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ColorMark PRO Golden Blonde

Does not flake or rub off.

Key features

  • Instant hair color for gray roots
  • Not a mascara, not a crayon
  • True temporary liquid hair color
  • Dries in a minute
  • Can be brushed

Honest reviews


Color Mark,

The color does not stay in your hair until you wash it out.It does come off on you bed pillows.

Katelyn Rocky Comfort, MO

Great for in-between color touch ups

I’ve tried the mascara type sticks and brushes, and found this application easier and cleaner. Seems to stay on well and good color match.

Ingrid Ponce De Leon, FL

Doesnt last long

It looks good. A little heavy but doesnt flake off.. Probably lasts about 3 days at the most. good for covering up a few grey roots. Definitely good to have on hand for those times when you realize you have a grey hanging out.

Misty Oregonia, OH

Great product!

I love this product! It stays on between shampoos, covers grays well, and does not transfer to hands once dry. Lets me color my roots much less often and keeps them from ever showing. Way better than gummy mascara wand products, this is more of a gel that softens once dry after brushing. Worth the high price, but wish it would come down with competition!

Olive Genoa City, WI

Great product natural looking cover-up

Great product. Blends in easily and stays on until you shampoo out.

Sue Loysburg, PA

Great applicator

I have tried the medium and dark brown, and apparently my hair is in the middle. However, I love the applicator. So I buy GreyFree Light Brown, which is the perfect color, and use the applicator from the ColorMark bottle.

Marguerite Potter, NE

Temporary Liquid hair color

I use the hair coloring when my color is fading. My hair dresser likes it because it is not a permanent color. I would recomend it to others.

Ursula Lake City, KS

Hair touch up

This is a great product and does what it’s suppose to do, cover up grays! I’m happy with it and with the price!

Elda Woodworth, WI

Great cover up

I have been using this product for a year now. Great for in between colorings. Two problems though – smells a little odd and if you work out and start sweating – don’t touch that area because it will bleed thru. Don’t touch any towels either because it will stain.

Alexandra El Dorado, AR

great touch up color

I really like this stuff…it really covers the gray. Just a few words of caution in using this product. I had one tube and used it over a long period of time…I don’t know what happened but one day I went to use it and as I pulled the color wand out many drops of liquid dropped out and fell on my dressing table skirt and rug totally ruining both as it’s dye and could not come out of the rug or fabric. It was a mess all over my hands too. It wasn’t like that in the beginning and so I decided to order another one which I’m using now and all is well with no mishaps, but I do find I’m cautious when pulling out the wand. I’m hoping that was just a fluke. Also, you have to be careful when applying it so as not to stain your skin…it’s hard to remove once it’s there. so if you’re touching up the temple area, be careful. they give you a little comb to use but it still requires some skill in applying. I have sort of auburn hair and the first time I ordered the auburn color but it was a bit too red…I now ordered the light brown and it’s perfect. So I would recommend not using auburn if your hair is more brown than red…or you could possibly mix the too which I did for awhile.

Shannon Moville, IA