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Conair Bamboo Soft Curlers, 24 Count

Bamboo soft curlers are made with a renewable resource that follows one of the largest emerging trends in global living. These lightweight curlers produce effortless curls without the fuss of old-fashioned rollers and are soft and easy to sleep in.

Key features

  • Create curls the easy way since soft curler design requires no pins or clips
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Creates natural looking curls and waves
  • Made of renewable bamboo
  • Lightweight and easy to wear or sleep in

Honest reviews


these are great if used correctly!

I’ve had these curlers for many months now and waited to post a review until I had used them a few times. Now that I have, if used correctly, as I’ll explain below, I can honestly say these are amazing:1. They give you curls that actually last all day and then some, super for me because my hair is totally flat and doesn’t hold a curl from a curling iron for more than a few hours, even if I had the good fortune of having hours in the morning to do my hair!2. You don’t need to use any products or heat at all, a big yay for me since I have thin hair that gets completely weighed down with the slightest product (though I do sometimes spray in some sheer blonde hairspray, which is very light)3. You can get tight corkscrew curls if you wind small portions of hair tightly around the curler OR looser curls if you wind wider bands of hair in a looser fashion (e.g. start twisting the hair from one end of the curler and continue to wist it until you reach the other end, using up the whole curler instead of just winding the hair around the same section of the curler – this will also let your hair dry better, see #4)4. Another reviewer commented that her wet hair didn’t dry by morning; this only happened to me once, and it was when I literally wrapped up my soaking wet hair and went straight to bed. In the morning, some of the curls were a bit damp, but they dried by the time I left the house AND maintained their curl.5. If you have thick hair, you may want to get two packs. I actually bought two packs and never use the second and I have long hair (bra length) but it’s thin as mentioned above so this might be different for others.6. When you use a curling iron, you don’t willy nilly curl in every which direction! You curl it carefully to all come out a certain way. Do the same with these, take your time, and curl all in the same general direction, don’t worry about doing it perfectly though. I don’t even use a mirror when I do it now because I’m so used to it.As for the other negative comments, while a stray curler does occasionally fall out at night or one of them gets half unraveled, it’s completely unnoticeable once mixed in with the rest of the curls. To prevent them from falling out, be sure to wrap the two ends of the curler in the SAME direction, both inwards or outwards. I’m amazed that these actually do stay in even with my tossing and turning at night and they’re also so comfortable.I highly recommend these for having great hair without all the damage or time normally associated with great hair:)

Cara West Somerset, KY



Lindsey Rio Nido, CA

Rag curler variation- greatly upgraded with bendable wire. Leaves nice ringlet type curl

These are a great curlers if your hair is not too long, short to medium length, or if you just want to put some curl on your ends if your hair is longer.The good thing about them is the bendable wires that are embedded in the foam, and that the fabric has texture so your hair doesn’t slip off.I use them to accentuate my already curly hair, and I find they work best with some mousse in first, then wait til the hair is nearly dry, them twist them in. You sort of push up the ends and that will help the tip of your curl stay down. Let them stay on awhile then apply a bit of hair spray. When you remove them, do so gently and slip them out of the curl rather than pull, that will maintain the curl.

Patricia Curtis, MI

I love these!

They are so soft and great! No hard plastic things digging into your head, its fantastic! they also create beautiful natural looking curls and waves. I love them, they are a great purchase, eco friendly, easy and comfortable to sleep in, easy to have in, and they work wonderfully. ^^

Tommie Portage, UT

Great comfortable Curlers

The Bamboo Curlers are easy to use. I like how they are compact flexible and firm at the same time. I order 2 sets for my shoulder length thick hair. I am african american with a perm.

Lindsay Edwardsville, IL

love them

these were the best curlers I ever bough they lasted to but when I went to reorder them they did not have any they quit selling them bad mistake they were great

Katy Cedar Lane, TX

These really pretty good….

I tried these curlers and the Avon pillow curlers. I hated the avon pillow curlers due to the small, cheap foam insert. This foam insert is much much much much longer and bigger! It also doesn’t ‘deflate’ like the avon curlers.I wear these curlers to sleep and they create pretty curls. The curls are more s-shaped, similar to the type of curls you get when you curl your hair with a flat iron.

Antoinette Brentwood, NY


Soft bendy and wonderful to sleep in, and then I wake up with bouncy curls that last. I love the natural aspect of bamboo eco-friendly curlers

Tammy Clare, MI