curly hair or wavy hair, however, it might work. But, watch out for lots of burned fingers, and the curlers also pop forward. I am returning this immediately.

Jessica Twist, AR

Love ’em and hate ’em

I do love these curlers but have to be honest…they are really way too hot to handle once they are ready and I have been burned so many times I cannot count. It really is not practical to wear gloves to use them. I have looked for YouTube videos and have watched them on how others do it but no one has any tricks. Just be careful. The middle of the curler is where the heat is and you simply cannot avoid that area and install them properly in your hair.

Mercedes Chokoloskee, FL

Great product

I have used these Hot Sticks for over thirty years. Great product

Vonda Ortonville, MI

An oldie but goodie…

Have had my set of hot sticks for at least 20 years. Was looking to replace with something more modern, perhaps bigger rollers. My original unit had 20 sticks…see that this model has 14.Decided to search to see if hot sticks were still around and I agree with the positive reviews.The size of this set should be fine for most hair, but as one reviewer said, you can take out some earlier, put them back into their space and reheat a bit and use somewhere else on your head.Can produce a tight and curly look.

Randi Sparrow Bush, NY

A whollleee different kind of curl

I love these things.The power of these flimsy sticks is very underestimated.I wont say that they heat up quickly, easy to put in and secure,and quick setting.The longer you keep them in, the stronger the curl. They are comfortable to sleep in. Leave in overnight at your own risk you will wake up with the tightest curls and will be sporting them for days. I went as long as 4 days without the curls falling straight, nor did i have to use rollers on subsequent nights)I just wish conair sold this as a bigger and more put together package. The units are as slim as they can be, but the top covers arent secure and seem to fall off anychance they get (quite noisy and annoying once they hit the floor.Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may want to buy two units. One unit does nothing for my entire head.Im contemplating buying a 3rd or maybe buying extra replacement sticks if possible.btw shoppers, i would definatly price hunt on this item, $34 i way too steep. I paid $12-14 dollars for this exact product about 6-8 months ago

Lena Dafter, MI

These are Great

My thin straight hair found some life…only thing is sometimes I cannot get them to "stay put" close to the scalp. Espacially beneficial when using leave-in Keratin with the heated product!

Magdalena Mineral, TX

Hot Sticks

Hot Sticks did not work for me. My hair is long, thick and wavy. The sticks were hard to put in and even harder to take out. When I was taking them out it felt like I was pulling some hair out along with the stick. My hair was bushy in some spots and kinky looking in other areas so it was not a good look for me. This set is going to the thrift store tomorrow.

Bettie Honomu, HI

Been using for decades…

I’ve used Hot Sticks on and off for over 20 years. I wasn’t even aware they still existed until I found them on Amazon; I’ve had a beat-up set from my childhood for a long time. They heat up fast and have always given my very, very thick hair lots of curl and bounce. There is a trick to using them, though, for people who complain about the rubber material pulling on their hair and ripping it out: when you’re removing the curlers, unhook the end, hold your hair by the root and let the curler just fall out of your hair. Don’t try to uncurl it yourself or pull your hair off of the curler. I haven’t used them in a few years now but when I used them often this was the trick that worked. You can’t force your hair off of the curler or it will yank out some strands.

Melba Halsey, NE

Very good… Not too easy to put on

I purchased these rollers because of the amazing reviews it has. I think they are very good: they heat fast, the rollers are pretty cool looking, they are not too bulky, etc. But, I think they are not too easy to put on. It is kind of tricky, and if they are not put on correctly, your ends will look funny.I guess it take practice… I have used them on myself and my daughter, and have not found the trick yet on how to effectively put them on (especially for layared hair).Good product, but takes practice…

Jewel Beverly, NJ

Works great on longer hair

I have been using hot sticks now for about 25 years. My hair is baby fine, and it is a bit longer than halfway down my back. I usually wear my hair in an up-do, and I simply use six of the larger rollers, and I roll it up about chin length. If you use too many, you will have frizz, frizz, frizz! When I remove the rollers, I never brush or comb through my hair. I simply rake through it with my fingers. Helps to reduce any frizz and tangles. If my set of hot sticks wears out, I will definitely be trying to find more right away. They absolutely create curls that will last all day long….and even to the next day. My oldest daughter has hair down to mid-thigh length, and she uses hot sticks to curl her hair. She leaves them in for about an hour because her hair is VERY thick and heavy. The curls last longer the longer you leave them in. A definite must-have if you have long hair. And, as another reviewer said, it may take some practice time to be able to create a style you like. When I first used them years ago, I wasn’t so pleased with the results, but trying using fewer rollers was my answer.

Rae Millfield, OH