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Colortrak Safari Croc Clips, 2.24 Ounce

Colortrak safari croc clips are designed with the wild stylist in mind. The clips are designed to expand to hold larger volumes of hair. A rubberized grip also prevents slippage when working with wet or chemically treated hair. Trendy leopard and zebra patterns.

Key features

  • Section large amounts of hair while coloring, cutting, and styling
  • Rubber grip ensures no slipping while working with wet hair, product or color
  • Color black

Honest reviews


Exactly what I was looking for

Great for holding hair in place while styling. The "rubberized" texture is especially helpful. 4 were more than enough, but I ordered 8.

Germaine Webber, KS

haven’t ripped out my hair or fallen out yet

I use these when coloring and styling my thick, medium-long, curly hair. They stay put and don’t rip my hair out! I’d buy this exact brand again for sure. I’ve been using them for several months now, about 3-4 times a month. Still holding up.

Joyce Arlington, KS

Great for Blow Drying, Doesn’t Pull Hair

Before ordering, I was a little concerned that the rubberized finish would pull my hair, but it doesn’t at all. The clips are great for sectioning hair when blow drying, which is exactly what I use them for. Would recommend.

Gertrude Rockwood, MI

Good not great

I really like the concept, but sometime my hair falls out of the clip which is a no no. However, it doesn’t leave dents in my hair which I like.

Marcia Prince, WV


These work great and look just as pictured. I love sectioning off hair with these and people always like the animal print as well!

Allison Bentonville, OH

Great clips

These are the best clips ever, it hold think hair up beautifully when I do haircuts at my salon.. Highly recommend!!:)

Ora Edinburg, ND


These clips work really well. I find them to work just as I need. They are gentle with the hair and yet hold well.

Reba Schaller, IA

Best clips for dreadlocks!!

i have long dreadlocks and if i need to hold some out of the way for maintenance or whatever these do the job!! they hold large amounts of locs out of the way securely without any stress, breakage or forcing. ill be getting more!!

Lorie Dallardsville, TX