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Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray Unisex Spray by Pureology, 11 Ounce


Key features

  • Design House: Pureology

Honest reviews


Same as all the others!

It’s no different than any other hairspray product….although it doesn’t have a very pleasant smell. Someone told me this spray was good for your hair, but I don’t know about that.

Christian Ottoville, OH

Five Stars

Love this stuff!!

Susie Vicco, KY

Pureology hairspray

This hairspray has a nice smell to it and doesn’t go on too heavy. As long as you spray it far away from your head, it won’t leave white residue like many hairsprays when it dries.

Ingrid Unionville, PA

Leaves hair soft, but doesn’t help with humidity or wind.

I know it is just a strengthening control spray, but I was hoping it would hold my hair style in the humidity and also a little in the wind. After all I live in Kansas.. It is a very easy to use hair spray and I don’t know about the strengthening yet, but hope it helps with split ends from the wind.

Claudia Miami, IN


Hairspray was really really old and my Grandaughter was by me when I sprayed the first spray on my hair and she said"What is that bad smell Oma? I said bad old hair spray. The same thing they wanted me to send this back and they new they have to know that their buying old product. What a shame it was a lot when you add the two together 40 some dollars I could not afford they are in the garbadge.

Lindsay Graham, KY