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Colorme By Giuliano Professional Temporary Hair Color – Violet Desire 0.25 Fluid Ounces

Add a splash of vibrant color to any hairstyle with Colorme by Giulianao Temporary Hair Color. This Violet Desire will compliment a variety of dress and hair styles. Let your creative side loose with this professional quality and easy to use hair color.

Key features

  • Brilliant violet temporary hair color
  • Give in to your wildest desires with this vivid and easy to use coloring product
  • Easy to use formula washes out with shampoo
  • Included wand makes application a breeze
  • Professional quality color works on all hair colors, even dark hair.

Honest reviews



I’ve been thinking of letting my hair go gray (in my early 70’s), but I don’t want to look like a dowdy senior citizen. So I took a chance on trying the Color Me in Violet Desire. I wet my hair and applied it on just one side of my middle part and the color looks super. It is not too bright or gaudy – it comes out a really pretty violet-y purple, and it stays in the hair until you shampoo it out. You do get some on your hands, but all you have to do is wash your hands with soap and water and it comes right out of your skin. It is so super simple to use so I am going to try out a blue one when I get the nerve.

Mollie Hepzibah, WV

Great Color Lots of Fun

This is a great purple color and we have lots of fun adding a splash of color to our hair once in a while. It washes out great and never leaves any trace of color on my blonde hair.

Kris Saint Michael, ND

great product, better pigments that hair chalk.

I bought this to put streaks in my blonde hair and really liked the pigment and the ease of application. It does stay a little sticky for a while, so I would usually put it on before doing my makeup, and by the time I am done with that my hair is ready to be brushed and styled. I would not suggest this product for very damaged hair unless your ok with some slight staining. At the ends of my extremely dry damaged hair I would get some slight pink stains that would not wash out, but I personally really liked how it looked. It probably won’t be a problem for healthy natural blonde hair or brown hair, but bleached hair tends to absorb more pigments. Not long after I purchased this I dyed my whole head purple and I almost gave this away thinking I wouldn’t need it, however I found its really handy for touch ups! I put this at my roots where color doesn’t hold well and it helps me always look freshly dyed 🙂

Mellisa Saltillo, MS

Shows up great on black hair, looks professional

This applies like mascara, you control as little or as much as you want to put on. The color is very vibrant on my black hair after I apply it twice over the same place. lasts all night too. I didn’t wash mine out and slept in it and it didn’t come off in my pillow either. I love it

Lorie Estill Springs, TN

Looks awesome in dark hair!!

My hairdresser had this today and put some on me..I have VERY dark brown hair. It shows up beautifully! I LOVE it.Going to now order it in the pink and the teal..She has blonde hair and put some on hers to show me. It looked so cool!

Carey Jim Falls, WI

Fabulous temporary alternative to color highlights!

I have always wanted to add some colored highlights to my hair, but I am too scared to make a full-time commitment by having my hairdresser do it for me. Thanks to this product, I can add some myself, for a fraction of the cost, and they wash right out in the shower after just one use! I have medium chestnut brown hair, and was surprised to see that the purple showed up quite well in my hair, without lightening it beforehand. It is probably easier to do on straight hair, (I have thick, wavy hair), but I have done it on both my flatironed hair and my natural hair texture, before putting it up in a high bun, and both ways work well. I love this product so much that I also bought it in Fuschia Phenom. Great seller, great price, fast shipping. I would definately purchase from this seller again!

Jana Stewart, TN