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Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

The Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Conditioning Turbo Styler is equipped with all the features you need to create your favorite hair styles. It has 2 heat and 2 speed settings to help optimize styling power and a cool shot button to lock in style. It features natural ions to help reduce frizz while creating more shine. This professional styler has a quiet motor with an easy-to-clean hinged filter and includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling and a diffuser for curly or wavy styles. Plus, the hang ring features makes it easy to store.

Key features

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  • Plastic
  • 1875 Watts of power and ionic conditioning for less frizz and more manageability
  • 2 Heat/speed settings and cool shot button to lock in style
  • Quiet-tone motor and hinged filter
  • Includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling and a diffuser for curly or wavy styles
  • Hang ring feature for easy storage

Honest reviews


For a Quiet Dryer, It’s Just Okay

There are plenty of reviews here on the performance of this dryer, which I think is fine, but I wanted to comment on it being a “quiet” dryer. It “is” quieter than most, but my previous Conair Ionic hair dryer was 80 decibels on high, and this one is 90 decibels on high. Anything over 80 decibels can damage your hearing, so I’m a bit disappointed in this, but again, it’s still quieter than most hair dryers… but I would have thought the “newer” dryer would have been even more quiet.

Libby Trenton, MI

Works great!

I love this dryer – it does what it says and conditions the hair as it is drying. I originally bought this one for my daughter and she liked mine better, so we traded and I am happy with it.

Evangelina Abington, CT

Not a bad dryer

This really is a good hair dryer, it gets very hot which I love and dries the hair quickly. I have long hair and it didn’t take me long at all to dry it. The dryer itself is pretty heavy but that was not a problem for me, to others it may be though. The reason I gave this product a 3 is because I bought it on Sept 4 2010 and finally just had to replace it about 2 months ago because it started to make the most god awful noise when I would use it, I can only describe the noise as slowly murdering a cat behind the engine of a plane. I do like conair products and it was definitely a good dryer and lasted me for quite a while.

Sandy Bentree, WV

Yes it works!

This Conair Ionic was purchased after my other hair dryer fell into the pool. Don’t ask.Anyway, thinking the ionic part was just a gimmick but still hoping it was for real, I got this. It’s a pretty thing, and on the small side which I like.I actually DID see a big improvement in the shine of my hair from using this! My hair has more body bounce and shine, and just looks much healthier. This seems to be less hot on the highest setting, and it takes a slightly longer time to dry my hair with this but I don’t mind a bit because whatever “ionic” means, it works. I am extremely pleased with this. I don’t find this any heavier than other hairdryers, as some reviews stated.I highly recommend this dryer. My hair loves this. Finally a hair dryer that seems to improve the condition of my hair instead of damaging it. I’m so happy I got this!

Antonia Pocono Pines, PA

love it!

so glad I purchased this one, so many options out there, but I didn’t want to spend a lot, so I choose this based off the reviews, so glad I did. it works great, is super fast compared to all other driers ive had, which is many, and I love the ion, I wont buy one without it, and can tell a difference with ion! if you hold in the blue button it will give you cold air, which is great, you don’t have to change the switch to cool air, just hole in the blue button on any setting! GREAT! it gets hot, but not so hot that it burns your neck (or my daughters neck, which is always a problem with the girls, she used to hate the hair dryer cus it was so hot it burned her neck ect), however it is hot enough to dry hair very quickly, which is a great deal for her, since that was her other problem with them. and its great for me too, since a lot of time I barely have time to even halfway dry my hair, now I can fully dry it in that amount of time! it is easy to hold/handle, and has all the options that an expensive dryer would, with the add ons (2 different ones!), they clip on and off easy also! it is sturdy, I have had it for a couple months, and I am very rough with them, leave them in the bathroom, laying out, or tucked beside the makeup table, laying in floor, or just through under the cabnit,, and I have had no issues at all, it doesn’t have a scratch on it! amazing! i would recommend this to everybody, my sis already got the same one, after using mine,since she loved it, and still does after a month, and now my mom has the same one as well, and we all bought them on here, to be sure it was the exact same one, since in the stores it gets kinda confussing since so many are similar but not the exact same! so, yes, recommended, love it, love it , love it!

Cathleen Middlebury, IN

Great hairdryer, just what you’d expect

Powerful, and my hair looks good. No complaints on this hairdryer so far. I don’t use any of the attachments though.

Audrey Stratford, NJ

Works for the family

Great Hair dyer. It works for all of our family with no complaints. We have hair ranging from short to long thin to thick. The extra attachments are nice as well. no complaints from this family.

Elma Burlington, WV

So far so good

I have long wavy hair and I bought this because it came with a diffuser attachment. It clicks in no problem (as well as the concentrator but I’ve only used it once) and you can easily take it off. The cord is longer so if you have a larger bathroom, it helps. It also has a hook on the base of the handle, you can kind of see it in the picture, which helps with storage if you choose to hang it up. I use it on the hot heat, low setting and I don’t see a lot of frizz even without product. It dries my hair quickly without it being noisy. But if you use it on the high setting, it gets noisy. Overall, I love this dryer. So far. I’ll post another review if anything bad happens to the dryer.

Callie Latham, MO

Perfect for my hair!

This little hair dryer really does the trick! I will admit for those with a thick head of hair this may not be the best option, but for me, with my long, thin and falling out hair its perfect. It doesn’t get SUPER hot which is good because my hair is easily damaged so having a hair dryer that does not scorch my hair is a plus. I have not owned a hair dryer for the last 10 years but I was told that by blow drying my hair it will help natural oils come out that air drying doesn’t release and so far I am very happy with the product. It comes with a diffuser and other small attachment as well. I love it!

Jolene Folsom, CA

Its Just right!

Its just what I needed. Its a simple blow dryer but it works just fine for being so cheap. I like how its effective in the mornings after a long shower.

Rochelle Carrollton, GA

It’s a keeper

I have not owned a blow dryer since 197?. However, after seeing so many products for curly blow dried hair in Ulta, Target etc I thought maybe I should reconsider the blow dryer. I went on youtube to see what the latest info was on blow dryers. After watching lots of vids on youtube and reading amazon reviews I bought this from my local drug store. I thought if it didn’t work for me I could keep it on hand for folks with straight hair when they stayed over at my house. I tried it and love the result. I have coarse curly hair and it took less than 20 min to dry. The button placement was a bit odd, but it is an easy thing to learn. Additionally, it is not very noisy and my bathroom doesn’t smell like burnt hair. I could nit pick and give this product 3 or 4 stars but I think with operator practice and a phenomenal price point it warrants 5 stars.

Heidi Pittsfield, ME

Love this blowdryer!

I wasn’t expecting alot from this product based on the price. In fact i was going to use this a back up blowdryer to use on my dogs after their baths. I was pleasantly surprised by it though. I have now made this my number one blowdryer and have down graded my more expensive one to the dogs cause even though this is CHEAP its a GREAT product and drys my hair SO MUCH FASTER then my 50$ dryer!

Jean Forestville, CA

The Perfect Blowdryer For My Baby Fine Hair!

For me, I have tried so many different blow dryers for me baby fine and hard to manage hair. And these previously tried blow dryers blew my hair dry fast of course (I have thin hair), however, they dulled my hair and also damaged my hair as the drying velocity was much too strong and the heating was just too hot!So I tried the Conair 1875 blow dryer and was AMAZED and BLOWN AWAY (no pun intended)! This dryer I have found to dry my hair quickly and gently. Also, my hair is shinier and much more manageable.If you have baby fine hair like I do, this is the blow dryer for you!

Patsy Brasher Falls, NY

Just as good of a dryer as ones that are 10x the price

I bought this hair dryer after my old one seemed to be taking a long time to dry my very long hair. I also had just bought another ionic hair drying tool and I loved how it helped prevent my hair from getting frizzy. I went to the store and tried out a bunch of hair dryers ranging up to $200 and this one seemed to be just as powerful as some of these very expensive dryers. I also loved that it was ionic. It does a great job at drying my hair and the attachments are really great too. I also paid double in the store for what it is listed at here.

Lenora Chestertown, NY

It does what it says…removes frizz and ads volume

I bought this for my teenage girl for one reason only….hoping it would be less noisy than her old one. The bathroom is separated from our bedroom by just a wall, and when she dries her hair EVERY morning it was like the alarm going off! Anything had to be better. All the other gimmicks advertised…about frizz, volume, etc. I just didn’t worry about it. Every hair product advertises they add volume, they make hair shiny, they get rid of frizz, they make you look like Jennifer Aniston. Rarely do they do any of that, or at least none seems superior to the others in many ways.This dryer is quiet! Unless I am already awake and listening for it, I cannot hear it running. Less noisy than her electric toothbrush, just a quiet hum. And, joy of joys, she loves it. She says it does actually cut down on the amount of frizz, and with the diffuser, she gets the volume look she wants.So, in every way, I heartily recommend this Conair Dryer!

Elvira Dougherty, OK

Not Very Powerful, Buttons Too Small

I thought this was a more powerful dryer…my bad. I’m going to keep it since I like the color (LOL) and it dries well with a high and low setting and 2 speeds, and has concentrator and attachment for curls. Both attachments are very tough to take off…I’m so afraid I’ll break one of them….they need a better system to get them on and off. The dryer is only 1275 watts, not exactly powerful. And, very important, the buttons for high/low/off/ and heat settings are very small, and placed badly. I keep accidentally turning off the blower!

Ladonna New Ringgold, PA

What’s not to like?

Reasonably priced, light, works well, you can turn off the heat so that it’s just blowing room temperature air which is safer for your hair…got it for the GF who loves it. Amazon’s price is much better than anything I could find locally.

Joy Cashtown, PA

Has some issues

This hair dryer is heavy. And pretty huge. Also, it’s hard to hold it by the handle because the rocker switches for power and heat are in the way of your fingers, so you have to practice in order to not change the settings during use. When set on hot/high, the velocity of the air is very good, but it’s not hot at all — the air is barely warm — which is fine for drying, but certainly not good for styling. It did minimize my static flyaway hair, but since I had to use my old "hot" dryer to style, I lost that benefit and had to add leave-in conditioner to de-electrify my hair. The price was good, hence the two stars, but I don’t recommend. Probably better for short hair.

Erica Nacogdoches, TX

Best hair drier

I have very thick wavy hair, and this has been the best hair drier ever. I bought two in fact so that I do not have to carry with me when I visit with my friends.

Aida Courtland, VA


NO complaints here! I say buy this one . Its a great hairdryer. and I go thru them. SO good product!!

Octavia Clay, WV

works well.

This dryer works well with a round brush. I almost don’t need to straighten it. It takes and extra few minutes but saves flat iron time.It’s not too heavy but it feels well put together.

Stefanie Belmont, NY

The accessories are horrible

I’d say this is just your average hair dryer. I didn’t notice anything magical happening with the ionic technology, and the accessories that it comes with are pretty cheap. Particularly the straightening-comb, which falls off every time you run it through the hair. The diffuser worked ok for me.

Rosa Palermo, ND

Ok it’s a hairdryer and ..

so I like it for a hairdryer but I bought is as a QUIET hairdryer for grooming a skittish pup and it is not quiet.

Hollie Red Oak, IA


It’s HUGE! It was described as more of a travel dryer, but it’s way too big to put in a suitcase, and too expensive for quality, cheap looking plastic.

Beverley Slate Hill, NY

Best ten bucks I’ve ever spent!

First of all, let’s put things in perspective — I am not a stylist. I don’t use a blow dryer to “style” my hair, but rather to dry it after showering. I have very thin, fine hair that dries quickly but easily gets frizzy and fly-away. The hand dryer I’ve had for over 15 years did the job, but unless I used a leave-in conditioner before drying, my hair would often end up looking like shredded wheat. Not attractive!So when it came time to buy a new dryer, I took a look at the ionic ones, which claim to leave hair soft and silky instead of frizzy and fly-away. And since this one was so inexpensive, I figured I’d give it a try.Well, it’s fabulous! When dried with this dryer, my hair actually feels silky. And my hair has NEVER felt silky! And to make things even better, that silkiness lasts between shampoos.I’ve read a few complaints here that the blower on this dryer isn’t strong enough, or it doesn’t get hot enough. They may have a point — the air emitted does seem to be less hot than my much older Conair. But the blower seems strong enough for me. My hair dries in about the same amount of time as it did with my old dryer.But what makes this so great isn’t the heat or the amount of air, it’s the ionic thing. I don’t know why it works, or how it works, but I love this thing, and the fact that it actually costs LESS than the one I bought fifteen years ago is just icing on the cake.It’s a great dryer and it won’t set you back much. What’s better than that?

Erika Agat, GU

Finally, the option of hot air at a low speed!

Just what I was looking for to replace my old hair dryer! The options of hot air at a LOW speed is perfect. Most other hair dryers require tornado force air to have hit air to dry hair. This is the best of both worlds

Isabella Albany, CA

A good hair dryer but it is a very big

This hair dryer is easy to use and dries hair fast but its a little too big so if you have small hands this hair dryer is definitely not for you.

Belinda Laurens, IA

Not Good for Thick or Wavy Hair

This dryer doesn’t blow hard or hot enough to straighten the waves out of my hair without a lot of extra styling, which is time-consuming. I have pretty fine, thin hair, so I think this dryer should only be good for people with very straight hair that only want to dry it, not style it. I tried using a styling brush, but the style didn’t hold due to the air from the dryer being too cool. I had to use a curling iron. It does leave my hair soft and fluffy, but I wouldn’t buy another one.

Erica West Granby, CT


Was given as a gift to a teen. She loves it. This is normally a good product. I’m sure it will perform as described although I haven’t spoken to her since she received it. I will post an update future.

Marci Ketchum, ID

Nice hair dryer!

I love the ionic conditioning feature of this hairdryer. It works! Other than that, it’s pretty much your average hair dryer. I do keep accidentally turning it off because of the way the switch is located, but I expect I’ll eventually adapt to that.

Audra Norton, TX