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Conair Bun Maker Set

The Bun Maker can also be used to add fullness and shap to other updos!Quick and easy to use.For all hair types.

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  • Hair Accessories

Honest reviews


Wish I Would Have Discovered This Sooner!!

This is so quick and easy when you want to go for a polished, perfect bun. It has lasted me the whole day through work and the gym. Great for days when I am short on time!

Abby Standish, CA


I wasn’t expecting much success, because my hair is very difficult to style. It’s thick but fine, and straight, so tends to just slide out of any buns. I’ve purchased bun-makers in the past and had just that problem.However, this worked great! The material clung to my hair without pulling, and putting in a few bobby pins holds it all day. My hair is about the same brown too, so I didn’t really have to worry about it showing. I would definitely recommend this!

Augusta Shelby, OH

Three Stars

Cheaply made

Kaye Evergreen, NC

I couldn’t get it to work.

I have the hair styling skills comparable to a 2 year old child and thought his would be an easy way to get something other than a ponytail.. I couldn’t get it right, even watched a You Tube video on it.

Carmela Higganum, CT

Ok for buns, not for curls

I had seen this advertised as something you could use to set curls while you sleep. That only worked the first time. You really have to get the hair in perfectly, with no creasing, if you want to use it that way. As a bun maker set, it was fine though. I’m guessing you could probably do this on your own though.

Jacqueline Phillips, WI

Makes classic, easy

This was one of the best buys i ever made for my hair. I love the classic chignon bun and this makes it so easy. It always comes out perfect . Total breeze.

Jeanette Faison, NC

Nice Bun

I usually wear my hair in a sock bun and I was looking for something easier to use. I like that this product is like a mesh donut. It comes with some bobby pins that are v shaped and help secure the extra hair around the bun and stay in place. I would recommend this product for anyone looking to wear their hair in a polished and professional bun.

Celeste Rincon, NM

Lightweight and perfectly poofy.

First off, throw away the instructions that come with the poof. They are totally dumb, and instead do a quick google search “sock bun” for a much better way of using this.In fact, I used to do the sock bun method, but since I have very long hair (about to my waist) the weight of the sock was too much when combined with all my hair piled on top as well.This poofy donut is perfect, very lightweight, and if I accidentally jab a bobby pin into it, the spongy material holds perfectly. The actual sock bun method takes some getting used to, and can be a pain if you have a lot of layers. Practice!I suggest making the bun a lot higher on the top of your head than in the picture, or a lot lower with some teasing at the crown. The mid-length bun shown on the product box is at the perfect spot to pull all your baby hair from the front of your face and give you a headache.Every time I have a bad hair day, I pop this in and roll my hair up into a high bun. With a bow or added flower, jewel, etc, I have gotten more compliments on this hairstyle than any I’ve tried!

Billie Madison, SD

Fast delivery!!!!

The item worked great for me, considering I have a long hair, and I love how it comes with a hair tie and bobby pins. What I really love is how fast this item was delivered to me, 5 star for the speed of delivery alone 🙂

Edith Vintondale, PA

Great product, great service.

This little bun maker really helps making the bun easier and holding it in place comfortably and stays all day.

Lee Capshaw, AL

Great dummy

I make big bun for special occasions and this dummy helps a lot, cause before I could spend an hour to make it perfect and now it takes only couple of minutes

Beatrice Millerton, IA

Sock bun look, but easier

Sock buns are so in right now, but I’ve tried the traditional sock method and I just can’t get it! This bun maker works so much better. You just slide the donut to the base of your ponytail, then spread the hair out around it and pin the ends into place. you will need a LOT more pins than they give you, so if you don’t have some handy, I’d suggest ordering a set. I really like the Goody Spiral hair pins–they take the place of about 10 bobbys. I used the donut with the four pins included in the kit plus my two spirals, and I had the perfect messy sock bun. So easy and I love it!

Cassandra Coello, IL