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Key features

  • pH balanced, enriched with aloe and emollients
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean
  • No-rinse cleanser for all-over body
  • Use on body, hair and perineum
  • Won’t run or drip

Honest reviews


Not great…

I thought this was going to be THE product to end my searching after reading all the reviews. While it was incredible to me that I could get most of my eye makeup off with this product and without using water, I did not buy it to remove makeup. I bought it because I have sensitive, dry skin and I am always faced with skin that feels tight and starved for moisture after washing it. Though I have no need for a waterless cleasnser, I figured I’d give it a go. After washing my face with this, I immediately felt the need to rinse it off – it felt sticky. After rinsing it off, I was left with the same unquenched, tight skin many other (less expensive, I might add) cleansers had left my skin. I am glad that it worked for so many other people, but it is definitely a no-go for me.**Edit 7/5/13**While this is my view of this product for facial use, I feel that it is the same for body use as well. I do not like this sticky feeling left over from this product after use.

Darla Spring Hill, KS

Work well

Yes, to love one also friend we’re getting older! Great comfort in knowing your fresh after certain sweating experiences, and can’t get a full shower or bath for all ages! Maybe even animals they are such a part of family’s now and track things in from outside!

Mina Adamstown, MD

Works Great

We saw this at a hospital where my mom was at, we tried it and my older sister said this is good stuff. So I checked Amazon where I usually buy all my stuff and sure enough they had it. We will be ordering again soon. Thanks

Esperanza Seguin, TX

Pleasantly Surprised

I wanted something to clean my face on the go, and this product fits the bill. Easy on, wipe off with tissue, and skin feels clean and soft. I didn’t think it would work this good, but it does, and I’m glad I got it.

Annette Windsor, CA

works very well

tried several different products. this one is very good. if you must limit bathing for any reason, this product will be very helpful to you, as it has been for me.

Callie Yorklyn, DE

Amazing stuff!

I recently got two bottles of this from my cousin who was in the hospital. She gave it to me because she said she wouldn’t use it. Let me say that this stuff is amazing and a life saver. I love it! I had a horrid yeast infection and this is the only soap product I could use down there, without burning and stinging. It’s also great for mid day freshen ups. I use it in the shower daily as well. It has a nice foam to it and rinses away very clean. I know it is a no rinse product, which I have used it as that too and had no problems.

Cathryn Burson, CA

Aloe Vesta Cleansing Foam

Excellent quality all body cleanser that is both refreshing and extremely useful, particularly when one does not require H2O to thoroughly cleanse. This product is a repeat purchase product for me; very happy with this and other Aloe Vesta products. A fair price as well. Thanks again.

Kay Hollansburg, OH

Gets you clean and smells great

This product makes you feel very clean and deodorized. If you are unable to take a shower due to surgery or whatever, this will do the job and no rinsing is required. They used it for my daily cleansing in the hospital where I had my surgery and I loved it and was very happy to see that had it (although not surprised they had it since they have everything)for a reasonable price.

Jillian Mannington, WV

Go With the Foam, Not the Spray

As the other reviewers have said, they found out about this wonderful "special areas" foaming cleanser in the hospital.The scent is mild, the foam spreads just the right amount, it feels soft, and does not burn, or irritate the skin.I use it as a pre-wash before getting into the shower, armpits, and other areas that sweat. It takes away urine odor, nuff said on that!I recently bought the similar product in the liquid spray bottle because it was a much better price! What a huge mistake! The ingredients are NOT the exact same formula; fewer ingredients than in the foam and IT BURNED THE SKIN WHERE I SIT! . Lots of icey cold water to flush it off was needed! Ouch! Ouch and lots of other words!!!! It smells more like furniture polish with the citrus acid in it! I’ll be leaving Feedback on that product too.Gentle Readers and Responders in the Review section, Please remember that Reviews are for the Product, first and foremost. Slow mailing, damage from shipping, and issues with a seller, are not the topics to base your Star Rating on here. Your opinion on how well the product works or not and your opinion or reaction to the product is what readers need to know. Comments on the packing and the seller can be made in the review but not in the star rating. Thank you.

Lynette Hartsburg, IL

Aloe Vesta 3-n-1 Cleansing Foam 8 fl.oz is great!

I purchased Aloe Vesta 3-n-1 Cleansing Foam 8 fl.oz from Amazon, my favorite place to shop. I ham handicap and can no longer take 2 baths in the tub. I am limited to showering (and only once a day), so I use this product several times a day It works very well. I will buy this product again, but I may buy it in a tube size as sometimes a pump stops working before all the product is used. However, this pump may still work until all the foam is used (I hope so as I really like this product).

Queen Saint Patrick, MO