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Conair Curl Fusion Dryer

Curls and waves need special handling. Too much air power creates frizz and interferes with hair’s natural shine. The Conair Curl Fusion Hair Dryer diffuses 1800 watts of power to gently dry and define each wave and curl. Includes ceramic ionic technology to even out heat and neutralize the positive charges that cause static and flyaways. A volume lift attachment leaves hair fuller with luscious and silky curls and waves.

Key features

  • Ceramic technology that prevents heat damage
  • Volume attachment leaves hair fuller, with luscious and silky curls and waves
  • Ionic technology for less frizz and more manageability
  • Diffuses 1800 watts of power to gently dry and define each wave and curl
  • 12 Heat/Speed Settings

Honest reviews


Not worth it

Don’t do it. It seemed like a good idea and I read so many positive reviews…didn’t work out for me. The less concentrated flow of air is a good thing, but my hair is still frizzy. The attachment with fingers is useless- unless you are looking for more frizz than you get without it. The fingers are too short and too close together to help at all. Try something else.

Erika Glenwood, IN

terrific dryer

Perfect for my wavy hair, has plenty of power, great price. Glad I bought it.

Berta Wathena, KS

Conair Curl Fusion Dryer

Easy to use. Using fusion dryer makes my curls look great which I love. Great price and would recommend this product.

Rosa Spruce Pine, AL

love it

i had this blow dryer for like 5 years, it was my favorite blow dryer ever, the heating element finally gave out and i had to replace it, i am not as happy with the blow dryer i just bought, although it is the same brand; its just not as effective.

Elda Verona, MO

Does what it’s supposed to

I’m not a hair dryer girl. I’ve always avoided heat appliances. But I needed something for those days when I have to run out of the house before my hair can air dry. I have frizzy curly hair that cannot be styled when it’s wet or it’ll frizz out. This hair dryer does the job. I’m not sure how it compares to other hair dryers, since I haven’t used very many.The lack of a long nozzle makes it easier to maneuver and keeps it lightweight. The design is great for curly hair because it doesn’t blow your hair all over the place, which can separate curls and cause frizz. The cold shot isn’t very noticeable. I seem to remember other dryers having a cold shot where you could actually feel the coolness. With this dryer, cold shot more just reduces the heat, if you see what I mean. Also, it seems to run pretty hot overall, even on Lo setting. I asked my sister, who uses a hair dryer all the time, and she said it did seem to be hotter than she was used to, but not a big deal. Maybe it’s just due to the fact that there’s no nozzle and you’re holding the core of it right up to your head.At any rate, for the price, this dryer does what it needs to do. I’m not disappointed in any way and I would order it again.UPDATE: March 5, 2014 – I still have this hair dryer. It’s still working exactly the same as when I bought it. I use it about once a week, sometimes twice. I can’t believe I’ve had it for SIX years now! Knock on wood.

Elizabeth Erie, IL


If you are purchasing this item for drying curly hair, don’t. It blows out all the curl immediately – it’s actually worse than a regular dryer in that respect. It does NOT work as a diffuser. A total waste of money.

Dale Coulee City, WA