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Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron – 3/4″

Create beautiful styles while eliminating frizz with the CONAIR double ceramic curling iron. The new double ceramic coating doubles your frizz control while remaining safe without causing any damage. It has 30 high heat settings that create long lasting curls. The multiple settings give you versatile styling, too. It includes a bonus heat shield to keep your hands and fingers burn-free.

Key features

  • Double Ceramic(TM) technology has a higher ceramic content* and delivers even heat, fast styling and long-lasting curls
  • 18-hour curl control, even in humidity
  • 30 high temperature settings for all types of hair
  • Ergonomic thumb rest for better control and recessed buttons prevent accidental shutoff
  • 375°F high heat

Honest reviews


Curls hair well.

It heats up fast and holds curl well. I use a large comb under the Iron so it doesn’t get close to my scalp to burn, you only need to keep it there short time to make a good curl,

Angelica Mount Airy, GA

Nice curls

I have thinning, fine hair and needed something I felt would not damage my hair. Also, if you have really fine hair you know how difficult it is to get your hair to hold a curl. I read the reviews about the ceramic curling iron and decided on this one. I am pleased with the curls it gives me. They last all day and I usually only have to curl my hair once after washing it and the curls will last a couple of days.

Clara Twilight, WV

Curls were too loose

I have very long hair and I thought the bigger the barrel the better. Unfortunately, my curls were so loose, that before Icould go out, they were gone. Tried making them tighter, but with no luck. Maybe, it’s my hair? Anyway, I use it for shorter areas in front of my head.

Verna Newton, KS

adds good curl/wave

I have shoulder length hair and find this iron is great for adding a little curl or wave. I like the tip and it makes it easier to handle. easy to use; no complaints.

Concetta Nome, TX

Heats quickly, several temperature settings, bonus heat shield…doesn’t grip my baby fine hair

When the cord broke on myHot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Regular 3/4″while I was away from home, I had to purchase a curling iron from a local store which didn’t carry the Hot Tools brand. So I chose The Conair CD700CS because it has similar features, but that’s where the similarity stopped. The Hot Tools curling iron is far superior to this Conair. One huge complaint I have with the Conair is that it doesn’t grip my baby fine hair. My hair slips right through it. It was very frustrating; I had no choice but to work with it. The Conair grips my hair better if I have a lot of styling product in it. I also can’t run the ‘gripper’ to the very edge/bottom of my hair; if I leave about 1/2″ of hair I have a better chance of my hair not slipping out. Otherwise, this curling iron isn’t too bad.Pros:Heats quicklySeveral heating selectionsLess damaging heatAuto offBonus heat shield storage caseCons:Doesn’t grip my baby fine hairI accidentally hit the heat control while styling my hair…so far, I haven’t changed the temperature after accidentally hitting the control.

Leann Shirley, NY

Gets Hot, Great Size

I have long, thick hair, and I use this for big, looser waves. Anything larger than this, and my hair won’t hold the curl. I can use this on large sections of hair (a couple inches wide), which is a bonus – I have too much hair to curl tiny 1/2 inch sections one a a time!The price is perfect for me! I’m not about to spend $50 on a curling iron, but since the reviews were mostly positive, I think this is a great value for the money. Amazon has it cheaper than Wal Mart or Target :)I love the end of the iron, with the plastic tip – while I’m sectioning out the next piece of hair, I can put it down into my sink and don’t have to worry about the hot part actually touching the sink. The cool tip balances on the bottom of the sink.Another plus for this curling iron is that my hair easily slips through it. Other reviewers didn’t like this, but for me, it’s easier to do looser, bigger waves. I’m not into tight, spiral curls – just not the look I’m going for. So the slickness of the coating works well for me.Finally, the buttons – this would be the only negative I can come up with, and it’s really not a big deal. I accidentally pushed the buttons and turned it off a couple times when I first started using it. Now that I’ve used it a few weeks, I have not had a problem with that. Just takes you a sec to get used to the new handle and button locations, that’s all.

Ester Newburg, MD

Does a Great Job

I have fine wavy hair about earlobe length. For years I have used a flat iron to style it into shape – more or less a bob. I found that my hair was lacking some fullness so I took a chance on this iron which is one and one half inches in diam. It works well, gets hot quickly, has varying degrees to set for heat, and also has a tip that prevents finger burn. It’s very smooth and there’s no pulling on the hair even after using product. The main caution is one has to be careful with this and any other hot tool near the eyes so I always wear an old pair of glasses to keep the iron from getting too close. Back to the product, it’s a very good price and it does what I want it to do. Very pleased and would recommend.

Dawn Carville, LA

I cant wait to try this wand out i just received it and the size is great. Thanks so much

Jeanne Trinidad, CA

does not curl

while this does get hot, it does poor job actually curling the hair. I bought a larger barrel, hoping for looser curls, but there’s a difference between
• no curl
• and
• looser curl
• . So far, this iron has done nothing for me. if i grab a smaller section, the hair slips from under the grip. if I grab a larger section, the outer curls don’t get set at all. very disappointing.

Maryann Porum, OK

Excellent Value

My experience with curling irons is limited, but you cannot beat the value of this one! Has way more settings than I anticipated, but was still simple to use. Heated up quickly, worked well even on a very low setting. Looks nice, and seems to be a great investment. Very pleased.

Renee Colbert, OK

great product

It was a nice curling iron for the price. I tend to change the settings some when I curl my hair, but no big deal. It has nice heat adjustments, and the barrel is very nice. Cord is a little short for me though.

Carrie Langley, KY

Heats up nicely

Although the safety turn off is very nice (having left an curling iron on one or two times), but it should be set to last a bit longer. Also the part that holds the hair snug to the iron itself is not very tight fitting, so you can not use this to first straighten the hair or if you try to go to the end of your hair & roll up, it will not hold it in place very well.

Rhoda Melville, MT

Works Great

This iron works great, and it heats pretty fast. I must agree that it could have been more sturdy to hold your hair whilst curling. but overall a very good buy for me.

Yvonne Clinton, MI

Just ok

I have long medium thickness red hair with a bit of natural wave. I usually use just a few Velcro rollers for a little volume at the roots. It doesn’t last all day so I thought I would give the iron a try to get longer hold. I didn’t find I got any better curl or wave than I did with the rollers. The design is nice. I think it just depends on your hair. I did like that my hair did not stick to the barrel.

Johnnie Manning, ND

its just OK

its just OK … it heats up fine but doesnt give me the long lasting results also its v slippery, my hairs are slipped out of the grip easily.. i did not find it v easy to use.

Olive Gause, TX

Good product no complaints

I like this iron. It works well and has about 30 temperature settings, so you can tailor the temperature to your needs. Would recommend.

Willa North Dighton, MA


For such a cheap curling iron I wasn’t expecting much, but this little guy has surprised me! It’s simple and easy to use. Minor annoyance in that sometimes I accidentally hit the rotating heat adjuster and crank the heat up or down in the middle of styling, so I wish there was a way to lock it.Only real problem I’ve encountered with it is if I curl large sections of hair that fill up the entire barrel space, there’s a tiny, tiny corner where the metal barrel attaches to the plastic handle that can snag my hair! So now I just pay extra attention and put my fingers over that spot to keep my hair from getting stuck in there.

Francis Tivoli, TX

Excellent for fine hair

Excellent for fine hair. Very easy to use. I love the grip on the end; it helps avoid burning your fingers. I used an earlier version of this curling iron for years until it conked out.

Kristin South Point, OH

Great price, wish it came with a glove

I absolutely love this curler!! I have thick and medium length hair and this curler gives me very pretty waves vs tight curls. I can do variety of hairstyles and I am loving the versatility of it. Comes with a heat protective pouch I wish it came with a glove as well but hey for the price it’s a steal!

Blanca Langford, SD

Still learn how to make style

It heats quickly. I am now still learning how to use it to make a hair style because I am the first time user.

Rowena Chavies, KY

Practically a magic wand for your hair!

I am so happy with this product!I had one of the old gold Conair curling irons and loved it to death (literally!). When I went to the store to get a replacement, they no longer made it and were out of Conair altogether so I bought a Revlon. Terrible mistake. It wouldn’t curl my hair. Just left it frizzy.Went to a different store and picked this product instead. I didn’t think the polishing crystals embedded in the wand would actually do anything but I liked the little hook on the end that makes holding the hot wand easier and I had really loved my old Conair, so I gave it a try.I couldn’t have been more wrong about those crystals — they are like waving a magic wand over your hair and suddenly having smooth and shiny curls! My hair used to get caught every once in a while in my old one but this barrel just glides over your hair — in fact, it’s so smooth that you may need to adjust your technique a bit as you curl because it doesn’t pull and tangle or catch as you use it like other curling irons do. There is almost no resistance so you need less pressure and pull as you go.I have fairly thick and hard to curl hair and I had the heat setting on half way. It did an amazing job! Conair has put some serious thought and technology into this line of curling irons and they’ve made a customer for life out of me.

Christi Captiva, FL

It’s OK

Shipping was quick, but I have Prime.What’s good? It does may great curls, small ones, but nice. Heats up quick. No frizz. Has a nice tip to grasp at the end when rolling hair.What’s bad? The barrel is REALLY short. This is NOT for long or even medium hair. The ‘cord’ is really short. My sink is small and it barely reaches over. I’ve never owned a curling iron that has such a short cord. If you put too much hair in, it slides right out. Too little hair, and yes, it slides right out. There is something not quite right about the clipping mechanism. I left my nice $40 curling iron at a hotel, so I needed something quick.This is cheap, but if you have shorter hair, it does make nice curls. It’s OK in a pinch. I would not buy again. The other reviews on here are correct.

Kay Lyons, NE

Nice curling iron. Reasonably priced.

Heats fast and has lots of settings. I like the cool tip. I don’t use curling irons very often because I have such dry hair. But I use this one for touch ups on really bad hair days.

Tabitha Montgomery City, MO

Tweenagers first curling iron

This is for my tween girls and they love it, I know because they had some pretty curled hair doo’s when they visited. Very sturdy. Easy to use, big roller. We love it!

Paula Worth, WV

Probably the wrong size for my hair

I got the 1 1/2 inch because I wanted nice loose, big curls, but I think I should have gotten a smaller size. I have thinner, straight hair. If you have a similar hair type I recommend the 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch. Other than that I definitely recommend this curling iron. It’s durable and comes with a nice sleeve to keep it protected.

Bridgett Greenbush, MI

Great Iron!

I’ve been using a straightener on my hair for years. After deciding to give my hair a break and switch to curling (my hair is naturally wavy so it doesn’t take much effort to curl), I researched this iron on Amazon and was impressed with all of the positive reviews as well as the low cost. As soon as I received it I started practicing on my hair and I absolutely love the results!! It gives beautiful curls and the small "handle" on the tip helps you to hold the iron without burning your fingers. In the past I’ve owned other curling irons like this, but they were not nearly as nice and did not clamp onto the hair enough for my liking. I would recommend this product!!

Rebecca Belvidere, NJ

Good curling iron for the money

This is a good curling iron for the money. I purchased the 1 inch. I have long fine hair. I have lots of hair but it is fine and not so easy to curl. The iron heats up fast. It seems to curl my hair better than the last 1 inch iron I had. I think the curls hold longer. I like the loop at the end of the iron as it is easier to hold so you don’t burn your fingers. However, I would have given it five stars if the clip was tighter. I find my hair slips out sometimes and I have to re-curl. Amazon also delivered in two days. I recently purchased the trial of the Prime membership and am quite impressed how products are sent in two days. I received several text messages telling me when my iron was shipped and the exact date and approximate time frame as to when it would arrive.

Brooke Edgerton, KS


it really doesnt hold curls, but its ok if u put rollers in your hair after using it and go to bed

Roxie Sheridan, ME