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Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream – 2.5 Ounce

Dermatologist recommended ; CONTAINS PHOSPHOLIPIDS: which restore and maintain natural moisture balance in dry, sensitive skin, COMPLEX 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream: Formulated for mild to severe dry skin with a system modeled from nature. Contains lecithin, a phospholipid water-binding agent found naturally in the skin. Nongreasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Unscented, contains no parabens, lanolin or mineral oil. Proven to be hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and fragrance-free.

Key features

  • Moisturizing face cream formulated for mild to severely dry skin
  • Contains phospholipids to restore and maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Non-greasy and absorbs quickly
  • Unscented, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and fragrance-free
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews



Wow this stuff is garbage. I am so perplexed by all the great reviews. I have very fair, sensitive skin with mild/moderate acne. I have been looking for a good facial moisturizer for years and thought this would be my answer. Nope. It’s not a cream, it’s runnier than regular lotion and upon application it feels like a gel. After 10 minutes it feels like I put nothing on my face, in fact it makes my face feel a little tight. I look in the mirror and see dry patches. I am so disappointed, I just can’t trust reviews anymore. Only good thing about this product is that it has no fragrance and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Heidi Kinta, OK

Not my favorite

There’s nothing really bad about this product. All I can say is that I’m one of those product jumpers – I’ve tried lots of moisturizers. I was hoping this would lessen my acne because would be a cleaner option. No such luck. I’m now using Neutrogena Compete Acne Solution. I love that one. I also like the Aveno Radiance one.I know this doesn’t promise acne curing. I was just hoping this would be a cleaner option. 3 stars because it is nothing special.

Jaclyn Perry, IL

Good for not very dry skin

I do like this face cream. It does not have perfume. The consistency is watery and my skin absorbs it quickly. However, on those days when my skin got very dry, I found it to be not moisturizing enough. I recommend it for the summer use. For winter, it depends on your skin. If your skin tends to be very dry, then you may want to find something else.

Georgette Toxey, AL

Nice Moisturizer

I have very sensitive, combination skin that is also prone to breakouts. I purchased this moisturizer a few weeks ago and so far I am satisfied. Complex 15 provides even coverage, doesn’t cause breakouts, and doesn’t have a strong odor. It isn’t completely effective in combating my dry, winter skin, but I expect it to be a great moisturizer for the warmer months.

Socorro Gile, WI

My all time FAVORITE moisturizer!

I dont know how i survived so long without this cream! I have combination skin (a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks) and Complex 15 balances everything out. It sinks right, and almost feels like I’m giving my face a drink of water…my oily t-zone is controlled and my entire face is baby soft. I still have bottles of expensive cream in my cabinet that I wont go near…I’ll be a Complex 15 girl for life. TRY THIS STUFF!

Gina Suches, GA

Absolutely Wonderful

I picked this up since my daily Clinique moisturizer wasn’t working for me in the winter time. I have clog-prone skin with some sensitivity. I cannot wear products with mineral oil at all.I cannot say enough about this product! I wish I would have known about it years ago. My skin loves this stuff and is not breaking out – that’s a miracle in itself. It’s fragrance-free which really is essential. I don’t understand why other companies continue to put fragrance in skin-care products.This face cream is more of a rich lotion and it’s hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and fragrance-free. It has what you need and doesn’t have what you don’t need. I hate to have to rave, but I think it’s perfect (for me at least). It plumps my skin and has properties that attract moisture and hold it in. Over time it works even better and restores the delicate mantle of the skin.Apparently, this is often recommended by dermatologists and now I know why. It’s a bland, yet highly effective face cream that really does what it says.

Sadie Saint Croix, IN

Face cream

This was not for me. It caused me more breakouts and made my rosacea flare up even more. It does work nice on the neck area but no miracle product.

Helga Sheldon, SC

Always liked this one for my face.

This was Rx’d for me many years ago.. for dry skin but has no irritating oils.. feels like a normal washed face wit out the dry tight. Holds water based moisture all the books tell one to use. Hard to find. No other like it.

Nanette New Berlinville, PA