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Conair CD86SCS Instant Heat Iron and Straightener, 1.5 Inch

Instant Heat 2 in 1 Straightener and Curling Iron

Key features

  • 1/5″ split barrel ceramic coated curling iron with 1/5″ ceramic straightening plates
  • Turbo heat boost; uniform heat recovery system
  • 25 variable temp settings; dual voltage
  • Instant heat, auto off-power “on” indicator
  • Cool tip; 6′ tangle free swivel power line cord

Honest reviews


Great product if purchased reputably

First of all, I felt compelled to write a review on this specific product because in no lifetime should this curler/straightener cost over $200. I have attempted to contact the seller and received no reponse regarding the price–I just wanted to know if this was really the price, or if it was a typo. But no response.Anyway, the reason I titled the review as I did is because I’ve used this product for ten years or so, off and on. And it’s the best out there for both straightening and curling when it’s a brand new device. The last time I ordered from Amazon, it was a refurbished model, and it was falling apart within a year. I didn’t notice in the product description any mention of it being refurbished, so wherever you get this product, be mindful of this possibility, especially now that it has been discontinued.***06/10/2013 EDIT***I bought this back in March when I found a seller who had one for a reasonable price. I bought it and was immediately dismayed. The quality simply wasn’t what I was accustomed to from Conair. My hair would snag between the straightening plates, which is something that never happened before. I decided to keep it because I liked the curls, but this weekend, the whole gizmo popped apart; the tiny screw on one side came out, fell into the oblivion of my tile, and now, the unit is inoperable.I don’t recommend buying this product again. After two failed attempts in the past year, and paying good money for them, it’s just not worth it. I don’t know what happened to the quality but save your money. Not even the seller of this item is willing to help me now.

Mandy Landrum, SC

I’m pleased with my purchase !!

It heats very quickly, it’s also do a good job on my hair with both functions, it’s true that it’s not as convenient as if you use one tool for each function, but it’s okay. I recommend this tool.

Tiffany New Era, MI

Not worth it

This works as your basic, bottom-line flat iron. If you have decent hair to begin with, go for it. But don’t expect to get any great curls out of the barrel, because it’s too awkward to work with easily. I wasn’t happy with its temperature, since I need something REALLY hot to get the job done for my curls. I used it solely as a straighter, and it hurt my hand after a while because the way you have to press it together gets hard to do. It’s lasted me a long time with no breaks or anything, but I wouldn’t buy it again.If you have difficult-to-manage hair like me, invest in something that’s of quality (ask your stylist; I’m going to buy a TS-2). Expect to buy something that can heat to at least 400 degrees and costs aprox $80. If you’re up for it.

Katharine Deville, LA

good product if you want straighten and curl in one device

This does the job if you want a single device that is both a curler and straightener. The large barrel is great for turning the end of hair under, or adding a subtle wave (not tight curls) and the straightener is adequate. You will get better results straightening with a dedicated-purpose ceramic straightener .. but won’t have the curling iron function too. The latch works well, but sometimes pops up and can catch on hair when straightening, and of course, you need to be careful where you hold it because the whole barrel heats up. Quick heat up and cool down, and easy to adjust the temperature. Great for travel when you only have room to pack one .. but for this reason it would be nice if it had dual voltage functionality. I’ve had mine several years, many trips with no problems.

Rita Frisco, TX

Burned my forehead…

I always liked conair’s product, this time, honestly, it’s not bad, at all. There’s a switch where you can lock the clip so you will be using the curler only, and when you unlock it, you can use the sraighter. Creative design. It does not heat as fast as I thought it would be, but still quick enough. The only thing is that you have to be very careful when you try to do your hair bangs, it easily burn your forehead since there’s no plastic protection around the straighter.

Nancy Marathon Shores, FL

Amazon Does it again

I am so Happy about amazon right now I owned one of this and the handle broke, I searched Hi and Low and coudlnt find a replacement, I looked in Amazon and sure enough its where I found it, I am one happy camper since this can be the best styling tool for home and travel…

Deena Blythe, GA