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Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Creative styling and easy handling Conair’s comfort touch tourmaline ceramic ionic styling system promotes shiny, healthy looking hair and has a soft surface for a comfy grip.

Key features

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology helps prevent heat damage while ionic technology for up to 75% less frizz
  • High-torque DC motor for fast drying
  • 3 Heat/2 speed settings and cool shot button locks style in place
  • Hinged filter for easy cleaning and No-Slip Grip for comfortable styling
  • Diffuser helps define natural curls and waves and concentrator allows for focused airflow, making hair smooth and sleek

Honest reviews


VERY!!! VERY!!! disappointed !!! DO NOT BUY !!!

The first thing you notice even before use and what make it uncomfortable to use is that cord is far too short!!!The cool air is waaay too cold and doesn’t dry your hair and the hot will just fry it. But still NOT DRY!!!Not what I was expected from all great reviews.I guess you get what you pay for.I ended up returning this product what made me really disappointed too. Cuz I got JUST $19.95 back.Amazon charged me not only 5.48 for shipping back (which is fine) but some random fees too and taxes. I bought item for $29.99, refund price was $23.99 for some reason.I ended up with refund of $19.95.More then 10$ for waist of the time ???!!!!Item Refund: $23.99Item Tax Refund: $1.44Shipping Refund: $3.71Shipping Promotion Deduction*: ($3.71)Return Shipping Fee Refund Deduction: ($5.48)

Rosalind Echo, UT

I don’t like

It’s a lot of work. I hate blow drying my hair as I have very long and curly hair. This blow dryer does not make it any better or faster of a process.

Deanna Amherst Junction, WI

Tourmaline Dryer

The honest truth is that I haven’t used this dryer. My son did use it to speed dry a project and say that it’s the best dryer ever! guess I will soon find out .

Angie Powers, OR

Great Hair Blower

Got this a day earlier than expected, which is always nice. I’ve had this model before and really like the way it dries. I have short hair, so it takes no time at all; and with this new blower, it’s an even faster dry time! Very good product that I recommend to anyone thinking about buying it.

Charlene Gleason, TN

Great Little Hair Dryer

I needed a smaller hair dryer with a diffuser to use while traveling. I saw this Conair and decided to give it a try. It works great and the diffuser is a good one. It fits well into my suitcase, taking up little room. I can’t use hotel hair dryers because they do not have diffusers so this Conair is a great answer to my hairdo needs. I have very wavy and thick hair and I like to have it curl. To do this I need a diffuser and this hair dryer comes with one. It’s a little difficult to attach the diffuser but once attached it’s stable and does not come off. (On other hair dryers I’ve had the problem of diffusers coming off while I’m in the middle of drying my hair). I highly recommend this hair dryer as an alternative to the larger ones, or as a second one to use while traveling.

Jean Sedan, NM

It dries.

I had my last hair dryer for 8 years, it finally burnt out on me. It was also a Conair, and so I thought i would stick with what I knew.I have really thin hair, that dries if a breeze blows through the apartment. I just need a simple hairdryer, easy to use, with a cord that retracts. This dryer does the trick.My only complaint is the On/off and low/med/high heat buttons. they arent raised, they only have bumps so that your fingers ahve to either press down hard and hope the friction works, or you use a nail to force them up. many times my hands have been oily from lotion, or even dry as the desert and they wont move. its a little frustrating.

Terrie Ellsworth Afb, SD

Totally satisfied

I’ve had my Conair 225NP Comfort Touch Hair Dryer for five years now. Although I use it just about every day it has worked flawlessly. It is extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. At the same time, it’s durable. The settings are perfect. High is high and low is low. Hot is hot, warm is warm, cool is cool. (This sounds trite, but it isn’t. I’ve suffered through hair dryers in the past where, despite a variety of settings, it always seemed the temperature was practically the same.) Even if it were to break tomorrow (and I don’t think it will) it has been more than worth the cost (which wasn’t all that much to begin with). I would highly recommend the Conair 225NP to anyone who wants a durable, easy to operate, and simply great hair dryer.

Mindy North East, PA

Best Hairdryer Ever!

My previous hairdryer was a holdover from the Jurassic Age. It was heavy, took forever to dry my hair, was difficult to position due to its bulkiness, and had never heard of trying to make your hair shiny let alone decreasing the summer frizz.I was delighted when it finally died.Immediately jumped on Amazon and checked out the reviews. This sounded like a decent enough dryer especially at the price. Using it the first few times was like a visit into a parallel universe I could not believe that hairdyers have come such a long way. Lightweight, dries my hair quickly and easily, and shine, shine, shine. Since it is the middle of summer in the middle of an Illinois cornfield my hair was resembling a not so cute brillo pad prior this purchase, but this hairdryer really cut down on the frizz.Great purchase!

Pansy Dana Point, CA

Cheap but works

I do not like Conair products but my wife insisted to get this since the price is low. It will break, it’s just a question of when. I recommend looking at a BaByliss.

Rowena Connellsville, PA

Great Hair Dryer!

I have had this hair dryer for almost 2 years, and I love it. It has strong air output and is not too loud. It dries my hair quickly and is not heavy. It has low/high and cool/warm/hot settings along with a cool shot button. I find all the settings useful.I also like the comfort touch coating on the dryer, which gives it a silky feel. After every other day use, however, some of the coating has worn away on the handle, but I consider this normal wear and it doesn’t effect the hair dryer’s function.You will not be disappointed with this hair dryer. It is powerful, relatively lightweight, with good features and a nice design. It’s also a great price!

Rosario Ripley, WV

This hairdryer is a steal!

I shopped around to compare prices on this Conair hairdryer and this was a steal!. It is pretty good and it is a tourmaline ceramic hairdryer with the standard attachments. There might be more efficient more powerful hairdryers out there but you will also pay at least 4 times this price.

Angelica Cerulean, KY

great drying but if you can buy it at the store

Great dryer, quiet, dries hair fast, lightweight and very strong cord from unit. Although, between the cost of the dryer and shipping it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. Just as good as the folic dryer that cost 75.00 that died after 1 year.

Maryanne Cumberland Center, ME

good for the price

Since switching to this hairdryer, my drying time is significantly less. It has good air power, without over heating your hair. Plus the attachments are great since I like to switch between curly and straight.

Della Golden, OK

Nothing Special

This is light weight and has a lot of bells and whistles. However, for smoothing hair, I thing the Babylis Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer reg and travel, are much better.

Celia Chataignier, LA

This thing blows!

This thing blows, but in a good way! This seriously has the best air flow of any blowdryer that I’ve ever used (the heat could be increased, but seems warm enough)

Jody Snowshoe, WV

it’s working

I don’t know how, but it’s working. I have short hair that is very thin and frizzy. This dryer is perfect. I also use "wet brush" and "John Frieda sleek finish" and my hair looks perfect. No frizz at all.

Corina Marathon, OH

Do you like medium heat? Then Pass

There are many reviews for this dryer, and in a nut shell, it works very well and does the job. I have two small complaints, but one of them is a big deal for me. I have medium textured straight hair that is very, very long. I like to use the medium heat setting for blow drying my hair for less damage but this dryers medium heat, is almost room temperature. It’s not quite hot enough and therefore takes about 50% longer than my old dryer to get the job done.Pros:-nice feel in the hand-nice frizz/flyaway control-Low and high air flow-3 temp. settings-comes with diffuserCons:-Medium heat is too cool causing long drying time-the precision diffuser knocks off the dryer fairly easily with an accidental tap of the brush, or wrapping of the chordI don’t think I’d buy the same one again, but really, it’s just a hair dryer!

Ola Muscadine, AL


Mom was desperate for a new dryer even though she doesnt use the old one she has now.But besides that this was a perfect upgrade.

Jocelyn Deer Harbor, WA

works well

I like this dryer because it doesn’t get as hot as my last dryer, but still manages to dry my hair in about half the time. It is medium sized and the quality is decent, my only gripe is that the plastic coating is starting to peel off in some places. My hair is smooth and silky after using this, no frizz.

Dianna Springfield, AR

Not bad at all for the price

There are much better dryers out there but for the price, this is definitely a great purchase. It’s quite light and comes with a few accessories for different types of styling. There is a cool & hot conversion and it comes with a few different levels of drying speeds. It looks relatively study but I haven’t dropped it yet so I’ll have to see. My hair is pretty long & it gets everything dry pretty fast. I don’t have a problem with fizziness so I can’t comment about that but my hair does look quite shiny afterwards.

Pamala Grampian, PA

Conair Tourmaline

I read the reviews on this product from other customers before I purchased this dryer. I absolutely LOVE this hairdryer! I have owned several hairdryers over the years and have even been known to burn up a few… This dryer gets my thick hair completely dry and frizz-free in under 3 minutes. I use product and a round brush and have been very pleased with this dryer. It is quiet and doesn’t get too hot. I love the adjustable heat and speed settings. I also use the concentrator attachment to channel the air. I was unable to find this product at any local retailers (Walmart and Target are the two I checked) and i think it is better than the Conair Infinity X pro model. If you need a dryer that gets your hair dry quickly and with minimal frizz, this is the one for you.

Winifred Strathmore, CA

Glad I purchased

I immediately loved the soft, comfortable grip of this dryer and also the fact that it has a medium heat setting. I have an old, old Conair which has hot or cool shot only. It’s powerful enough and keeps my flyaways under control (I have fine hair). It comes with an attachment for helping add curls by scrunching hair while it’s wet which I will have to try. I will primarily use the directional attachment with a round brush to style my hair. A wonderful, inexpensive hair dryer!

Delia Onward, IN

Good for the price

This blow dryer is amazing for it’s price. I wanted to buy an expensive "better" blow dryer, but my finances would not allow that and I settle on this one. I am, however, grateful I chose to buy this blow dryer. It has 3 heat settings, cool, warm and hot which is nice because i can put it on the heat setting which fits my hair the best. It is not ridiculously loud like some of the previous blow dryers i’ve own and the cord is sufficiently long. I would recommend buying this blow dryer, even over an expensive "better" one because i feel like it works just as well as some of the other more expensive hair dryers i’ve owned over the years.

Christian Fanshawe, OK

Great hair dryer

I love this nice looking hair dryer. It’s powerful, yet sized perfectly for home use. I highly recommend this product.

Juanita Bolinas, CA

My best hairdryer so far!

I always bought cheap hair dryer from Walmart since I was always thinking that it was not worth the money to spend on expensive hair dryer. Yes, I’m totally WRONG. This hair dryer is not expensive like other professional one but it really works the same. It’s quiet, lightweight, many settings, comes with 2 attachments which helps you to style your hair easier. I have silky, very soft hair, absolutely no frizzy after I use it. This is the first time in my life that I love blow drying. The warm heat is just right, and the cool heat is awesome. I rarely use the hot setting. It’s also very strong. I really recommend it for everyone. This is the best hair dryer that you should buy with the reasonable price. I will definitely buy it again if mine is broken. I have only used it for 1 month so I don’t know if it will last long though!

Milagros Crocker, MO

Great hairdryer!

I have naturally curly hair and this hairdryer plus the diffuser have really brought out my curls! I love it! I use the setting below the high setting and then put it on cooler air as I am finishing up. I leave it a little bit damp. My hair is never frizzy with this hairdryer. The only thing I don’t like about this hair dryer is the cord. It is not very long. I would recommend this hair dryer, especially if you have curly hair and like the use the diffuser. The price is not bad as it does include 2 attachments (the diffuser and another one to localize the airflow). I would purchase this again, but another 18 inches of cord would be nice.

Jana Monocacy Station, PA

Love love love

I have had it for about 2-3 months and its just perfect!!! I love the color love the way it works and I am so happy that it has the different heat and strength levels! It dries my hair so fast and it stays flat most of the times even when it’s humid outside!

Tracie Bendersville, PA

A beautiful and versatile hair dryer

I broke my very old hair dryer (also 1875 watts) and was looking for a good replacement. This one was surprisingly cheap but doesn’t look that way in person. The matte finish look and feels lovely in your hands, and it has some weight to it so you don’t feel like it’s going to break if you wave it around. I have shoulder-blade-length hair and it can dry my hair in 2-3 minutes flat.

Jami Crossville, IL

Works very well

I replaced a much more expensive dryer I bought at a hair salon with this one, because the expensive dryer cracked. This works just as well! It feels good to use (not too heavy or awkward), has a nice rubberized grip, works quickly, and isn’t too loud. Just what I’ve always wanted in a hair dryer! Bought it based on reviews here… thanks, other reviewers!

Rochelle Bath, IN

Great blow dryer!

I discovered this while on vacation recently. All of the hotels we have stayed in recently have had this blow dryer available for guests. It’s light weight, fairly quiet, and the variable temperatures sold me. It also has a cool button which is fantastic when it’s hot. I actually ordered this from Amazon while still on vacation so it would be at my home when I returned.

Ila Copeland, FL