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Colortrak High Heat-resistant Station Mat

The Color Trak High Heat-Resistant Station Mat is perfect for protecting hairstylist stations and other surfaces from hair color spills and heat damage from styling tools like flatirons and blowdryers which can heat up to over 450F these days. The raised squares on the mat help to prevent tools and other items like shears, color bowls, etc, from spilling or falling and becoming damaged. The Station Mat is 9″ x 11″ and protects up to 600F.

Key features

  • Protects stations from burn
  • Protects against temperatures up to 600F
  • 9 inchx11 inch
  • Made of silicone

Honest reviews


Smells awful

This literally smells like vomit. I am hoping that airing it out for a few days and perhaps a run through the dishwasher will make the smell go away, otherwise I am going to have to send it back. It makes me gag.

John Fairview, OK

Hair Product Station Mat

What more can I say? Every female needs at least one or more of these. I purchase two of them, one for home and one for travel beacuse I use heated hair utensils constantly for my hair and I’m tired of making burn marks on the furniture and counters.This is a "must have" girls staple item.

Juliana Philadelphia, MS

Does the trick

I wish I would have found this before I made several burn marks/dents in my dresser top….LOL. Like like like…

Alicia Mc Caysville, GA

works like it should

This is perfect to use for my curling iron so it does not burn my bathroom counter. no complaints at all

Deena Eldred, NY


I have a really cheap, crappy, laminate vanity in my condo right now. I was really afraid of burning it and making it worse. This works great for protection – I use high heat (350-400 degree) tools. One day I even forgot to turn one off. Came home, nothing melted, nothing damaged.

Rosalie Unionville, IA

Great for home hair appliances

We recently purchased a new countertop for our bathroom, and as my husband was taking out the old one, he pointed out to me a bunch of burn marks in it from my straightening iron & then banned me from ever setting it on our new one.That wasn’t gonna happen, so I agreed to use this mat in between the iron and the countertop from now on.It does a great job for that purpose, I’ve picked it up and felt the bottom of it while the iron is on it, and while it is not cool by any means, it is not too hot to touch and certainly not near hot enough to cause any damage. I wrap my iron in it after use and wrap the cord around it for storage. Works out perfect!

Sheree Bloomsdale, MO

Great Mat!

Before with my flat iron or curling iron I would often get out a dinner plate to protect the surface but because it wasn’t completely flat I decided to try for one of these heat resistant station mats. Got to use it last night when I did my daughters’ hair. One wanted it curled and the other wanted it flat ironed. The mat was indeed heat resistant and thoroughly protected my table. Also the texture of the mat and the slightly raised areas kept the curling iron and the flat iron firmly in place, neither of them slid or shifted. Entirely pleased!

Kenya Piffard, NY

Perfect for heat gun for ‘newborning’ dolls 🙂

This is exactly what I need for doing heat set paints with a heat gun for ‘newborning’ dolls (painting blank vinyl kits from scratch for very realistic collectible dolls). The plastic table is well protected, and I’ve got a secure place to put the heat gun.

Paige Lejunior, KY

love it

I love this i could not find anything to lay my curling iron on at my vanity i didnt even know they made things for this until i found it on here. i was so glad i found this. i love it holds two curling irons with plenty of room and looks nice on the vanity. i am going to order another one for the other bath. i have not had it very long so i dont know how it holds up long term but so for i am realy happy with it.

Melinda Parshall, CO

Good quality n beauty

I love this silicone mat to place my iron curling on it. It’s quit ok fr me but the shipping price is a little bit too high .

Casandra Pickrell, NE