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Conair 213XP Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ionic Styler, Black

This stainless steel Conair 1875 watt hair dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology with a professional AC motor, cool shot, 3 heat/2 speed settings, removable filter, 7′ professional line cord, diffuser and concentrator attachment.

Key features

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Ionic styler
  • Professional AC motor
  • 7′ professional line cord
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachment

Honest reviews


I Obvioiusly Missed Something…

I purchased this hair dryer to replace an ionic dryer that I have. It is heavier, but what bothered me is that it didn’t put out the heat like my old dryer does. Though it did fine on most of my hair (which is short and curly/wavy), I had a harder time styling my bangs and the front sides of my hair. I usually pull them out with a dryer and round brush to make them look smoother and leave the rest of my hair curly. Also, my hair was no less or more frizzy than my old dryer so I sent it back.

Adriana Havaco, WV

Functional and Beautiful without being Gaudy

I own the 213L model, which is exactly the same as the 213X model, except it has 121 .33CT clear Swarovski crystals studding the handle and steel-paneled body of the dryer, a 9′ professional line cord, and possibly a longer warranty (5 years). However, it must be essentially the same model due to the fact that it comes with an instruction guide to the 213X.Functions: An Ion “on/off” button on the back, rubberized grip handle, cool/warm/hot + low/high functions, and a “cool shot” button. The grip is comfortable, even for someone with petite hands, like me. it has a hinged filter which “screws” off for easy cleaning. No more getting hair “eaten” by the back end of the dryer. Phew. My diffuser has the two-toned black/red color, and a black nozzle attachment.Performance: This dryer works amazingly! It feels less-powerful on “high” compared to my last dryer, a 6-year old Revlon 1875 Watt dryer ($20), but this didn’t affect its usage. The “Cool” function is actually cool instead of being somewhat-warm, and using the “cold” feature even on dry hair seems to smooth it out a bit. I have thick, straight, mostly coarse hair, and tend to look like a fluffy poodle after washing. My hair simply gains a ridiculous amount of volume and flyaways and I was always afraid to dry my hair all the way, thinking I’d heat-damage it. But this hair dryer made my hair straight, sleek, AND smooth! I am no longer afraid to dry my hair completely, it looked like freaking hair-commercial hair. The drying time wasn’t that much diminished from my old dryer, but the difference in quality was definitely noticeable. I might go so far as to call it a minor “miracle.” No more applying balms and salves to make my flyaway strands stay down!Cons: Weight is definitely a con on this dryer. It is no “featherweight” style and holding it for a lengthy time will build bicep strength. It’s a little heavy for me but my biggest arm workout usually involves typing on a keyboard. But if you like something “substantial,” this is it. I estimate about 1.5-2.5 lbs.Price difference: With substantial discounts from its MSRP of $140 on the 213L, the price difference between the two was
• not
• substantial. It sounds dumb, but the resultant $15 price difference for the crystals was worth it for me. Now my dryer is not just functional, it’s relatively pretty, and I hate to sound like a giddy little girl, but the sparkles really lift my mood during the chore of drying my hair… and the knowledge that I own one of only 2,500 213L(s) produced.other Notes: 5 year limited warranty. It is
• not
• dual-voltage, so no dragging it overseas. Mine also has a handled wooden carrying case with a satin inset, which is a little too ostentatious and large. High-quality, I just don’t have room for it. The Amazon pictures of both products are all accurate.Final Note: Would I buy this again? Yes. I compared it to other discount store dryers and high-end dryers. I almost bought a Hai Jade Air, but seriously, this one seems to have the same functionality as higher-end dryers. But who wants to spend $165+ on a dryer, anyway? Save that for your Chi iron. The only con to this one is that it’s just a bit heavy. I think I’m going to go buy the Infiniti hairbrush too… I’m
• that
• pleased.

Dayna Cope, CO

Makes a huge difference with my hair!

I was a little skeptical of some of the reviews on this dryer. I had a hard time believing that a blow dryer had the ability to make my hair look healthier and shiny. Well, I’m so glad I was proved wrong!My hair is very thin, but it’s usually so frizzy by the time I’m done drying it straight. With this blow dryer, my hair doesn’t have a bunch of fly aways and it looks so shiny!For the first time in years, I’m actually happy with how my hair looks.There are two negatives with this dryer. The placement of the buttons is awkward. The way they’re positioned on the handle makes it hard for you to dry your hair without changing the settings or turning it off on accident.The second negative is the weight of the dryer. At first, I thought it was way too heavy. Now, a few weeks later, I’ve completely adjusted to it.Even with those two negatives, I would still highly recommend this blow dryer. I can’t believe I went so long using one that was so sub par to this.

Julia Upper Fairmount, MD

I Love This Hair Dryer

When my beloved Revlon hair dryer finally died recently I found myself in the market for a new one. I attempted to get another Revlon one but wasn’t able to find one I liked that wasn’t too heavy or had to thick of a grip on it (I have smallish hands). I finally decided to try this dryer and have been using it approximately a month now and LOVE it so much it has become my new beloved hair dryer.This new dryer is nice and light without feeling cheap. The price is reasonable. My older dryer was very noisy- and this one is so much quieter. I love that I don’t feel the need to shut the door so I am not disturbing my family while I am drying my hair.I really recommend this dryer!

Jenny Newellton, LA

The BEST hairdryer I’ve owned, still working well after 5 years

This is by far the BEST hairdryer I have ever owned. I use it every day. I purchased this hair dryer 5 years ago, and it’s still working well which is impressive. You can adjust the heat (high or low) and it also has a cool air function. It dries your hair quickly without burning it, and there is no static/frizz problem. The cord comes with a handy attachment that you can use to bundle it for clean storage. Sometimes dust builds up on the back of the dryer, but you can detach that piece and easily clean it. I would highly recommend this product, and it’s also a great value.

Lana Edmore, MI

I love my diffuser!!

I have shoulder length curly hair, and this diffuser has been a lifesaver for me! It is quite solid and yes, the controls seem to be a bit awkward at first, but, nonetheless, it does the job as intended. You can control the amount of heat whether it’s on low, high, or no heat, which is another plus. Overall, I am very satisfied with my diffuser and I would recommend this to anyone, plus the price is good and I compared other so-called better diffusers, but this one won out. Glad I purchased it.

Rosalinda Townsend, VA

WOW damage free hair drying at last.

My stylist told me about this dryer as my hair is so fine and gets damaged by the dryer. This dryer makes a big difference and is worth the price. My hair is shiney and healthy now. Yes, it is a bit heavy but it dries your hair so fast you will not mind. Hold it like stylists do on the body, you can as it will not burn you.

Brittany Cadyville, NY

Best Hair Dryer I’ve Ever Owned!

The price was a little costly, but after seeing so many rave reviews over this particular model I decided to give it a try back in early April of ’10. Well I’ve been using it religiously every morning after my shower and I haven’t gone back since. This hair-dryer is top of the line, and the rave reviews are not all just fluff – the air is just warm enough, almost cool, to be able to get my hair fully dry in just under 15 minutes with enough time to get my hairstyle the way I like it.The hair-dryer also comes with two wonderful attachments, the diffuser and the concentration cone. The diffuser is great for getting that wavy texture for special occasions and can even go curly if you’re looking to put one of those fun hanging-bangs. The concentrator is great if you’re in a rush to get out and cuts the total time down to an easy 6-7 minutes – your hair will still be a little damp, but it’s really not too bad at all. A very small issue I had with the hair-dryer initially is that it was a bit cumbersome the first few times I used it – it’s rather large with a bit of heft, but after about two weeks I hardly noticed it at all. In fact, I felt like my arm had become a little bit stronger (not by much mind you – but every little bit counts!).Overall I have to say my experience and satisfaction with this product has been nothing less than wonderful. The only problem with using this hair-dryer is that it >will< spoil you, and using anything less will be bothersome and very noticeable. I always keep a spare in my car now, and even better is that once you have it there long enough, you’ll find that its uses go far beyond just hair. You’d be surprised the sort of things you’d need to get dry on a bad day!

Letitia West Warren, MA

Diffuser issue

Unless I’m straightening my hair, I always use the diffuser attachment on my hair dryer. I have thin, naturally curly hair that’s a few inches past my shoulders. That being said, after about 6 months of using this dryer, the diffuser attachment is completely melted. I’ve been using hair dryers with diffusers for probably about 15 years now and I’ve never seen anything like this. The dryer works well, but I’m a little concerned with the melting and I think I’m going to try a different hair dryer.

Imogene Red Cloud, NE

A dryer that will last

Although this dryer is heavy, it has a professional AC motor which will outlast most other conventional hair dryers. It is quite a bargain for a professional dryer. The warranty is outstanding, and the motor is rather quiet.

Amber Westpoint, TN

better than the cheap products, but it is heavy

I am not a great fan of haridryers for the fact that my hair normally gets tangled in the works; drying effect on both hair and scalp. After reading the reviews here, I decided to splash out and incredibly, my hair feels and looks shiney and definately did not dry my scalp.the drying time was a lot quicker than I have experienced with other dryers.However, like other reviews, this dryer is heavy and when you add the diffuser – I found it a little difficult to use. I am glad my hair is short as holding this dryer for any more than 4 minutes would not be fun.

Luz Elizabethtown, NC

Great Product – going to buy another one

My daughter and I have shared this blow dryer for the past two year. It gets used at least every day.I have never had a problem with it and both of us have healthy, sleek, and shiny hair. I receive many compliments on my hair, almost daily. After sharing, I need my own blow dryer. I thought I should splurge on a high-end product, but after scouring reviews, I decided to just buy another one of these products. It works great, its cheap, and it does what high-end products say they do. Save yourself some bucks! Only draw back: it could be quieter, but my hairdresser expensive dryer is louder!

Hollie Michigantown, IN

Good Hair Dryer

My wife is a hair dresser, so buying a hair dryer for Christmas is a big jump for me. It is a nice dryer, with adequate heat and power. It has a cold air button for quick shots of cool air, and is relatively quiet.It is a bit heavy though, but if you are not doing hair all day it is not that big a deal.

Madelyn Berrysburg, PA