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Conair Anti Static Paddle Brush

Conair anti-static paddle brush is specially designed to control fly-away hair. flexible cushion massages your scalp and prevents hair breakage while you detangle and style. ball tipped bristles will not snag or pull. ribbed soft grip tapered handle gives better control and no slipping. great for brushing or detangling thick hair. use for everyday brushing and styling for all hair textures.

Key features

  • Anti static technology helps prevent fly away hair
  • Soft ribbed tapered grip for no slipping
  • Ball tipped bristles prevent snags and pulling
  • Flexible cushion prevents hair breakage
  • For straightening and detangling hair of all lengths and textures

Honest reviews


Awkward shape…be careful!

Well this is the only kind of brush that I’ve ever hit myself in the head with like 3-4 times during one brushing session. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re brushing your own hair. Maybe if you’re brushing your kid’s hair it might be okay.

Kimberlee Whitmire, SC


Feels good to brush my hair with this, We all fight over this brush in the household. I guess I should just by everyone their own!

Pat Dubuque, IA


This winter was brutal. We were hoping to find a brush that wouldn’t add to the frizz. I honestly noticed NO difference between using this brush and a normal brush- still lots of static

Katy Petrolia, CA


I really don’t know what to say about this brush HMMMMMM. OK, it is a great brush loved the way it bruched my hair BUT it broke in just a couple of days so I ordered another.(I thought I had done something wrong to it) the second brush came same thing, even in the same place. It breaks where the handle meets the paddle. So I don’t think it was my fault. It really is too bad because it’s a great brush.

Lucinda Walshville, IL

Good brush!

I love this brush, static-free, and frizz-free for me.I also love how big of a width it has, less time-consuming when I brush my hair since it goes through a lot of my hair with one brush.

Sue Parsonsfield, ME