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Conair 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Brush Combo

The Conair 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Brush Combo gives you everything you need to create a beautiful blow out. This professional styling tool applies 1000 Watts of power and includes 3 attachments. The 1 1/4-inch tourmaline ceramic-coated thermal brush eliminates frizz and gives your hair a natural, healthy-looking shine. The 3/4-inch nylon/boar bristle brush is perfect for styling and removing tangles. It also includes a concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling and features a 3-position high/low/off switch. It is designed with tourmaline ceramic technology that provides increased, even heat distribution to elminate damaging hot spots. And it emits natural ions to reduce flyawas and leave hair silky smooth.

Key features

  • 1000 Watts of styling power
  • 3 Attachments: 1 1/4-inch tourmaline ceramic-coated thermal brush, 3/4-inch nylon/boar bristle brush, concentrator
  • Ceramic technology eliminates damaging hot spots
  • Natural ions for more shine
  • 3-Position switch: High / Low / Off

Honest reviews


Wonderful Styling Tool…

When the brush attachment on my more than 10-year old Conair Hot Air Brush began to disintigrate, I looked to see what new model Conair had available. The Conair Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush incorporated the newer ceramic and ionic technologies while still retaining the desirable features of its predacessor. After determining that replacing the brushes would cost more than a new Conair Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush from Amazon, I decided to purchase an entire new unit. Amazon’s price is far and away the best on the web and beats local retailers by at least $10.The Conair Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush is ideal for finishing many hairstyles. While its 1000 watt power makes it impractical as one’s only drying tool for longer hair, it does a fine job on shorter, cropped styles. As someone with chin-length hair, I find my Infiniti by Conair SD8 Tourmaline Ceramic Styler provides the power I need to do the initial drying phase of my style. However, my hair is somewhat boxed in the back and has a tendency to flip upward no matter what I do. The brush on the Infiniti by Conair SD8 Tourmaline Ceramic Styler has proven to be a bit large to handle my hair’s length in the back in styling the turn-under. The Conair Hot Air Brush, on the other hand, is just what I needed for producing a lovely, slightly turned under curve. It is compact enough to handle the finish work on the rest of my hair without a problem. This allows me to get a nice straight look without subjecting my hair, on a daily basis, to the intense heat of a flat iron. The new ceramic and ionic features do impart additional shine to my hair and seem to cut down on the fly-away strays I have. The brush has not burned my hair which I color about every four weeks using Clairol’s Natural Instincts.The diameter of this hot air brush’s handle portion has been reduced a bit from its former iterations. I have small hands and have no problems holding or manipulating the brush. This is particularly important as I am dealing with a non-functional left-hand and must be able to style my hair with only one hand. The tools are fairly easy to put on and remove, even with one hand; this may be because Conair is still using the same system that was used on my older Conair hot air brush. The on-off switch operates smoothly and is much easier to move than the switch on my older model.The Conair Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush is easy to pack for travel as the pieces are sufficiently compact so the fit into the “dead spaces” between clothing and other necessities packed in your carryon or checked baggage.You will not regret purchasing the Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush – it is quite functional and does an excellent job as a styling tool. I fully expect it will be as long lasting as my last Conair hot air brush.

Joanna Elk Park, NC

Works like it’s suppose to.

I like it but I expected it to be like a flat iron curler. It’s a blow dryer curler instead.

Martha Hamden, NY


Delivery was quick. Item was wrapped to perfection. The item was brand new in the original package. I have not used it yet. i will post another review after the first use.

Lupe Saint Charles, VA

Doesn’t Work for Me

I purchased this hot air brush from CVS but found it cheaper at Harmons ($18 plus 20% coupon). Not sure which stores are available in your area. I tried this brush on towel dried hair with anti-frizz leave in cream and styling mousse. I had to go over the same area over and over. I made sure I had a small section of hair (found people trying to dry in large sections) and it did not work. It left my frizzy and limp. It has a low and high setting but would prefer a middle setting. I would purchase this at a walk-in store so if it doesn’t work for you then you can return it. I also saw it available at Walgreens. Amazon may have a cheaper price but you are taking a risk since you have to pay return shipping if it doesn’t work for you.

Heather Ralph, MI

Throw out your blowdryer!!!!!!!!!!

I use this instead of a blow dryer now. I don’t know if that was its intention or not but the wand is very useable and adds body to my thin hair. But the hint is not to use too much product. If you do it takes forever to dry your hair and it comes out crunchy. Each attachment works as it should and I just like this soooo much more than a blow dryer. It drys fast and bouncy-at least for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

Lesley East Stroudsburg, PA

Great… But Needs Improvement

My hair has some natural wave, is fine in diameter and texture, but I have a lot of it.Ever since I got a 1920’s-style bob, having to blow dry and then flat iron my hair became tedious and annoying whenever I was pressed for time.To make things faster and easier, I bought theConair BC171CS Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush, Black, 1.25 Inch. Did it work for my hair type and hair style? Yes.However, there is a lot of room for improvement:1. The switch everyone mentions. Yes, it is a pain.2. The air brush could use a medium heat setting. With the low setting, it takes a long time for my hair to become dry. With the high setting, I have to be careful I do not fry my hair.3. It could use a cool setting. Not mandatory, but it would be nice to have.4. A hanging loop.I suspect for people with very full and thick hair, this air brush would would take a good amount of time to get their hair dry. Also, for people with very curly or wavy hair, this device will not straighten your hair without a smoothing hair product. I strongly suspect that for people with straight hair who are looking for lots of curls and ringlets, this may not work as well as a curling iron or hot rollers.For myself, it has worked incredibly well… it just needs some tweaks to make it perfect.

Jackie Sumatra, FL

I gotta tell you – I love this thing!

I’m one of those girls who hasn’t had hair that was long enough to curl for at least the last 20 years. Now that I do, I must tell you it’s kind of funny to see what new goodies are now being offered to those with tresses!The brush curler on this thing makes it easy to get that soft, face framing under curl that can be difficult for those of us who have a difficult time wrapping our arms around our heads in order to get a “balanced” and “even” styling effect – You KNOW what I mean!For a girl who found herself needing training wheels to help her style her newly grown-out hair, this was a great buy. With instant focused heat I can play with styles all I want or easily dampen and re-style a problem area.I love having long hair again!

Marla Arcola, IL

Cumbersome but has good results

Not very noisy. I use the large brush to turn my hair under. I have bottom-of-the-ear-length hair. It takes a few times to get used to the machine as it feels cumbersome. I often switch it off by mistake. The brush does not get caught in the hair.

Alissa Eva, AL

Great concept – needs improvement

It’s nice that it comes with two brush options and a concentrator attachment – but for me there were some real cons:
• The cord is really short; you need to have a plug in above the counter-height to make it the most user friendly – and I’m only 5′ 3″
• I was hoping to use this instead of a hairdryer and round brush, but your hair has to be almost dry to use this. Guess that’s fine if you have long hair (as shown in the pictures), but it doesn’t work well for shorter, fine hair that needs to be styled from the moment you start drying it or it will be stick straight.
• The diameter of the handle is too big; it makes it cumbersome to use.
• This is REALLY loud, much louder than other hairdryers I’ve had.This all could be due to the fact that it’s not a high end brush/dryer; maybe you get what you pay for. Glad I got it on a Lightening Deal.

Malinda Elmer, NJ

Awesome product!!!

This is a great product! I had one like this 10 years ago and it broke and I couldn’t find one i liked after that. I blow dry and striaghten my hair everyday. My hair is very dry because of it! So I thought about giving on of these a try again, cuz I am uncoordinated when it comes to blow drying and using a round brush. This product makes it so easy! Works very well!!! Half the time i don’t have to even striaghten my hair after!! Love, love, love it!

Michael Fraser, CO


This is by far the best hair styling tool I have EVER used. Yes EVER.It has taken my hair drying time down to at least half of what it was. I have very thick and a lot of this thick hair and its long.Naturally it will take about 4- 6 hours to dry. With a regular blow dryer, it would take close to an hour. Then I would still have to flat iron to get the straightness I wanted.With this, I let it air dry a little – then section it off, starting at the bottom and dry. Whole head takes 20-30 minutes to totally dry….AND it is very straight and smooth and I don’t actually have to do anything to it again for up to 5 days.Its revolutionary for me that I can dry it that quickly and have it be that smooth and look that nice. IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT>Have been so happy with it, I haven’t tried using the smaller brushes to curl yet.

Angela Hinckley, NY


this has helped in curling my hair when I am in a hurry. also, this has been easy to use and handle in curling hair. however, I wish the curl would last longer.

Gertrude Warren, OR

OK brush

I like this brush, but it is rather on a cheap side – not very powerfull air flow. On high it just burns your hair beause it just increases the temperature of the blowing out air, not the power of the air flow like some more expensive models do. So I use it on low when my hair is practically dry to just shape my hair.

Fran Stanton, TX

Haven’t quite got the hang of it.

So I’ve used this product a few times. I like it, it’s a bit easier than blow drying for me as I have just-below-the-shoulder length hair and it’s quite thick. I’ve found the trick has been seperating into sections, that really speed up my blowdry time. Hopefully as I continue to use this brush I will be come more adept at controlling it. I have thick, wavy/loose curly hair.

Enid Fountain Run, KY

Poor product!

I bought this item expecting to use it as a curling device for my hair. It frizzed my hair and added not curls. Stay away from this one!

Monika Glen Ferris, WV

Easy and cheap!

I have been considering the Instyler for a long time and opted to try this one first due to the good reviews and way cheaper price. A good move! Its not perfect, but I do like it and its pretty easy to use. I have shoulder length thick, course, slightly wavy hair. I still have to use a flat iron on the stubborn spots if I want my hair to look really perfect – but this a so much better than using a round brush and heavy blow dryer. The only con is that both attachmnets are not ionic — only the big one.

Patrice Golden, MO

Love this hair dryer

This is so much lighter than the blow dryer I typically use. It’s like a travel/daily use all in one. I wish I knew about these years ago.

Rita Redwood, MS

Conair Ionic Air brush

I like that it’s compact and lightweight. I like that it’s ionic. It’s awkward for me to use it with the brush attachments, so use the air flow director thing on the hair dryer and use a regular brush for styling. If you do use the attachments, and switch them out during styling, be sure to have a towel or oven mitt nearby. The plastic gets HOT. One more downside is that it’s not as powerful as my old hairdryer, so it takes a little longer to get my hair dried.

Hope Saint Hedwig, TX

it will burn your hair

The base get’s SO hot that it will burn your hair and you can’t control the temp. Look for the Helen of Troy, it is a plastic/rubber base and brush. I have two in different sizes and love them.

Annabelle North Branford, CT

It works ok.

The big brush is too hard and hurts me sometimes. The small brush is very small to my hair. I have long hair. But it works ok.

Darlene Deer Park, AL

Very good product

I ordered this and received it overnight on Friday. Yesterday I was able to try it out. Works very well and even dried my wet hair quickly. I have shorter hair and the barrel of both brushes work well. It styled my hair very nicely and left it nice and full and smooth. Didn’t take time to try the blower attachment, but both brushes are great. Very good deal for the price.

Myrtle Curllsville, PA


I like this product becAuse it has 3 different attachments and has a strong motor. The only thing is it doesn’t have a cool air option. Be cautious too in handling the attachments, they can get very hot and I learned the hard way. It does the job…not too thrilled about it though

Lynette Angie, LA

Conair Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush

This hot air brush is OK. Not what it is cracked up to be. If you want just a hot air curler for your hair, then it is not for you. If you want something you can just run through your hair to dry it and make it straight, then it is for you. I wish I had never wasted my money.

Bobbi Sidney, KY

Light and easy to pack

This package is good for traveling. Takes up no room and is light. The attachments are a bit sharp have to be careful handle with care. Good and bad, but does dry hair well.

Lizzie Heaters, WV


It does your hair wonderful, I had one similar years ago I really like the smaller one has real brushes on it, keeps the hair from slipping, takes the frizzies out of my hair for me, gets nice and hot, I’d buy another to have on hand.

Noemi Norwell, MA

Curly & Flyaway Hair Now Under Control!

I have owned this Hot Air Brush for a year and a half and I cannot say enough good things about this product. My naturally curly straightens out beautifully using this Hot Air Brush. I don’t need my hair pin straight so I don’t use a flat iron. I like some body to my hair and this brush does just that. It takes the curl out of my hair but it leaves my hair full of body and without flyaways. It comes with 3 attachments: a blow dryer attachment and 2 brushes. The larger brush has a line of bristles and then a line of plastic pins sticking out and then another line of bristles etc. I have to be careful using the large brush because if I move to quickly to brush my hair the plastic pins poke me in the head. lol Just something to keep in mind when using the large brush. The small brush does not contain any plastic pins, only bristles. I am guessing the plastic pins in the large brush help move the brush through the hair so it doesn’t get tangled around the bigger brush and so the hair is separated in order to properly dry the hair throughout. I really think you will like this Hot Air Brush as much as I do. I have not had any problems or issues with this brush and I have had it for almost 2 years. : )

Janine North Lima, OH

Too much air power for my hair (to use as a hot air brush). Just blew my hair around. Too bad, usually good products.

I have shoulder length hair, and this particular hot air brush has too much power (air power, in my opinion), as it just blows my hair around, and I can’t get it to stay on the circular brush to curl it. It’s a pain to use therefore.I bought it because it had the 2 different barrel sizes, which is a good idea, and I wish more manufacturer’s would do this.Unfortunately, they put too much air power into it, like a regular hair dryer, which this can also be used as. It also comes with a "directional" piece for the airflow (as a hairdryer alone). Anyway, normally I like Conair products, but they need to back off on the "air power on this model" for it to be effective as an air brush.

Benita Culbertson, NE

You Have to Learn to Work With It

The heat and blow is great (a lot of power for a cheap product). It’s easy to use. I wish the cord was longer. It can get a little overheated at times when used too long and I wish there were a cool setting, too. It is pretty loud for a small dryer, a lot of hair dryers have been able to modify the volume down these days, so, that’s another con.With long hair, it’s easy to get it tangled in the brushes. You have to learn how to work with it to get what you want out of it. I think it’d be much more ideal for short to even medium (shoulder length hair); but I have to do a drawn out roll up-dry-unroll halfway-dry-unroll some more THEN I can rotate it while I dry the last 1/4 to get a little flip in order to use it. Or else I get a tangled mess. It needs a MUCH bigger barrel to work with long hair.It does add some shine, which is great-something I was looking for out of the product with the brushes. However, I’ve found it also adds a lot of static to my hair. So.. Honestly, I’m thinking you get what you pay for with this kind of thing. It’ll do for now but I’m going to be on the lookout for something of more quality.

Elsie Richlands, VA

Best thing I’ve used on my frizzy hair

Yes, it is loud but that didn’t really bother me.. And yes, the brush did pop off in middle of drying because it just needed to be tightened up. Otherwise it was a spectacular experience. My hair never looked so shiny and sleek, best of all it lasted three days without hairspray.

Shanna Labelle, FL


This item is probably good for some people, however, I have much better results drying my medium fine hair with a blow dryer and round brush, I don’t like it.

Maude Almond, NY