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Compound W Freeze Off Plantar 8 applications kit

This proven effective wart removal system enables you to easily and effectively target, freeze and destroy plantar warts in the convenience of your home. For years, doctors have performed a simple “wart freezing” process that quickly removes warts. In the past, this could only be done in a medical professional’s office. Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System has taken this type of treatment and made it available over-the-counter for use at home. Compound W the leading brand in wart removal gets rid of warts fast and helps get your skin back to looking and feeling healthy.

Key features

  • Destroys Plantar Warts in a few as 1 treatment
  • Includes pumice file to expose wart and comfort pads to cushion and protect feet
  • There is no faster or easier over-the-counter wart remover treatment
  • The same method used by doctors, #1 Pharmacist recommended brand
  • Safe to use on kids ages four & older

Honest reviews


Good, and it works. Just remember to cover the wart with a band-aid

The instructions doesn’t tell you whether or not a band-aid would be helpful, but I figured it out myself. I tried using those band-aids to cover up the warts after a few weeks, and the warts went away. Before that, I didn’t use any band-aids to cover them, and the compound W freeze off and the compound W liquid wouldn’t work for a month. This is a good product and would recommend it

Avis Vidalia, GA

check box when it arrives

This is my third order. The first worked very well so I disposed of it when it was empty and ordered another to keep in the cupboard. The second arrived and I stored it away until needed. Today I opened the box and NO applicator holder was included so it is unusable. The can, pads and applicators are all there but the applicator doesn’t work without the holder which is used to depress the can and release the contents. I just now ordered the third can and will have to remember to keep the applicator holder to use for this and the previous can (and for any others I might order). So check the items in the box when you get it. I have had this several months so was stuck and had to order another.Other than the essential piece missing, the product worked great first time around. I am chicken and just use it briefly over and over so it works but doesn’t hurt. My method takes longer and uses up more product but doesn’t scar or hurt.

Dianne Rocky Mount, NC

Okay, but

I used this applicator about a week ago. It hurt after a few seconds of use, which I expected. So far the wart HASN’T come off, but I used it on a regular wart, not on a planter’s wart (Didn’t realize it was the planter’s wart version when I purchased it). Don’t ink the type of wart should make a difference. It says it can take up to 10 days for the wart to come off. I’ll update this review, if it does.

Rosemarie Junedale, PA

Was shipped wrong Product in Tampered Packaging

I bought the Plantar kit from BP MEDICAL SUPPLIES, with Amazon Prime because I thought it would be stronger, though it wasn’t to treat a plantar wart. I did not receive a plantar kit, but the regular freeze off. Or so it appeared. The plastic wrap had been cut on top and bottom, and the box has been sliced open with an xacto knife or something. I can see the marks made by the blade, plus the box has an opening slit on the top large enough to slip items in and out of the package. I’m not comfortable trying to use it.You also can’t return this product because of the hazardous material, even with Prime. And the seller had the nerve to send me a spam email after I received this questionable "off-the-truck" order late asking to rate them 5 stars.

Gail Red Wing, MN

Worked for me!

I’ve been to the doctor a ton of times to try and get my plantar warts freezed off. I’d have to go back all the time, and nothing really happened. This time, I used this freeze off treatment easilly at home. I followed the advice of other people on here and held it on for about 2 minutes. It did hurt, but it felt like it was working! I also applied organic apple cider vinegar which really pushed the treatment further and within about a month, the warts were gone! YAY!

Ann Gilby, ND

Works for warts really well

As a nurse who worked in a dermatologist office for over 20years–this is a great product for warts if you only have a few. Even works on planter warts on feet. Same principal as the dry ice the MD"s use but saves your the trip to the MD if you catch the warts when they first start.

Melissa Brantwood, WI

THis stuff works

This stuff works. It’s pretty painful but it works. I got used to the pain. I would suggest taking two boxes.

Cornelia Maramec, OK