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Conair 276R Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer

InfinitiPro by Conair Volume Boost 1875 Watt 2-in-1 Styling Tool The InfinitiPro by Conair Volume Boost 1875-Watt 2-in-1 Styling Tool utilizes ionic ceramic technology technology to give you shiny, frizz-free hair. This is a lightweight, ergonomic hair dryer that’s easy to maneuver and also includes two attachments, a concentrator nozzle and an innovative volumizing attachment for creating fullness when styling your hair. Plus, it has variable heat and speed settings that allow you to customize the dryer to fit your hair type and achieve salon-quality styles. Quiet and powerful long-lasting motor Featuring a powerful 1875-watt AC motor, the 276 creates high airflow for quick drying and minimal heat exposure, drying hair up to 50% faster than standard dryers. The AC motor lasts longer than standard DC motors, and its removable filter prevents damaging lint buildup, so the motor life is extended even further. Plus, the heavy-duty motor remains whisper-quiet during use. Ionic ceramic technology gives you healthy, silky results Designed with both tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology, the 276 allows you to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair without damage. Tourmaline ceramic heat emits natural ions for static-free hair and reduces hot spots to the hair shaft. Ionic technology helps enhance your hair’s natural shine and eliminates frizz for healthy-looking, smooth results. Lightweight design for prolonged styling The 276’s lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use the hair dryer from any angle. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, the hair dryer is well-balanced for easy movement, and the contoured handle makes it comfortable to grip. Variable Heat and Speed Settings For customizable styling, the 276 features three heat settings along with a low and high speed setting. With an easy flick of the rotary switches, any combination of these settings can be used to match your hair texture and length. For example, the low-heat, low-speed setting is ideal for delicate, fine hair of all lengths, while the high-heat, high-speed setting is best suited for thick or long hair. A true cold shot button provides a blast of cold air to set hair once you’ve achieved your desired style. Two Attachments Included This styling tool includes two attachments − a concentrator that aids in straightening sections of hair for a sleek shine, as well as an innovative volumizing attachment. The volumizing attachment’s fingers lift hair and direct airflow to the roots where volume begins. What’s in the Box One InfinitiPro by Conair Volume Boost 1875 Watt 2-in-1 Styling Tool and instruction guide. The InfinitiPro by Conair 246 Key Features: Salon performance hair dryer with powerful, quiet, long-lasting AC motor 1875 Watts High airflow reduces heat exposure and minimizes damage Designed with ionic ceramic technology for smooth, frizz-free, static-free results Unique volumizing attachment Concentrator attachment True cold shot 3 heat settings 2 speed settings Removable filter to extend motor life Backed by a limited 4-year warranty

Key features

  • 1,875W of Power
  • Volumizing Attachment
  • 3X Longer Life Than Standard Dc Motor

Honest reviews


Not so hot…

I mean that title literally and figuratively. The Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer doesn’t blow hot enough on the hottest setting-at least not for me. I have fine, thin hair that needs oodles of volume to look good. This blow dryer is supposed to give your hair a volume boost, especially if you use their volumizing pik. Not so. I tried their volumizing pik several times and in several different ways-since there is no hint in the directions on how to use it. My hair always came out much flatter than if I held my head upside down and used my fingers to lift the roots while drying-which I usually do. The concentrator that I attached to add heat to rounded brushes or curlers to give my hair waves, was too thin at the end, so with a lack of strong heat and blowing power, I was getting very little curl compared to other 1875 watt blow dryers.I’ll keep this blow dryer as a back-up, but it just wasn’t for me.

Caryn Palisade, MN

Good Hair Dryer

Really good hair dryer does the job that it is intended to do. It dries your hair, and you can styles it. It comes with an infuser; it has 3 speeds; a cool/warm/hot button. It is a two-in-one styling tool and hair dryer, volume boost, fast and frizz-free styling.This is a really good hair dryer. Both my daughter and I use this hair dryer. It is definitely getting used a lot.I would definitely recommend this hair dryer/styler to anybody who needs this type of product.Good quality.

Callie Carey, ID

Not your grandmother’s hair dryer!

Ok, so let me just say I am not one to get excited about blow dryers, since I have naturally curly hair and usually air dry. I’ve only used blow dryers in the past when it was cold outside and I really needed to dry my hair before going out into the tundra. So it was really for my health, not beauty. Occasionally, I would use a diffuser to get a nice spirally curl. This device has brought my beauty regimen to a whole new level. First of all, I love that it has so many different settings on it – low, med, and high plus warm, warmer, and hot, and even a cold setting if you need just cold air! So people with fine, delicate hair like mine can put it on a very light setting and not feel like I’m singing my hair or face. If you do have thick hair, or medium hair, or anything there is a setting for you! Secondly, this attachment is incredible. I had no idea what it was about so I watched a video. You put this right up to your hair and lift it slightly upward as you blow dry and it gives your hair incredible body without the frizz.I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! My old blow dryer went straight to good will. Finally, I have a hair dryer for the 21st Century!PS – this product has a four year warranty!

Sherry Morris, MN

Pretty good hairdryer but heavy and awkward

Reading the other reviews, I see that most people like the extra power and special features of this hairdryer. I didn’t find it faster or better than average full-sized dryers, and it is considerably heavier and more complicated, with a price that is higher than most (although not in the high-end bracket). So, for me, there’s nothing special about this, and I’d opt for something simpler, lighter and cheaper. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with it either, and it is quieter than most comparable products.

Leanne Isle La Motte, VT

fast, no frizz and powerful!

This blow dryer is so powerful it can blow ideas out of your head! The ion rods really keep hair from getting frizzy (important when you have curly hair). It lifts your hair and drys at the root rather than drying out the ends of the hair. I love that it has a removable vent cover for easy cleaning. The handle is comfortable and the dryer is not too heavy (a plus when you are like me and have arthritis in your shoulders and hands).

Mandy Shawmut, ME

Conair 276 Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer

This is a really wonderful hairdryer. A big improvement over the one I had been using, whose name shall remain nameless. I really can’t think of anything negative to say about this dryer. Highly recommended.

Haley Lykens, PA

Works Well, good attachments

I enrolled me teenage daughters to help me evaluate this hairdryer. Right away they liked the design and color of it, and also thought that it was a tad quieter than other hairdryers they have used. They like the attachment which combs hair as it dries which they felt made their hair more controllable and certainly not as fluffy.My trial was easy because my salt & pepper hair is kept fairly short, I though it did a great job of drying my hair and to my ears was not as annoying as those cheapie models that have a high pitched sound.This hairdryer looks well made and it certainly has a feel of quality to it.

Carla Hastings, IA

Very nice product

I have to start off by saying that I usually have pretty cheap, old hairdryers… I will keep one until it literally will not work anymore, even if it’s not that great. So with my limited knowledge of great products I will say that I LOVE this hairdryer! Right off the bat, it looks like it is made well, it feels like it is made well (it’s heavy!) and it sounds like it is made well. The sound of the motor is smooth and definitely less jarring than other hairdryers. The product page says that it will dry your hair 50% faster than some other dryers, but after using it and comparing it to my old, ratty machine I don’t think it dried my hair all that quicker. I do agree with the description that it helps with frizz and smooths hair. My hair did feel smoother and looked much better after I dried it with this machine than my previous. I didn’t have to do as much styling after because it helped to sculpt it the way I wanted while drying. The two speed options are nice and the high setting is powerful. I don’t use attachments and I don’t use the cooling setting, so I can’t comment on their usability. Overall, I really like this dryer and can’t think of a single thing I would change about it. It may have actually won me over into purchasing higher quality dryers in the future!

Diann Furlong, PA

Sleek, compact, fast-drying, and quiet!

The first thing I noticed about this hair dryer is how lightweight it is and how sleek it looks! I also liked the way the power cord was attached to the blow dryer as my last one kept turning and twisting and was really annoying. There is a rubber piece that allows you to conveniently hang the dryer from a hook in the bathroom. Additionally, when turned on high, the noise level is definitely not as loud as the TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer that I ordered from amazon back in 2008 and the one I had been using. With its powerful 1875 watts, my hair is dried quickly using the 3 different heat and 2 speed settings. It also has a button for COLD air to set if needed. I don’t really need the concentrator nozzle and I haven’t tried the volumizing attachment yet. I found that my very fine, short hair did not have a lot of static and that it was not frizzy after the rapid drying.I am very pleased with this compact volume dryer and look forward to a long lasting product that will stand up to daily use. The fact that the end that covers the filter can be twisted off cleaned should help with that. My only complaint, and it’s minor — I am still wishing for a retractable cord!

Christian Barren Springs, VA

Volume with ease…

Thrilled to review this hairdryer! I used this on my daughters hair (which is soooo thick) and I’m absolutely sure it cut the time in half! Seriously. The attachment was the key! As it lifted, separated and increased the volume, it dried it so much faster and there were little to NO complaints about hair getting tangled in the process. Loved the different heat settings as well – I don’t want to burn her hair but I want it dried NOW and the 2 different speed settings were awesome. I used the slower one around her face where there is baby-fine hair and the faster setting for the back. I did notice that the filter got a bit hot so I don’t recommend using all the time for any length of time. For this price it can’t be beat!

Avis White Cottage, OH

Excellent heat & funky attachment that works great!

Dried my hair using this lovely thing this morning. I haven’t used a non-Chi blow-dryer at home – when traveling, I am stuck with those cheap hotel blow dryers but anyway – and the Conair surprised me. I also was never a big fan of these big attachments but it worked. I have very long hair and like to straighten it with volume, and it has exactly that. Straightening WITH volume. I love it. Also very light and many settings for adjusting heat level. Will be using this puppy a good many times.

Tina Arroyo Seco, NM

Hair Is Big

Remember the “bubble cut?” Picture dark haired Barbie from the early 60s. That’s what I was thinking after I used the “infinitipro” with the volumizing pik attachment.This hairdryer has so many features, it must be “the Lady Gaga of hairdryers!” It has 1875 watts, so it delivers a powerful blast of air (3 heat settings, plus a “cold blast!”) and two speed settings. It has “ionic technology” that generates a cloud of negative ions that can neutralize the generally positive charge of flyaway hair, eliminate static electricity and contribute to shine. It has “ceramic heat technology,” a full spectrum infrared heat that works on molecules inside the hair shaft, drying it inside and out to minimize heat damage. It comes with two attachments: “concentrator” and “volumizing pik.” And for safety, it has an Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ALCI).Only problem is, although the directions were printed in both English and Spanish, the directions for how to use the volumizing pik were only printed in Spanish so I had to go to the Conair website and hope that I could learn how to use the pik there. (I did.) In addition to learning how to use the volumizing pik, the website directions also informed me on “body and volume,” “straightening,” and “making waves.” I also learned that my best looks “begin with a good haircut that’s well maintained.” In other words, get a precision cut and use this Conair “infinitipro” precisely for hair that looks glamorous and sets your face off to its best advantage.My former hairdryer is also a Conair that I’ve been very pleased with for years. It’s a much simpler version of this one — it doesn’t have the volumizing pik and it does not have a removable filter as does this “infinitipro” (model 276).When I want a more bouffant look with “volume, volume, volume,” I’ll be opting for this new dryer (over my old one), and I’ll be using the volumizing pik attachment. This is a very nice product that Conair has obviously invested a lot of design technology in!

Lynette Terlton, OK


This is a good retail hair dryer. My issue is that I do not need a volumizing hair dryer with all my hair. So, I found it good, but not great. However, it worked better for family members. I did like that it was lighter than my current blow dryer.

Ernestine Linwood, NJ

A great investment……

This is a amazing little dryer! I have straight hair and this works great. I like that the dryer doesn’t get too hot – this has been a problem in the past, and my sensitive scalp doesn’t respond well to overheating so it takes time for me to dry my hair. The level of setting is a plus, and I always appreciate a dryer with that sort of function.The best part…..The Conair 276 Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer dries my hair in less time than I’m accustomed to, and I like anything that cuts down the time on my morning routine.This dryer may seem pricey, but the attachments and the quality really make up for it. I have found that I go through several of the “cheap” dryers, and having one of higher quality is probably going to save me money in the long run.

Dawn Grantsburg, IL

Very powerful motor and nice attachments & “freeze” button .. nice!

Ok.. first off this hairdryer is quieter and way more powerful (fan wise.. not heat wise), this is due to the fact that the fan motor is AC, not the usual DC motors that are usually in dryers.It has a Volume attachment that works great if you have thick hair or long hair that you want to boost he volume of it, but if you have thin hair or short hair you may not really care about that. It also has a concentrator attachment to pinpoint airflow to a certain spot.It also has a “True cold shot” button to lock in hair styles.It has a removable filter which is a great idea, an “ionic ceramic technology for smooth, frizz-free, static-free results”2 fan speeds and 3 temp settings round out the featuresMy Wife noticed the difference right away, it dried her hair in WAY less than her other dryer…. and if she is happy then I am happy!Is it worth 39.99? It is in the ballpark of other dryers, but I think the AC motor really pushes this model near the top of the pack to consider.

Erma Big Wells, TX

Gave me back my silky, tangle-free locks!

Thanks to a medical condition, my once silky, baby fine, long locks had become a thinning, tangled nightmare. Even a combination of an expensive conditioner and leave-in detangler failed to improve this ongoing problem. When I saw this hair dryer offered, I recalled how much I once loved the detangling aspect of a previous dryer with volumizing attachment and knew I had to have it. I was not disappointed.I’m usually frustrated with the extended dry time ionic hair dryers require but on its highest settings, this one gives my traditional one a run for its money, yet it leaves my hair much smoother and shinier. Where this product earns my highest raves, however, is with the volumizer attachment. Thanks to it, I now have again what I thought I’d lost forever: no tangles! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Charlotte Casanova, VA

Makes Blow-Drying a Breeze!

There are lots of things to like about this professional quality dryer. Here are some of its best features:1 It’s powerful! With an 1875 watt motor, it shoots a gale-like flow of air, and on the high setting, this means you get the job done fast.2 It has 5 settings (which is more than most dryers). 3 heat settings and 2 speed switches, so you can control the strong flow of air.3 It adds the volume it promises. Now, I don’t use the attachments, because my hair is pretty short, but I use my fingers to tousle while drying, and this machine give a great “lift” to my short style.4 It’s a pretty purple color :>)The reason I removed one star, is because there are a couple of things that are less than perfect:1 It isn’t truly quiet, as it claims to be. It sounds about the same as any other dryer.2 I found it fairly heavy to handle (though it IS well-balanced).I’m not being picky here, just thought those two less-than-perfect features were important enough to mention.Overall, however, I think this is a great dryer.

Anita Taftsville, VT

Much better than my last hair dryer.

I just used the Conair 276 Infiniti Pro Dryer for the first time and I will tell you, hands down it is so much nicer than other products for the same or even slightly higher price.I loved that it is thin enough to fit very comfortably in your hand and the high speed seems so much stronger than 1875 watts. I have very thick hair and also live in a very humid climate and was surprised that it dried my hair as fast as it did. Maybe its the ionic technology, I do not know. I loved the diffuser as my last dryer did not come with one, and it is certainly much quieter than anything i have used in the past. Lastly, I think its great that they have finally offered a dryer where you could remove the filter and get rid of the dust that caused the old dryers to clog and slow down.For the price, you really can not beat this hair dryer. I am thrilled I got it.

Dorothy Lightfoot, VA

One POWERFUL little hair dryer!

I’ve used this a few times since I’ve received it, and WOW! This little thing is far and away the best hair dryer I’ve ever had. I’ve had conair before, always decent, love their curling irons. I’ve been using a vidal sassoon dryer for the last year or so, and this one was a BIG improvement.Some great features:- It’s small, lightweight, and compact. It’s not nearly as big or as bulky as some hair dryers I’ve used. Now if you use the attachment as shown in the photo, it does add some bulk, but it’s removable.- The heat. Even on the highest setting, it doesn’t get very hot. I’ve had dryers in the past that practically incinerate my hair. This one doesn’t! It certainly doesn’t detract from its ability to dry in a timely manner, either. Better for your hair indeed! Also, even after using for several minutes on the highest heat, the outside of the dryer doesn’t ever feel hot to the touch. I like that.- Its power! Wow! Even through a head of really wet hair, you can feel the air penetrate all the way to your scalp. I have never had a hair dryer that has this much force in the output!- the attachments. I’ve only used the smallest one once, for targeting the roots when necessary, but I’ve used the big ionizing one every time, and it DOES add more volume than just using a dryer alone. I have very fine hair, and it’s REALLY hard to get good volume out of any product, tool or otherwise. It’s not going to make you have super poofy hair, but it does add some volume without making it frizzy.- the buttons – it has two speeds, three heat settings, and a cold blast button. They’re all really easy to use and handle. They don’t stick or anything like that.Overall this is a really fantastic hair dryer. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. I’m really impressed with it. I tossed my old one in the trash! I hope conair keeps making this particular model, because when I need a new one, I want another one of these!!

Cornelia Portia, AR

Good blow dryer

I can’t say anything bad about this hair dryer. Its convenient (not travel size though) and it works well. I don’t have particular long hair, but it dries my hair fast and nicely. I feel it generates plenty of air and temperature to do the job well.

Deidre Livermore, IA

Does add a bit more volume

I am by no means a hair expert. I’ve tried teasing, root-lifter, moose, etc. to try to add a bit more volume to my hair. The Conair 276 Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer does seem to add a bit of extra volume to my hair. I wish the dryer came with a little more instruction on how to use the volumizing pick. There are really no directions. It does seem to add a bit of extra lift to my hair, but it doesn’t do a great deal on eliminating the frizziness(although to be completely fair, my hair is uber frizzy.)The dryer fits in my hand comfortably and is a good weight. It’s easy to maneuver and adjust the heat/speed settings. I have accidentally hit the cool shot button a few times, but there’s no harm there. All in all, I’m pleased with it. It’s definitely an improvement over my standard hair dryer.

Adelaide Stockwell, IN

Powerful, but Not Quite Hot Enough

I have been using 1875 watt hair dryers for years, and this one is, by far, the most powerful one I’ve ever used. The major advantage of this is that it dries my hair faster than my other hair dryers. It’s also a bit smaller than most 1875 watt hair dryers. However, I found it to be heavier than others, despite its description as “lightweight.” This isn’t a major drawback as the power offsets this by speeding up the drying time. However, even on the hottest setting, it doesn’t get very hot. For some folks, this may be a plus. For me, it makes it a little more difficult to straighten or “set” my hair. I couldn’t quite figure out how to use the volumizing attachment – I tried, but decided that using the concentrator and my hair brush was much more efficient. Overall, I think this is a great dryer with some room for improvement.

Pauline Lawen, OR

Great hair dryer

This is a great, basic hairdryer. The speed and temperature are easily changed while using it, it’s quieter than many hair dryers, it’s small and light yet and dries faster than conventional hair dryers–about as fast as my ceramic hair dryer.

Rocio Pasadena, TX

mind blower

I have curly hair so usually when I use a hair dryer I end up looking like a dandelion puffball. No frizz with this one. The pistol-grip handle is very comfortable and the buttons are located in reach of one hand. The “Cold” button is great especially if you are in a hurry. You can cool your curlers down before removing them so you don’t lose your curl. I don’t know how they do it but the housing never heats up and has two little pads to rest on the counter top if you put it down. Removable dust filter is a good idea. Nothing more frustrating than a dryer shutting down from lack of oxygen when you’re in a rush. Test button on the plug and hanging ring , more +++.I found the volumizer attachment a little awkward and unwieldy but maybe practice would help with that. I can see where it would work very well for very long or thick hair. The concentrator works well for just drying a spot like bangs.Three year limited warranty. All good from my viewpoint.Note to hairdryer designers: Why don’t you come up with a really good cordless dryer? If they can use the little light weight lithium batteries to run a 20V drill why not a dryer? I’m a “cord hater” and hang my dryer under the sink so I don’t have to look at it. Wouldn’t it be great to dry your hair while you’re looking for your shoes or making your bed or running downstairs to check on the kids?

Sharon Akiachak, AK

I quite like it

I wouldn’t say I’m in love with this hair dryer but I do really like it. I’m not a fancy girl when it comes to doing my hair-I like just get it over with and get on with my day-and I really enjoy that this hair dryer dries my hair really quickly. It has three heat settings-Hot, Warm, Cool and two levels of High and Low. It has two attachments to help your styling needs, which is nice to have.I don’t really have any complaints. Although, if I did have to say something negative, it would be that I would prefer the ‘hot’ setting to be a little more hot. That’s usually the setting that I use and I didn’t really notice much of a difference between ‘hot’ and ‘warm’. But other than that, I’m quite pleased with this hair dryer.

Stacey Lexington Park, MD

Well designed hair dryer – quiet and powerful

With so many hairdryers out in the market right now, it is difficult to decide between so many different models.Some thoughts:From my own and my wife’s experience with this hair dryer, we’ve found that the design and the performance is what sets this apart from other good mid-range hair dryers ($30 – $50). This hair dryer is powerful, but not overbearing. Oddly enough, neither my nor my wife’s hair feels burned or hot. The airflow is efficient and effective.It’s perfect for personal use if you’re looking for some extra “oomph,” as well as the option to keep your curls and preserve silky hair with the ceramic attachment. Excellent choice for personal use, and perhaps good for simple tasks at salons. This hair dryer is not for the weak ;)DesignWow! Conair really did a good job designing this dryer. The handle, the feel of the dryer is fluid, comfortable, and very intuitive. There are three heat settings: hot, warm, cold. This may seem odd to point out, but each heat setting is accurate. Other hair dryers I’ve tried had heat settings there were off and inaccurate. The switch for the heat settings are caved in, preventing any accidental switches.Overall, a very well designed hair dryer that offers reliable and good performance.You also may want to consider the older model of the infiniti pro: Infiniti Pro by Conair AC Motor Styling Tool, Orange and theConair 213XP Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ionic Styler, BlackCheers and treat your hair well!

Dianna Lamar, SC


I have used this only a few times, but I wanted to give a review. This product is lightweight compared to other hair-dryers I have used. It takes little time to dry my hair, and my hair is long(down to the end of my back). It is hard for me to hold an object in my hand for very long or use my arms for a length of time. This product definitely took away the pain of drying my hair. Now, it’s a breeze. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is a time saver, it definitely gives volume to my hair. It is great.

Fannie Fruitland, UT

Good hairdryer

This is a decent hairdryer. I prefer hairdryers with combs at the end as it makes it easier for me to blow-dry my hair out but I guess that is not the purpose of this hairdryer. It did dry my hair very quickly which is a plus for people who just need to dry their hair and get going.My hair is naturally curly and all it succeeded in doing was frizzing it out in less than 5 minutes. Not a plus for me but this is a good hair dryer for those with naturally straight hair.

Cheryl Crumpler, WV

I Always Trust Conair

I have been using a blow-dryer type hair dryer since the early 1970’s, since I pretty much have always worn my hair fairly long, in a style that I feel flatters my face. In order to get my hair to fall the way I like it, a blow-dryer is essential. In the past 40 years, I have owned a lot of portable hair dryers.Although most people believe that all blow-dryers are essentially the same, they are not. I have found a wide variety of results with various brands. Because I am very picky about how my hair looks, I once actually tossed away a perfectly good dryer because I didn’t like the way it styled my hair. And in all the time I’ve been using them, the brand I have come to trust most is Conair.Even so, I was not quite ready for the exceptional quality of the 276R Infiniti Pro-Volume Dryer. The dryer feels quite sturdy and I don’t expect it would break if I were to drop it on the floor (which happened to me once with another brand). The 276R also has several safety features (now quite standard) which I definitely appreciate.Most importantly, however, is the power. You can feel the difference in the force behind the maximum drying temperature and power setting from other brands. In fact with other dryers, I usually have had to use the maximum setting to dry my hair in any reasonable amount of time. The 276R Infiniti needs only the medium setting to out-power most other dryers, and I can save the maximum setting for times when I am in a real hurry, like if I’m late for work.All in all, I believe that Conair is the best name in portable hair dryers, and the 276R Infiniti is one of the best Conair models I’ve ever owned. Highly recommended.

Debra Silsbee, TX

Love this dryer

I have natural curly hair and I love this dryer. the volumerizer/difuser attachment works great. It really drys to the scalp and gives lots of lift and volume. My hair turns out really curly and full. One of the best dryers I have used. It doesn’t get too hot, has a ton of settings, I really like the color as well. Great quality. I would highly recommend this blow dryer and especially if you have curly hair and like to do your hair that way.

Josie Piseco, NY