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Conair 61121n Magnetic Rollers, 75 Pack

Conair Styling Essentials lightweight magnetic rollers produce smooth curls and volume. Use the largest rollers for body or to smooth wavy or flyaway hair. Multicolored sizes make it easy to produce curls or waves of the same shape and size. Convenient zippered travel pouch includes rollers, magnetic clips and a comb.

Key features

  • Conair Styling Essentials lightweight magnetic rollers produce smooth curls and volume
  • Use the largest rollers for body or to smooth wavy or flyaway hair
  • Multicolored sizes make it easy to produce curls or waves of the same shape and size.
  • Convenient zippered travel pouch includes rollers, magnetic clips and a comb

Honest reviews


Love these rollers

I am a biracial girl with VERY curly hair that is difficult to manage. Recently I relaxed and tried a BKT on my hair. I was left with shiny, but very limp pathetic curls that refused to do anything pretty. I began looking into different ways to style my hair without heat and I came upon these magnetic rollers. I LOVE THEM. It takes me about an hour to roll up my entire head and then I either sleep or do work for a few hours to let them dry, or if I dont have as much time, I diffuse them on a low setting. I am left with full, shiny, romantic curls. After nearly ruining my hair, I was near tears about how good these look. There are enough rollers for a very thick head, but not necessarily enough clips. When you buy this purchase a pack of metal clips just in case you run out or lose a few. Prepare to be impressed by how pretty your hair can look with virtually no heat whatsoever.

Justine Fort Myers, FL

Umm not magnetic-just regular plastic

There are a LOT of rollers but they are plastic and not magnetic at all. They set only comes with I think 12 or so clips so you will need to buy more. Honestly though the rollers are just a slippery plastic and even putting just a few rollers in, most just fallen right out before I even got a chance to get under the blow dryer. It’s kind of funny the clips stayed in but the rollers didn’t. so I just had a wet head with a few metal clips in it. I suggest getting better/longer clips with this set.

Gertrude Williamsburg, VA

Magnetic? No.

I loved that this roller set had a nice variety of sizes. I for once I had plenty of rollers for my hair. I did not run out of the sizes I needed. The price point of these rollers is very attractive. The cons of this set, is I don’t understand what is magnetic in this set. I didn’t notice anything being magnetic. You will need to buy more clips, 30 is too few.Would I buy this again, absolutely, its a great price. I would add some clips to your purchase so you have plenty of clips to keep that roller set in place.

Consuelo Mertens, TX

You get what you pay for!

I would not recommend these rollers to anyone! There should be more clips, the ones included are HORRIBLE, and the rollers are not very “magnetic”. While I do like the price, the amount of rollers you get, and the sizes… Let me just say I’m glad that I didn’t throw out my old rollers with the assumption these would replace them!

Margie Catlin, IL

These Roller Are NOT Magnetic

I was searching for rollers that didn’t pull out my hair like the velcro rollers do. These looked like the ones I used to use 30+ years ago but they are completely slick so my hair just slides off the ends. Also they should have come with large bobby pins that will hold the rollers in place not the small clips. I tried to put a clip on both ends but there isn’t room for them if you are placing the rollers close together. I don’t know why they call them ‘MAGNETIC’???? It’s total misrepresentation.Don’t waste your money.

Mayra Spencer, MA

Old School Wet Set Revisited

This economical magnetic roller set works well for me. It has an assortment of roller sizes (54 rollers, 9 each of 6 different sizes), a rat tail comb and not nearly enough clips (30). If you think you need more than 9 of anyone size of roller you need to buy another set OR get to your nearest beauty supply store and get EXACTLY what you need. Connecting and anchoring rollers to each other with ONE clip is a pain…BUY more clips too. The rollers with the snap-on covers, you can get at your local drug store, are easier to use BUT the covers leave a ridged impression on each curl…your bump will have a lump :)I have shoulder length curly, wavy, frizzy hair depending on the weather conditions. The Texas heatwave has dried and fried my hair BEFORE any hot tools touched it so treating it gently has become a priority. These rollers part of the gameplan. These are called “magnetic”, because wet hair clings to the roller. I like these, the accessories and plastic case to keep it all organized. The only improvements I have is to include another 30 clips AND a triangle hair net to hold the rollers on your head.A suggestion is to keep a water-filled spritzer bottle around while you roll your hair. It needs to be wet to cling to the rollers. The temptation to re-wet with setting lotion, gel, mousse etc will give you crisp curls that will cause your hair to break. Once your hair is rolled, drying it sitting under a dryer, a diffuser blow dryer or air drying will deliver curls and body. I prefer to give myself a facial and sit with my bonnet dryer for 30 – 45 minutes until each curl is DRY, works BEST for me.Check on YOUTUBE for more wet set ideas and how to get the most from each “set” hair style wise:)

Brandie South Gate, CA

Doesn’t Grip

Really difficult to use and won’t stay in hair. The surface is completely smooth which lets my hair just slide off.

Alyce Brimfield, MA

Standard “magnetic” style rollers..

Just to clarify, these rollers are not actually magnetic.. it’s just the style of roller. They’re standard and they do their job. Great value!

Kristine Sheldon, WI

I like it

I purchased this product a couple months ago. I am not a pro at roller sets but they were pretty easy to use. I like the case they come in for storage and the only thing I would recommend if you buy this is to get some extra clips. This package doesn’t come with nearly enough clips to do your whole head.Happy Hair care!

Mavis Park Ridge, IL

These are AMAZING when used correctly

I wish the seller gave a bit more info on how to use these because a lot of people are having issues stemming from incorrect use. These are magnetic in the way that the curlers stick together- not to your hair. You roll your hair, clip, roll the next section, take out the first clip, and clip the 2 rolls together. It takes some getting used to but I’m a cosmetologist so I didn’t really have any issues. Before ordering them I suggest doing some googling/YouTubing for some tutorials. Also, they work great in short hair (with a little skill lol). They arrived fast and in great condition. I would order again and highly recommend.

Faye Rosebush, MI

Great Tool

I have a great wet set when Im done. It gives me define curls and I love it. If you have natural hair you can do it as well just in smal section of the hair.

Kristie Bethany, LA

Great Buy

This is cheaper than buying them in the store. The colors were cool and there were plenty of rollers. Not enough clips of course but you can get those anywhere for pretty cheap. I would recommend to a friend.

Jennifer Mansfield, TX

sturdy rollers

This is a great set of rollers. They are more firm than other rollers I have purchased, and its easy to set your hair with them. They come with a tail comb and clips to secure the rollers. Gave my hair fabulous body.

Krista Carter, SD