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Conair 1875-Watt Pro Style Bonnet Dryer, White

The Conair Collapsible 1875-Watt Bonnet Hair Dryer gives you professional salon drying right at home. This bonnet dryer features 1875 watts of power and even airflow distribution for fast drying. Customize it to fit your styling needs with 2 heat/speed settings and the adjustable height feature. Plus it folds neatly and compact for easy storage, and features convenient cord storage and built in carrying handle so it is easy to travel with.

Key features

  • Well balanced airflow of this dryer gently surrounds the head to dry hair evenly
  • Collapsed unit is only 6 inches high
  • Extra large hood accomodates a set of jumbo rollers
  • 6 foot line cord stores in base
  • Folds to 6′ in height

Honest reviews


Just Add Gossip and Some Gay Guys and You Have a Salon!

And oh, yeah, you may want to throw in some old issues of PEOPLE and COSMO . . . I’m amazed that this reasonably priced, relatively lightweight dryer has the look, feel and function of something right out of a salon. The two heat settings are the perfect options — I use the HIGH to get everything started and then switch to LOW to avoid overdrying. The reason I bought this is that I have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz if I don’t get a professional blow-dry; on a whim, I had my stylist gel me up and stick me under the dryer and was amazed at how I ended up with even curls and no frizz. Well now I can get these same results at home! Also, instead of having to stand there with a blow dryer and diffuser, you now can sit comfortably in a chair and surf the Internet while your hair is drying, so I’d highly recommend this for multi-taskers. While I didn’t buy my unit from Amazon, I wish I had because their price is the same as the discount storefront I went to, but I spent time and money getting there to pick it up. I’m so in love with this dryer, I could cry tears of joy — with the full confidence that this product could dry them up beautifully! NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE PROUCT TO DRY TEARS OF JOY; USE A FACIAL TISSUE AND SEE YOUR PSYCHIATRIST.

Earnestine Bode, IA

Compact & Fast Drying

I read a lot of reviews for this product and others like it before purchasing and I’m glad I purchased this model.The dryer is very compact, about the size of a shoebox that a pair of boots come in, and it gets hot fast and dries your hair easily.Opening and closing the dryer takes a minute to learn then you are good to go.Some reviewers report having to turn from side to side to dry your head but I did not have to do that. However that alone would not have prevented me from buying this product.Good product. I’d recommend.

Edith Albany, CA

Conair Hair Dryer.

Nice hair dryer that I only use when I deep conditioner my daughter and my hair. I really try to avoid heat but to deep conditioner I figure this is fine. At least until I break down and purchase a steamer. I say it serves the purpose I purchased it for and it wasn’t that expensive.

Evangelina Tower City, PA

Heats well

This is a cheap item. But it does the job, as in it will heat up the hair to the point of dripping and you sweating. And that’s what counts.

Lilia Homer, MI


I purchased this dryer at a great price on amazon. I have had it for almost a year now (writing the review late). I initially got it because I had a short hair cut and needed to set my hair. My hair is long now and I still use the dryer. I have no complaints whatsoever. I think buying this dryer was a great investment.

Vera Nunnelly, TN

It’s pretty good for the price

I purchased this because I wanted to stop using "direct" heat on my hair (I didn’t blow dry, but I let my hair dry and I would then put on hot rollers). My hair is not very damaged but this has definitely made a difference. I usually put it up in a bun when it’s damp/wet and let it dry for about 2 hours (my hair is very thick so it takes a long time to dry…plus putting up when it’s wet also delays it) and then I go on this machine for about an hour. I know a lot of people will probably think this isn’t a good idea because it is still heat but, my hair has never been better to be honest. The heat is evenly distributed and it is not overly hot in my opinion. I have to problems with this product though (nothing really big but I still think I should mention them):-The noise. There’s no way around it, really. I usually just listen to some music because the noise really annoys me, but it’s bearable…just incredibly annoying.-The fact that big rollers don’t quite fit. I have really thick long-ish hair (about 4 or 5 inches below my bra strap) so it’s quite difficult for me to get it all in…it’s possible but, your hair will obviously be still wet in some spots so be patient! If you have short hair (say shoulder length and up) this is PERFECT. Your hair will be dried rather quickly and it will look great :)ALSO, I do hair treatments with this prior to showering. For the girls trying to grow out their hair, this is great keep your ends healthy! I put on coconut oil (or almond oil…or grape seed oil, depends on my mood haha), I coat my hair with it then I put it up and sit under this thing for about 15 minutes. I swear, it makes the difference! Your hair really absorbs the product so, this is also a great investment if you want to FULLY penetrate your hair’s cuticle.

Shirley Pine Knot, KY

Couldn’t ask for more:

Wife says it works great and when Momma is happy all in the home is happy including the doggie, and hubby too !

Mayra New Hampton, IA

So far, so good.

I’ve used this once to deep condition my hair and all i can say is so far, so good. 5 stars.

Lorie Butler, GA


it is good for when you need to use those hard rollers for the different look that you need, it feels like the ones at the salon.

Clare Tyler, AL

It does what it’s supposed to

I bought this hair dryer because it was the cheapest (with the highest star reviews for the price) and has the option for free shipping. I read all the reviews first and determined that it would give me the best bang for my buck.With that said, there are a few issues which other reviewers have addressed:1. The top gets very, very hot and the distribution of heat throughout the entire hood is uneven.2. Included in #1, the back and sides do not have sufficient holes for the heat to escape the dryer.3. The dryer on high is really loud, I usually watch TV while sitting under the dryer and I cant hear the TV, its that loud. On low, the sound of the dryer is bearable, but the entire dryer doesn’t get warm enough to really get the heat going.Overall, it does the job it supposed to. It comes down to this: Buy this if you are on a budget, if you are NOT a hair dresser, and you plan to use this once a week for simple deep conditioning with a shower cap.Don’t buy this if you want a high quality dryer, if you’re a hair dresser (or aspiring to be, if you plan to use a hooded dryer on a daily basis – you’ll get frustrated trying to dry your hair evenly everyday.

Marcy Saint Bernard, LA

Works fine

It does everything that it’s supposed to do, I guess the only thing I’m kind of down about is that the shape is awkward enough so that sitting is also an endeavor at first.

Mari Petal, MS


Every woman on the go needs to have this dryer. For me, it worked out great. If you are a natural hair girl, then you will understand where I am coming from. Our hair tends to take forever to dry and with this little dryer, it makes the process 10x faster. Will I buy this again? Absolutely!!!

Denice Shageluk, AK


I dont really have a place I can put this. It is a pain to set up and use, it is not even worth it. So I dont even know if this works properly because I have nowhere to put it and use it

Kellie Alexandria, TN

Returned this product

This product doesn’t work in that a person can’t get their head inside the unit where the heat comes out…very cumbersome. We bought a standing version instead and it’s much better.

Juliet Wakpala, SD

Good buy

I love that it collapses for better storage and there are several height adjustments. Only problem is I haven’t figured out how to wind the cord into the bottom. I don’t know if it is broken or if I am doing it wrong.

Minnie Mechanicsville, VA


This hair dryer does the job, it dries my hair all around. However, it is very noisy! you can barely hear your surroundings. The motor needs to be reconstructed. As far as drying your hair it does a great job!

Amelia Bayou La Batre, AL