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Conair Fast Cut Pro 20-Piece Professional Haircutting Kit

Conair’s most powerful clipper the HC1000 Fast Cut Pro comes with everything you need to do professional haircuts and trims right at home. The Fast Cut Pro features the most advanced blade technology ever produced by Conair. Professional high carbon steel blades are driven by the state of the art powerful DC motor providing more torque and giving it a competitive edge. When compared to other brands the Fast Cut Pro cuts 2x the hair in a single pass. Taper control makes it easier to achieve expert quality cuts, trims, and detailing. Kit inludes barber scissors, comb and cape, deluxe storage case, cleaning brush and oil, 2 styling clips and blade cover.

Key features

  • High-quality, self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • High-performance DC motor
  • Taper control for customization
  • 10 guide combs: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, left and right ear
  • Includes: barber scissors, comb and cape, deluxe storage case, cleaning brush and oil, 2 styling clips and blade cover

Honest reviews


Wahl is better

Wahl is better – more sturdy feeling. This is definitely the plasticky lower cost version. You don’t need all the attachments, just one or two, right? I have never been impressed by any Conair product.

Denise Knowlesville, NY

Sharp hair clipper.

This kit has everything you need to give a good haircut. The blades on the this hair clipper are really sharp. It cuts faster and with less effort than any other clipper I’ve used. It comes with a ridiculous amount of comb attachments with no way to organize them. Ten combs is too many. It would be better to have fewer combs and be able to position each comb at different length on the clipper. They could do this just like they have made the blade retractable. If you are a stickler for fine adjustments the retractable blades and ten combs give you twenty different hair length settings. The clipper head is 1 3/4 inches wide. it will work in a pinch but you will probably want to get another clipper with a smaller head for close up work. Besides the clipper and 10 attachments this kit comes with a comb, two 3" hair clips, and a small scissors that works ok even though it looks like it came out of a kindergarten classroom. There is also a plastic apron made out of plastic thinner than a garbage bag. Lastly there is a small tube of machine oil and small brush, which is a good reminder that a tool will last longer if given regular maintenance. This clipper is sure to last many years. All this fits in an included zippered vinyl bag.

Joyce Chillicothe, IA

Disappointed in the Overall Quality of the Set

I had mixed feelings on using the Conair Fast Cut Pro clipper set. I liked some things but a few things bothered me about the set.I was a little nervous to try the set out. My husband always cuts his own hair using a clipper set but I had never used one. I cut my two boys’ hair but have always used scissors. When I got the clippers out, the boys were pretty scared. They thought I was going to make them bald. I worried too. They don’t wear their hair particularly short so I decided to try the largest comb first which was the size 8 or 1”. It worked fabulously. I couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was to cut their hair. That size just gave them a slight trim which they were thrilled with. It was very easy to use and had plenty of power.The negative that I found was that the combs were cheaply made and pretty flimsy. I guess gone are the days of a hard plastic comb. I will definitely have to be careful with these or I could see them tearing up after a little wear.Another issue that I had is that there is a piece of foam coming out of the clippers at the blade. It’s sticking half way out. I guess it’s some kind of spacer. Right now, it’s just in the way and I can’t push it back in nor do I want to rip it off. That with the cheapness of the combs makes me feel like there is quality lacking in the craftsmanship.The accessories included are nice but they were very cheap quality as well. The cape is nothing more than a thin piece of plastic like a trash bag. I don’t see it lasting long.Having a bag included is very nice. I found that was a nicer and easier way to store the clipper set than other sets that do not have any type of case and I liked it better than the hard cases.What’s included:Clippers10 combs, 8 different sizes plus a left ear and a right earCombScissorsBlade CoverBarber capeCaseCleaning brush and oilTwo clipsThe clippers worked well but was disappointed in the quality overall.

Edwina Calvert, AL

Good haircut kit for low/no income grad student or folks on a limited budget.

My nephew just entered grad school and was looking for a simple yet effective haircut kit rather than leeching off his parents or relatives. He was visiting family recently so I decided to try out this Conair Haircut Kit on his usually short, clean cut, spiky hair.Likes:
• Clear instructions manual for using clippers and cutting different length hair.
• Eight different sized guide comb attachments (from 1/8″ to 1″), and two tapered combs for the left and right ear.
• Includes a small bottle of oil to lube the blades before each use.
• Adjustable taper lever for varying cutting lengths while trimming; good for transitioning from back to sides to tops etc…
• Includes a barber cape and hair clips.
• Cuts faster than other models of Conair clippers.
• Great for shorter hairstyles that only require mostly clippers and not much scissors trimming.
• Convenient carrying case.Concerns:
• Clipper blade is too wide and cumbersome for fine trimming and detailing.
• The mini scissors included is too flimsy. Get a good pair of all metal barber scissors.Bottom Line:No retail haircut kit is going to replace an experienced, trusted, and long time barber. However, for a financially challenged grad student or folks on a limited budget, this Conair Haircut kit is extremely useful.

Fay North Springfield, PA

Feels a bit cheap for a “Pro”

I’ve used a lot of hair clippers in my life. While this Conair touts itself as "Pro," it’s far from it. The look and feel of it is very plasticy and I worry that something is going to break sooner than later.As far as actual use, it works as well as a cheap clipper, but isn’t at the top of its class. I found the blades pulling on my coarse beard instead of cutting them smoothly. That’s pretty much the most important thing in a clipper, right?One thing that I do like is that the blade adjuster clicks into place instead of being just a continuous smooth adjustment. I’ve had the continuous adjusters before, and they inevitable end up moving while in use, screwing up the haircut.There are much better clippers out there in this price range. I’d recommend Wahl clippers – I’ve had good experience with 5 of them.

Bettie Epworth, GA


I wanted to like these, but my instincts about them were spot on. The blade lever is very cheap and flimsy. The clippers themselves are pretty average. The attachments are terrible. Very cheaply made and don’t snap on very well. As far as the cutting ability, you can do better than this one. Overall, this is just a mediocre clipper set that I suspect would choke under regular use. Plus, if you’re going to make a corded set of clippers, at least have the courage to show the cord in the product pictures and packaging. The minute a customer opens the box, they’re going to see the cord, so why beat around the bush? It’s just a silly marketing choice – if we don’t show them the cord, they won’t know it’s there. Well, we know, or will shortly after opening the box, so you may as well just show it. Doubtful this would even be good for bets; the blades just aren’t good enough. Solidly mediocre.

Elva Duck River, TN

OK General Kit- Not for heavy use

Looking at the product images and information, I was expecting a substantial clipper and kit. What I discovered was that this kit, in this price range, is at best average and arguably less than average in many areas.The product arrived packaged very well. The entire kit contents come inside the provided average quality bag, which is really too big to travel with and too flimsy to survive any real travel anyway. Inside the bag, all the pieces are individually wrapped. The attachments are all of average quality and are all plastic. Most importantly, the build quality of the clippers is just OK (for home use), at best. I seriously doubt it would survive more than an average fall or two onto a hard floor. The blade lever is all plastic and feels like it will break if I push too hard and I think it will be the first component to break either 1) after regular use or 2) via a drop onto a hard floor. The body, although looking heavy duty in the product image and even upon close personal inspection, is constructed in plastic and very lightweight; you know it the minute you touch the product. The blades of the Conair however did a pretty decent job in my tests. But, this is offset by the flimsy attachments that, while usable, are clearly not of good quality in my opinion. They snap into place now, but it appears the plastic retaining tabs will wear faster than expected (due to plastic used).In use, the Conair does not vibrate that much and is generally easy to use. The clippers do not vibrate as much as other heavy duty clippers I have used and does a fine job on my beard and head. While the Conair is much lighter than previous clippers I have used, I personally prefer more substantial clippers, even if they vibrate more. These clippers had no problem plowing through very thick hair. I would recommend you use the included oil liberally however (the case with most clippers).Bottom line, these are at best average clippers. In this price range (as of date of this review), you may want to consider other models if you are looking for a more substantial kit, especially for travel. If you are in the military and plan on traveling with these, I would definitely recommend a more substantial clipper, preferably with a metal construction and particularly, a metal blade lever.

Mayra Parnell, IA

Great for fine hair

I had better luck using this on two 6 year old boys. It cuts through thicker hair fine, but the cuts were cleaner on fine hair. I didn’t have to go back with scissors as much as I thought I would. It’s lightweight because it is made of plastic. The case keeps all the blades and oil organized. It’s not a very expensive kit, so a few haircuts with the Conair makes up for the price difference versus going to the barber.

Loretta Hiwasse, AR

cheap looking but performs very well

Over the years I have used several hair trimmers made by differnt companies. This Conair is undoubtedly the lightest I’ve used, but it is made with a rather cheap plastic. The plastic makes me uncertain if it will hold up to long-term use. The 10 attachments which are included can be easily attached and removed to adjust the length. The drape included looks disposable and will hold up to a one time use (and is about as thick as a plastic garbage bag).When it comes to the quality of the cutting, I’m impressed with it. It will cut everything with just one stroke. A very cool thing that I like is the handle to adjust the length of the blade. That is to say, by setting the length of the blade the handle “slams” in the selected position. Thanks to this we do not need to worry about accidentally turning the knob and changing the cutting length. With regard to noise and vibration, I didn’t notice any difference with this machine and the typical one that costs about $35.I really like the packaging that comes with the Conair. It is very spacious and allows to easily fit all the accessories that comes with it. How many times I have had a problem with putting everything back into a plastic case? I always had to force everything to fit inside, only to find a few pieces were left outside the case. The Conair case is a winner. As of today, I am very satisfied with the quality of the cut, although I am not sure about the quality of the materials. I hope that Conair Hc 1000 will serve me well for a long time.

Antionette Riparius, NY

Cuts effectively and evenly

Though this product calls itself a "pro" kit, I’m not sure that I can assess it on any level resembling that of a professional. I have been cutting exactly one person’s hair for around 25 years (my husband’s) with a pair of barber’s shears and doing an inconsistent and slow job of it. I was interested in this haircutting kit because I wanted to try using something which offered the chance of better speed and consistency than my usual technique of "this looks long so I’ll snip here".I should note that others may not be comparing this results of this product to the same low standard that I am. This was my first experience with any sort of clippers (as opposed to just scissors) and I may be inclined to be more positively impressed merely because of the advantages of the technology, but I liked these. They did do a faster and more consistent job and left cleaning cuts than my doing the job manually. The kit offers a variety of combs to cut hair to different lengths and provides some documentation with advice on how to use them to achieve particular results. Obviously, practice also helps and I think I should get better at handling them as time goes by.The kit comes in a nice bag which holds the very large number of bits and pieces tidily in one place. The bag is small enough to keep in a medicine cabinet, but not so small as to make the items in the kit cramped or hard to fit in. The pieces do seem rather flimsy as they are made of plastic. I don’t know how they will wear in the long run, especially if you are snapping on and off different combs frequently. I expect to settled on a particular comb and stick with it because my husband’s hair is curly and he pretty much needs an even cut all over. I think if you need to swap the combs a lot, the parts that hold them to the head may eventually snap over time.This is a pretty utilitarian item which should work well for someone who is looking to do relatively mundane and repetitive hair cutting at home. The price seems to be pretty competitive for a lowish end product which can get the job done, but don’t expect a product that a professional may use. I think the idea is to afford the user with potentially professional-looking results (though that is as much in the hands of the skill of the user as in the capability of the device).

Vicky Marion, KY