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Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer

Give yourself a facial at home with this Conair facial spa. Gently steam open clogged pores and rejuvenate your skin. A narrow sinus cone helps clear nasal and sinus passages. There’s a timer, automatic shutoff and a water cylinder for easy and accurate filling.Dual facial sauna cones: wide facial steamer and narrow sinus cone.Facial tool with gentle exfoliating brush and sponge for applying moisturizer.Safe automatic shutoff and timer to customize length of facial or nasal treatment.

Key features

  • Cone to concentrate mist on face
  • Auto off and timer
  • Includes bonus facial brush tool with 2 attachments: gentle exfoliating brush and sponge for applying moisturizer
  • On/off switch
  • Limited 1 year warranty

Honest reviews


Absolutely fabulous, dahling

We all know that when you buy a product, you shouldn’t actually expect it to do what the ads claim it will do. At best, you can hope for a mildly effective effort on its part. Not with this sauna. After one use I was astonished at how smooth and glowing my face was, and kept touching my cheeks all day to feel how soft they were! The steam is just right–not too hot, yet effective–although I had to put my face down into the opening in order to really get the benefit. The microderm abrasion tool also works as advertised to scrub your skin without causing any pain, and the moisturizer pad did a great job of working moisturizer into my skin. And, as I said, afterward my skin looked better than it ever has, and my pores looked cleaner than they have in years. In fact, I had a professional facial at a good day spa not a year ago, and I don’t remember having had results this good!I recommend this product to everyone, without hesitation!

Fannie Huntington, MA

Not much steam

This didn’t put out much steam, and wasn’t very hot. Maybe it’s because I’m in the mountains and water produces steam at a lower temp. up here. Anyway, I had a better facial with a pot of boiling water, and had to return this. UPDATE 2011: Want steam??? Use a “My little steamer” mini clothing steamer!!! CAUTION: Keep at least 12-15 inches away from your face. I used distilled water, and this thing really puts out steam, and in less than a minute too! Remember…do not put it too close to your face!!! It generates VERY HOT STEAM!!!

Elvira Gilberton, PA

Great for sinus relief, clear breathing, colds/flu, and for facial pores

This was exactly what I wanted, at an unbeatable price.I was looking for a sinus solution (Neti Pots work great, but sometimes I want something more soothing). I looked at all the different facial saunas/steamers, and the Conair was the best value (at $22/free shipping), with the two attachments, and some extras.This works great for me – just put in a couple ounces of water, wait about 60 seconds, and it pumps out steam.I’ve used the facial attachment, and also the sinus attachment – and have had nice, soft pores this winter!Just inhale deeply for about 3-5 minutes, then blow your nose gently, and all those irritants and particles will come out. Repeat if you still feel some “junk” up in your sinus passages. It even works when you’re stopped up – the steam will definitely work its way through your sinus passages and loosen any mucus. For me, the sinus pressure almost always goes away within a few minutes.One more note – I’m not necessarily loyal to the Conair brand. This just seemed like the best value, and it’s worked well. It seems to be a durable machine, and has performed flawlessly. But whatever you do, please consider using steam, neti pot, saline sprays, or something other than chemicals and prescription drugs to deal with sinus pressure. Be kind to your body! One family member developed permanent health problems from over-reliance on things like prescription drugs & Tylenol Sinus, when natural options like this are faster, safer, and cheaper.As I said, the Conair also works great as a facial spa/sauna, though my family uses it primarily to clean sinuses. Hope this helps in your purchasing decision!

Tameka Harrisonburg, LA

Con-Air seems to make cheap products. Wish i’d use it as often as i thought i would.

An item you can do without. Before i bought this i would sit covered over a bowl of hot water. The benefit to having this product is that you can turn on the steam as soon as you need it. Still takes like 5 min for it to actually start steaming. Once you have your face in the bowl mask you can feel a bit insecure because if that thing splashes water on you it will burn you. The battery operated exfoliating brush (included) is loud and cheap. I dont use any of these things as much i thought i would.

Janna Old Greenwich, CT

face steamer

steamer is ok. I think you can get the same results with hot water running in a sink, lowering your head with a towel over your head….oh well.

Frieda Duluth, MN

Its OK ! Does its Job

For those of you that really wants a great facial steam, this product doesn’t neccessarily perform the greatest. Its good but it doesn’t cover the entire face. With a facial steam, you want to be able to cover the entire face — in this case, I would suggest going to the gym where they have a STEAM ROOM. But again, this product is not a bad buy… i just don’t use it much after 1-2 uses.. because i don’t think the effect is really great.

Leeann King, NC


Since I started using it my skin has definitely gotten clearer. I would recommend this to anyone, negative reviews are over exaggerated. This is easy to use, very straight forward.

Ramona Kingsley, IA

Much needed

I love this, my mom purchased it for my birthday. I use it when I want to give my face special treatment. It also help to open up my sinuses, it’s nice to have this on hand!

Reba Mouth Of Wilson, VA

Not enough steam

I love that it comes with the facial cleaner brush, but the system itself is okay. I felt like I was not getting enough steam. I had to put a towel over my head to confine the steam to stay in one place long enough to open my pores better. I guess it’s a safely measure. I just wish it had a control for the amount of steam it produces insteam of the timer. Overall, it does what it promises.

Ma New Milford, NY

Good steamer. Does the job.

I needed a facial steamer because I got tired of using hot rags or awkwardly placing myself over a boiling hot sink. I steam my face daily to help open pores and before I do any at-home facials. 10 minutes with this steamer will do the trick. It does take a while to get going (about 10 minutes) but holds enough water to steam your face for at least 20 minutes at a time.Not bad for the price.

Edith Mount Eaton, OH


First off this item seems great, but while using it the first time I couldn’t help being a little fearful that the water would somehow shoot up and burn my face/eyes. Then I just read a review saying it did just that to someone and conair did nothing to recall the item, help pay hospital bills and treatment, which I hate to hear. Anyway, if you’re willing to risk it I’d say this seems to be an affective device. It clears out my pores and seems to them look smaller as well as some acne cyst I have due to a medical condition I have. I also pat the sweat off then add a facial mask to my opened pores. It seems to leave my skin super super soft and glowy. Like many others have said the cone is a bit too small for your full face, but putting a towl over your head to conceal the steam does help that alittle. The brush it comes with works great too and really cleans out my pores. One other thing is even with eye cream on it really really dries out my eye (and causes redness to where it looks like I’m on drugs)to the point where they feel like they’re burning and it makes me wonder if it could be causing damage to them. Now after reading that awful review and having the burning feeling of my eyes (btw they were closed the whole time and my face wasn’t directly fully inside the cone) I’m not so sure I’ll be using this anymore. I mean is it really worth damaging me eye sight? or getting my face burned? I may go back to boiling water in a pot it’s seems safer and more controlled. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY REPLACEMENT HEADS LIKE THE BRUSH FOR THE FACIAL TOOL IT COMES WITH??

Lou Floral Park, NY

Wonderful! Give yourself a Facial

I’ve had a conair facial sauna for years (and it was still working fine when I lost/misplced it) so I had to try another Conair.Well, this is perfect, even better than the first one I got. Why? It’s got that safety timer, it tells you when it’s ready, it comes with two cones to choose from. Plus, it comes with this free exfoliating brush and sponge. So nice. I used it last night and now my skin’s glowing beautifully, like it got a polishing. It’s a nice way to pamper yourself.Great price too!

Colette Duson, LA

It gets the job done.

I would like for the product to put out more steam. It has to be refilled frequently. It does the job but the steam when I open my dishwasher dies a better job if I could find a way to get the steam to come out and steam my face consistently.

Lela Lodi, TX


I bought mine a few years ago. It’s absolutely great. Even my kid (boy age 15) loves it. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing. I love steaming my face and then cleansing with a clay mask or using the oil cleansing method. Very good buy and I don’t feel the need to spend almost $200 for a “professional” brush. This works well enough for me and I am quite satisfied.

Irene Chappaqua, NY

Great for seasonal allegries

I purchased this product to alleviate symptoms from seasonal allergies. Every spring my eyes itch and I’m constantly sneezing. Most allergy medications are too expensive and/or ineffective or cause drowiness. After researching the benefits of steam treatements for people like me I purchased the Conair Facial Sauna. I realize this product is designed for cosmetic reasons but it does the same thing the more expensive allergy/sinus steam machines do for a third of the price. I used it at night for 5 minutes and my eyes stop itching and I get restful sleep. I don’t know if this product makes the skin glow as some other reviewers have claimed but it couldn’t hurt. I would purchase again.

Abbie Henning, TN


Steam is not hot enough. Price is reasonable. I’ve been using it for over 2 years and still working. Will get a better one with hotter steam next time.

Elvira New Raymer, CO

works well

i love using this before i use a face mask, let it open up my pores so they can get in deep. i use it with a towel over my head to get more of the steam without resting my face on it. its not too hot. it feels really really good.

Sonia Carter, KY

Good for the money

I ordered this product based on the reviews and price. I had to make a choice between this one and the Secura Hot/Cold Steamer. Price won out… When I received my steamer, yesterday, I was excited to be able to test it out. I have to admit that I have never used a steamer before and was a little disappointed in the amount of steam the product produced. However, I figured out that the best approach to using it was to put a towel over my head, and the steamer, and put the timer on 15 minutes. This allowed the steam to build up and it did a much better job. But, honestly, that is what I was doing with my hot water in the sink, prior to purchase, and it did just as good of a job. I guess having the steam does save money on my water bill though. I am not sure that the Secura would have had better steam but I am a little nervous about having boiling (may not be boiling but is definitely hotter than my faucet) water so close to my face when I am using the Conair. My only big concern is that I might accidentally bump the machine (especially since I am also using a towel) and the water will splash up into my face. Overall, I think this is a good steamer for the price. Just be careful using it!

Eunice Banquete, TX

Great for facials and colds

I purchased this in the middle of a head cold and pounced on using it. I was finally able to get some relief that I could get in the shower or in a closed bathroom with the hot water steaming up the room. This concentrated the steam where I needed it. I did not find it too hot, so that is great. It is also great for opening pores before I do a mask or use a strip to remove those pesky blackhead that get in one’s nose.

Zelma Eldridge, AL

Great product …good price….

Great product …good price….Conair Facial Sauna Systems with Timer….Very nice for “Me” time works well and I would recommend to others. The brush is a bonus item!~

Jaime Lamont, OK

Ahhhh… I get a facial everyday!

I love this product and quite frankly I’m kinda mad it took me this long to discover it. I have extremely oily skin and constantly struggle with acne. With this product I am able to get a deeper clean for my skin and improve my complexion. It is very relaxing as well. I play some soothing music in the background and I feel like I’m at the spa! Excellent way to end a busy day.

Araceli Herlong, CA

Inexpensive unit that works well so far

I’ve used this 4x already and it works well; it is very relaxing. It was just the cheap little steamer unit I was looking for. I steam my face then cleanse it while my pores are open … or steam my face with my favorite mask on (Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque Skin Care, 2 Ounce) to help it penetrate more deeply. I’ll update this review if the unit ever fails so folks can see how long it lasted. 🙂

Natalie New Lexington, OH

Not worth it

Ended up selling this at a garage sale for $2. It didn’t work very well at all. Would not recommend.

Karina Marine City, MI

Don’t bother.

Cheaper in Walmart. Not great quality, lightweight cheap feeling plastic.

Gertrude Beech Creek, PA

More steam would get it 5 stars

The first one arrived & the facial sauna worked fine, but the little facial scrubber didn’t. Amazon replaced the entire package and everything works fine. Is it like going to the spa and getting a facial? No. But then I didn’t pay as much for this little device as the spa paid for the one they use. The steam isn’t a lot, it’s gentle. I did put a towel over my head & that helped. The sinus attachment works well. I am pleased with the purchase.

Bridgett Stevenson, CT

My fave

Super fast shipping and great price.It Works amazing for my little spaDays and Everything was just whatI thought they would be.

Brandy Argyle, MI

steamer worked twice

After that minimal steam. Cool mist worked ok. I agee with previous review. Towel and a pot of steaming water for me.

Marina Goldsboro, MD


This piece piece is great. You absolutely need it for a great and healthy skin. j k k k k

Deena Victorville, CA

Love this

I love this machine. Could I say anymore…I will. I like to keep my face clean, and steam is the easiest, safest and more effective way to do this. It really clears the pores and gets all the gunk out, while adding moisture to the skin, then I rinse with cool water and put on a mask and my skin is happy and clean. You can use it every day, or night and the results will be amazing.It works well for your sinuses too. I put this on my counter and lean over it, just don’t wiggle it or hit it while it is on. It has been safe for me and heats up fast. I really love my machine.The brush was great, it worked well to cleanse before the steam, but it isn’t waterproof and eventually broke.

Stefanie Burney, CA

best product i purchased under $30

I love love love this sauna. It is very relaxing w/some tranquil music playing before you wash/moisturize your face. thanks

Manuela Wimbledon, ND