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Conair Hot Roller Super Clips

Easy to use super clips

Key features

  • Hold rollers securely to create uniform curls
  • Clip design helps prevent marks from appearing in hair
  • Insulate heat to produce firmer curls
  • Work with hot or cold rollers
  • Easy-to-use Super Clips
  • Work with hot or cold rollers and fit most roller sizes
  • Great tool to section and hold hair

Honest reviews


Two Stars


Tommie Hill City, KS

Good replacement clips

I got these because I lost the clips that went to my giant 5 roller set. They were exactly right. I later found the missing ones under the bed, where the cat swatted them, so gave five of the new ones (there were 10) to my granddaughter for her hot rollers.

Diana Dixons Mills, AL

They work

Bought these to use with two different curling sets – they work, but not really any better than the metal "pins" that come with the curlers.

Jennifer Nashville, GA

The clips are ok I know they are used for …

The clips are ok I know they are used for rollers but I purchased them just to hold my hair. I tried them and they are a bit big and plus they dig into my scalp, so I won’t be purchasing this again.

Elena Holy Trinity, AL

Clips for rollers

I have been using these clips for my Conair rollers since before I can remember. I bought another batch to replace my old ones I’ve been using for about 3 or 4 years. They last a good amount, occasionally I’ll break a few, but they work better than the pins that come with the rollers. However, I will say that now the new rollers come with clips so these really aren’t as necessary, but still I enjoy the way these don’t leave a mark on your hair as bad and they don’t hurt your head either.

Colleen Alexander, ND

Does not hold hair very well

Got these to hold my hair on the rollers but does not do as well as I had thought they would. They are big and bulky.

Valarie Aberdeen, WA

Hooray! No dents in my hair!

This is a good replacement for hair clips that come with curlers because all of those tend to leave dents and marks. However, I will say it is NOT cool that these don’t come with Conair hot curlers to begin with so you have to go out and buy them. Just as bad as planned obsolescence.

Dora Thelma, KY

A must for hot rollers

For $6 or so these are worth every penny. I bought new conair hot rollers that came with the wire hook clips. I do not like them at all. These are perfect.

Juliette Mc Allister, MT

Work OK

I bought these to use with myRemington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, Large and Medium Roller. They hold a bit more securely than the metal clip, although they still fall out at times. I have to be very careful how I apply them to avoid crease marks.

Myra Dollar Bay, MI

They make rolling hair even faster and don’t leave bumps

I had some other clips similar to this that were hard to open, so I never used them. I have the more narrow ones that came with my rollers, and I don’t like them because they leave bumps. The pins I use with my travel rollers take a while to put in correctly and sometimes have to be redone. And they can tangle in the hair when removing them.These are great. Easy to open, stay put and don’t tangle in the hair. I love hot rollers because they do the work while I put on make-up. These clips have made the process even faster.

Erna Showell, MD

They work

These clips work and are much easier than the pins that come with most hot rollers, but they still leave a mark in my hair. So I gave up the hot roller idea.

Teresa Lone Jack, MO


These clips served their purpose, which was to hold my hot rollers without making any dents in my hair, and they work! I’m glad I bought these and I use them for many things now, including holding my towel together around my neck and chest when I’m dying my hair, and to keep sections of my hair separated when I want to style it.

Muriel Maryland Line, MD

Cheap and does what it says!

Works for my HOT travel set of rollers. I love them and the price! Prime Shipping from Amazon was so fast and these blow the wire clips included in most roller sets out of the water.

Vanessa Oakhurst, NJ

if you purchase conair styling setter, you need this clips

They work just perfectly with the conair compact styling setter, and it’s much easier than the original clips that come with it. Worth it for sure.

Jenny Solomons, MD

Just buy them!

Fantastic! Rollers go in twice as fast! No more messing around with the wire clip any more fore me! I love these things!

Lula Linwood, NY

Conair Super Clips

They are made for large and extra large rollers. Small heated rollers fall out because of their weight. Had to use the clips that came with the rollers for the small size.

Sue Palmetto, GA

Good but not for thick hair

These clips are good (although there are only 10 and the rollers come in a set of 12) but they didn’t really hold my thick hair well. Perhaps I should get more rollers so that there is less hair on each roller….that might fix it. Otherwise they are good and perfect with the hot rollers.

Rita Yellow Spring, WV

Nice clips

These clips work well and have, so far, lasted over two years with regular use. If you’re on the fence about this product I’d recommend you give them a try. They seem well made and are a great value for the money.

Angie Roslindale, MA


These roller clips are the best. I did not see any crimping in my curls. Easy to use although they are really big and hard to store.

Sasha Rentz, GA

not catch very strong

not catch very strong, is usually a bit loose, slips if you put in a certain way but does not fall, it is a good material.

Mercedes Worden, MT


Works great with the hot rollers, I particularly like these with the travel rollers. Perfect for little girls as well, don’t pinch like the clips on their sweet little heads.

Marcy Good Thunder, MN


I bought these clips to use in place of the ceramic ones that come with my rollers. These clips prevent the bend or crease that the standard clips seem to create. Speedy delivery

Margarita Taylor, ND

Sharp teeth.

These clips have slightly sharp very thin teeth it makes me wonder if they damage hair.They work fine with Conair jumbo hot rollers,super jumbo not so much.Maybe for someone with shorter hair these clips work better but my hair is very long and they do not do the best job. However it is still tremendous improvement over metal pins that did not work for me at all.

Mildred Range, AL

Just what I was looking for!

I had a set of these clips years ago and was very pleased to find these available on Amazon. I just starting using my hot rollers again after years of straight hair and could only find the metal pins. These clips make setting my hair much neater and easy to do.

May Coxs Mills, WV

A adore these.

No pulling of your hair. No clip-marks. Probably the only down-side is that they don’t come with a little storage bag. I’m ordering a second set for travel.

Francisca Columbia, SC


Who invented these?? They are miraculous! I have been using different versions of hot curlers for decades and have cursed the clips the companies provided when[a] the rubber tips fell off and the sharp edges dug into my scalp[b] I lost the correct size clips and had to try to force a smaller one to work[c] the clips stretched out over time and didn’t hold well anymore[d] the clips fit but I just couldn’t get the correct angle to make the curlers hold[e] my haircut was just a tad short to wrap the curlers enough to holdThese clips fit ANY size curlers. No searching for the right color tips or size. They grip instantly and painlessly and leave absolutely no dents or marks in the hair. They grip even when short hair is not securely wrapped all the way around the curler. These clips have cut my user time in half.The Amazon price fluctuates widely so pick them up on the down swing–or just hurry up and buy them. You won’t begrudge the couple of dollars extra you spent. Who invented these? What took so long? Probably not enough women engineers!!

Doreen Elsie, KY


I have the revlon travel set of 10 hot rollers, my hair takes curl easily and they help give me some lovely body, but I HATED the securing pins that the set came with, they fall out so easily. These do exactly what they should and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Dawn Caplinger Mills, MO

Not all that “super”

Bought these to go with the Remington Hot rollers because those clips basically don’t hold much. These are ok. I think with tons of practice I can get these to hold better, but don’t expect them to hold rollers perfectly right out of the box. Oh and one size DOES NOT fit all.

Geneva Mankato, MN

Doesn’t hold hot rollers and is very weak!

I have to do tons of adjusting here and there just to get one clip SOMEWHAT holding the hot roller. It’s weak, flimsy, and a waste of money. Do not buy.

Doreen Botkins, OH

got hot curlers?

Then buy these Conair SPC10X Super Clips! These Conair SPC10X Super Clips, make all the difference. You will not have ridges in your hair. You will have a firmly griped roller. There is no metal to touch your ears or scalp. I believe the clips fit most heated rollers. I am so glad I trusted the Amazon reviews and purchased them. Love ’em! ;o)

Rosemarie Saxis, VA