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Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher

Banish brassy, yellow or orange tones from your dream shade. Brass banisher reduces brassy tones in just 5 minutes. Hair is left looking natural and full of lustrous shine.

Key features

  • Salon-inspired Brass Banisher’s Color Balancing Gloss Treatment reduces brassy tones and unwanted warmth for perfectly calibrated color in just 5 minutes
  • For natural, color-treated or highlighted hair
  • Ammonia-free
  • One application

Honest reviews



8/21/12 UPDATE:Hello fellow Amazonites!I got a little off track with my original review, I can tell by my review being helpful to only 1 of 7 people. OUCH! Sorry about that ! I thought, now, I would do a quick review , just of this product, without the long story which I was inspired to write before. I will still leave the long version here, for those of you who are interested in ‘plowing through it’. You have been forewarned.I have lowered the stars on this product to 3 and almost gave it a 2. I have not purchased this product again and doubt I ever will, but who knows? I may just mix it with another hair color and try that! Now I am mixing two shades of hair color to get the shade of blonde that I desire. Still miss my Dream Blonde ash blonde shade. Sorry, had to say that!It bugs me that this product says it works in 10 minutes. Seriously, how many ‘blonding’ products, of any kind, work properly in 10 minutes?! I had pre-bleached my hair this time and it still did not work all that well on me, and, I had to leave it in over an hour to get the results I got. 10 minutes?! Where did that come from?Another thing, this product should not wash out in a couple of washings and require another 45 minute hair color so soon. My other point about this product is that it should work better and not wash out in a couple of washings. Great that it works so well for some, but shouldn’t it work better for most of us?Loreal knows how to make hair color, better than most companies. Please, bring back ‘Dream Blonde’, ash shades or create something better to take the brassiness out of blonde hair color!ORIGINAL REVIEW:I was born with platinum blonde hair and had that shade until it began darkening in my early teens. I was determined then that I would not live with “dishwater blonde” hair and that is when I began to coloring my hair, and that of about every girl on my block, gaining useful knowledge in the art of hair color, at their expense! I ‘was’ a light blonde, and therefore, I would ‘always be’ a light blonde. Our neighborhood was known as the “blonde block” at school, by the boys. Hair color has come a long way since then, thank goodness! Back in the 60’s and 70’s the color was not as good. The ash shades really turned out gray, the golden shades were bright yellow and the beige shades pinkish. Then there was the ‘leopard look’ results, from missing places on our heads during the process. I was always mixing colors to get that elusive “perfect” color and had some very humorous occurrences along the way. My hair has been many shades of light blonde since I began coloring it, but has not been my natural shade in over 40 years. I have no idea what it, or I, would look like.Later in life I owned a beauty salon until I realized I could make more money in Real Estate! So, I have a little knowledge in the art of coloring hair, “at home”, for what it’s worth. That being said, I do not know why this product works so miraculously for some, and yet, and not at all for others! You would think home hair coloring would have progressed more by now.My hair is a medium dark blonde naturally, I would say, (according to my roots), with white/gray hair emerging now. For many years, with few exceptions, I have used a one step blonding process which has made my hair a very pretty , “cool” , blonde. I always battled the yellow/orange tones with the one step blonding process. l used ‘Nice and Easy’ for years then found Loreal permanent color, in the past few years have used the fabulous, Loreal “Dream “Blonde”, which, unfortunately has been discontinued. I always buy the “extra light ash” or “light ash” blonde shade which worked the best for me. I would notice some orangey/yellow tint at times and even then, it was slight and mostly at the roots. I could always buy the product at the beauty supply but I found the boxed products at the drug store are just as good, if, a little more expensive. In fact, I called Clairol once about one of their drug store shades and asked which shade it was in their professional line and was told there was none. Anyway, my color rarely showed a tint of gray except the times I left it on way too long and even then, it was slight and washed out in a couple of washes. Oh, how ash shades have improved!Now, finally, to the point of this review. Every now and then I decide to pre-lighten my hair and do a two step process to get my hair to a more platinum blonde shade. Usually, I am too lazy to do it and stick with the one step. The color always turns out the most beautiful blonde after the two step process and without even a hint of orange/yellow. I then apply the permanent hair color in “extra light ash blonde ” after it is dry . I recently discovered “Dream Blonde” Ultra which is – suppose – to be both a lightener and toner in one. I should know better than that, but it is, after all, a “Dream Blonde” product I am talking about! It , of course, came out that most terrible pale yellow shade that conflicts with everyone’s facial coloring. The bonus – my hair was to that shade where I could get it to the “perfect platinum ‘blonde”, IF, I used the Dream Blonde color, in the light ash blonde shade! But… I decided to use this product first, to see what it would do this time. I applied it to the root area first and waited… and waited… for it to turn that beautiful cool shade. I left it on until it most of the ugly yellow was gone. Forget the 10 minutes it is suppose to take, it took over an hour! It did turn out a pretty, neutral, pale blonde but still had more yellow than the I wanted. It really was a pretty blonde just did not go with my skin tone that well and I knew when I washed it, it would fade. The big plus? My hair was even shiner that it has ever been! It was in good condition as well. I decided to wait a few days to apply the “Dream Blonde” light ash blonde. Here we go again…

Marcie Cutler, IN

Better but not Great

Situation: Med-Dark brown roots on highlighted hair…roots grew out about 2 inches last highlight 3 months ago. Too cheap to go back and have it redone right now. Bought John Frieda Lightening Spray, used it 3 times, lightened to what looked like a nice golden color…was outside a few days in a row in the sun w/o a hat on…instead of going blonder it got orange/red/brassy, so unnatural looking and I wanted to cry.Tried a purple shampoo, did nothing, maybe even made it worse? not sure.So, desperate, I picked this up at WalMart for about the same price as listed on Amazon. Was so nervous to try it, since I only used the peroxide spray on my roots and bangs, I only really applied this Brass Banisher to those areas as well. I was afraid it would do something weird to the previously highlighted ends. I left it on my crown and bangs for 20 min from start to finish, and let me say..I don’t have thick hair and it took a full 10 min to get it into my hair. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I did my ends too! It is very thick like glue, and it does work in eventually, but it is time consuming. I wasn’t sure when to start timing…when it first touches your hair, or when you are completely done. So anyway, the smell is not terrible, but it isn’t pleasant either. Kinda made my nose itch and eyes water at first, but not as bad as ahome perm or anything. It comes with gloves which is nice and a packet of deep conditioner to use afterwards. At 20 min I hopped in the shower and lathered and rinsed. Did not shampoo. Did half the packet of conditioner (saved the rest for tomorrow) and left on for 2 min. Let my hair air dry as to not do more damage to the ends from blow drying again.Result…subtle change. Nothing drastic. In my bathroom flourescent lighting, it still looks brassy in most spots, except for my bangs, they look pretty good in all light. In natural light my crown looks much better, only reddish in a few spots, but my hair has some natural reds in it anyway, so I dont mind some reddish..just not the entire crown. It didn’t change the color of blonde in my hair from my previous highlight on any of the hair it did touch or my bangs, so I was happy with that as I have read some people complain of darker hair. My blonde def. doesn’t look like the beautiful hair on the box…it is not “cool” it is still “warm”. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, just hoping for a little more debrassing. I might pick up another box in a week or so and repeat and see if I can help some more.Over all, the product did nothing to hurt me, didn’t make me sick, burn, or make my hair green or anything terrible. Its cheap enough to try again, if nothing else the deep conditioner was prob worth ten bucks alone. After my hair is dry, I can smell something on it still…smells like I just came home from the salon. You prob don’t want to do this right before a big date…do it in the middle of the week so all the smell is washed out and gone.

Marisa Rhodell, WV

Loreal Secrets Brass Banisher

I have used this twice and both times it just made my hair darker and gritty looking at the scalp; I would no way recommend this product.

Jennie Church Point, LA

Best Thank GOD

Ok, I used to go to the best salon’s, then I didn’t feel well because I am being treated for lyme disease, you get by Tick bites, it often is mistaked for MS or Fibromyalgia (that’s what they said I had until I sought a specialist, as I live in CA and it is ALL OVER THE USA) it takes years to get well, so I like to let people know about that, so they may also get well.ANYWAY, I adore the product I have it on once a month auto delivery. I have Scotch/Irish background so things tend to go Brassy. I use Miss Clairol Dusk Blonde with 40 percent Oreal peroxcide, keep it on two hours I have brown hair naturally.If I feel like highlights I use quick blue and 40% for 10 mintues. Then THIS[…]WOW No NO NO Brassy. And with Auburn hair it tends to need Ash’s 8 1/2 ash, aka Dusk Blonde.No hair damage no nothing, I love it. I look just like I want, Claudia Shiffer Hair! But I NEED THIS, and have not one bad thing to say at all.I have thick wavy hair, and it is controlled by Shishado’s um red box shampoo, conditioner and I add the Shine it comes with if you buy that box the red one and leave some of that on for non drying hair.I like it better than the finest salons and I am so serious. It’s WAY less […] even though yeah this all adds up it works perfectly for way longer. I mean no tips ect. Used to be in the thousands to get my hair colored, not it’s under 100 for months if I buy in bulk. Very Happy.

Teri Foyil, OK

So so.

First, I should say I had high expectations for this product and went into it hoping for a miracle. I am a little disappointed. I went through a phase where I dyed my hair a different shade of blonde and the end result was brassy. I bought this product thinking it would tone down the brass and add some shine. It toned the brass slightly but it made my hair & highlights flat, almost grayish. There was a lot of shine, though. After a couple of days, it all wore off and my hair went right back to its orangy/brassy glory. I ended up finally deciding to go to my stylist and get it all fixed professionally.

Jan Saint Elmo, IL

Waste of time and money…and damaged my hair!

So I tried to be cheap and dye my hair from medium brown to dark blonde and of course it turned orangy. I went to a salon to have it fixed and after 2 attempts at fixing it I left with darker orangy hair. After reading all of the reviews I could find I decided to try this product to minimize the brassiness in my hair, even after reading all of the mixed reviews. The product directions say to leave this on for 10 minutes, but many of the reviews recommended up to 45 minutes so I went the semi-cautious route and applied it for 20 minutes (once applied I set the timer for 10 minutes and ended up adding an additional 5 minutes so estimating 20 minutes total). The product is thick (like glue) so I initially tried to apply it using the bottle but quickly removed the bottle top and poured it into my gloved hands and applied it that way, which I found quicker and more thorough. I didn’t note any odor while applying this product. I initially thought it resolved the brassiness but my daughter quickly informed me it looked the same but slightly darker. The same evening as I applied it my friends told me my hair had a green tint to it (I had read some reviews that mentioned a green outcome) so of course I was upset. I waited 2 days to wash my hair after applying and in my opinion it is more red/orange after using this product than it was to begin with. The product says it doesn’t damage your hair, but it does! I realize I’ve had multiple color applications in a 2 week period of time, but to the point I used this product it was relatively healthy but after using this it feels very dry. I’m disappointed that I ordered 2 boxes to keep one as a spare for the next oopsy haircolor fiasco, but it will be going in the trash. I very much regret using this product and as it was Loreal haircolor that started this mess and this product only made it worse I won’t be buying Loreal haircolor products in the future.

Jill Piedmont, SC

works, somewhat…

It took my orange and yellow highlights and tamed them perfectly to a nice natural color. It also toned down some of the base red in my hair, leaving it with more of a natural tone. No ammonia, but there is peroxide.BUT, as a side note, watch out if you use all-natural hair color like awful Palette by Nature–it will remove it!

Jean Sutter, CA

Good Product, BUT

THROW AWAY THAT CONDITIONER RIGHT NOW! There’s something in it that I was allergic to and after taking my hair out of the towel, the fumes caused an allergic reaction that caused my eyes to swell completely shut. I know it was the conditioner because it happened after I completed the process and not when the product was in my hair, nor when the fumes were being suppressed by the water or trapped in the towel. It didn’t even smell good or make my hair softer.Otherwise, the product works pretty well. I have naturally dark ash-brown hair that I had previously semi-permanently dyed auburn and the red dye has been stained into my hair for seven months. I used this product for 15 minutes as recommended by other girls with dark hair, longer than the recommended 5-10 for light haired girls. Since it’s more of a glaze than a total color, there was almost no mess. I wiped it off my skin with cool water whenever I touched it and it must have come right off, because there was no staining on my skin and only a little bit on the washcloth. Now the red is gone; my hair is more of dark brown with blonde highlights (reflections?) from the previous dye. Still not my natural color, but I wasn’t really expecting it to be. Apparently this washes out after a while, but if semi-permanent red dye can stick around in my hair for 7 months, I don’t imagine this is going anywhere. Only problem is my hair smells like sulphur.But like I said, TRASH THE CONDITIONER.

Janette Madison, OH

Doesn’t work for me!

This product made my bleached (almost platinum blonde) hair orange/brassier. And I used two boxes for my hair…had to pay a salon to correct it. Plus, it irritated my scalp.I would rather use Ardell’s red gold corrector instead next time I do my roots. (which *were* yellow,btw)Maybe it works for others but just not for me.:(Would not recommend to a friend.

Valarie Volney, VA



Jayne Andover, NH

It Worked… But Funny Story

Here is the funny story. I ordered this product on Amazon and then, I decided to call L’Oreal’s help line to ask if this was the right product for me. I described my hair condition at the time. I lighten my hair with a permanent hair color. My natural hair color is about level 2 (dark brown). The hair dye that I use lightens up my hair to the level 7, I think (dark blonde). So, the L’Oreal’s expert told me that because I was so far from my original hair color, it was not the right product for me and it wouldn’t do anything for me. So, I was disappointed to hear this but I already ordered it and decided to try it anyway.So, my lightened hair had a lot of orangey/golden tones in it. I also have some highlights that are level 9. I liked the level of the color, which is dark blonde (I don’t want it lighter) but I hated the brassiness and too much gold. So, I applied this toner, left it for 10 min. and when I washed and dried my hair, I found the brassiness was reduced by about 70%. It became cool dark blonde. I love it! However, I think, but not sure, if my hair was lighter, this product would probably turn it purple. Again, I wouldn’t know.I used to use Wella’s toners but their smell of ammonia is so strong that I had to wear a mask while applying it on my hair. This toner, however, doesn’t have any offensive smells. And the high moisture conditioner that it comes with made my hair so shiny that it looks like I just got out of the salon and got a color treatment and a haircut, while, in fact, I cut my hair 6 months ago.I gave it 4 stars because I am not sure how often I can use. Instructions don’t mention it. I guess, I will use it every time I touch up my roots, which is about every 6 weeks.

Angie Midway, UT

Saved me from the salon

I was very anxious about trying this product, as a L’Oreal representative warned me that my blonde hair could potentially go gray-ashy (since I was using it after Feria 91: Champagne Cocktail) and reading a bunch of reviews saying “It doesn’t work” or “It turned my hair green!”I used the Brass Banisher after lightening with the Feria 91 and seeing how my roots went to a pale strawberry blonde, as opposed to the champagne color that the rest of my hair was. I didn’t want to bleach my roots, and I was reluctant to go to a salon. Because I had an inkling that this might happen, I had previously purchased the Brass Banisher and did a strand test. 10 minutes turned the palest part of my hair gray, so I stuck with timing 5 minutes after finishing the application on my hair (roots first, followed by lengths.)There was more than enough product, and the red is definitely far less in my hair than it was. My hair has gone a tad bit darker, but I am going to re-lighten it with John Frieda 9N on Tuesday or Wednesday in order to cover the patchy bits in the back that I missed with the Feria.I’m very pleased! No need to go to the salon! 🙂

Marylou Morris, IL


Great for hair! it gives it lift, bounce, life, energy, and feels not as dry and more plyable! i love this product! so glad i found it!

Kasey Williamsport, KY

I love this and great product!!!!!!!

I am so thank ful for this and will stock up on this. i use a ash blonde and i get some what brass on rootsfor some reason and when I use this and leave on full 10 minutes. I was shocked. secret it says dry hair. you can have wethair and add it and leave on 10 minutes. then rinse out. I was amazed the nice beigy blonde and get compliments formy hair. try it and see.. I love this product. please amazon keep it forever.. thanks

Margaret Martinsburg, NY

Waste of money & time!

I have a natural red tone to my medium/dark blonde hair. I recently lightened it by just one shade and the red tones were made more pronounced. So, I bought this product hoping that it would neutralize this effect. I followed the directions properly and it actually darkened my hair color and I seem to have even more red tones to my hair. This was a total waste of my money and time. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I would have given it 0 stars if I could.

Marcy Montmorenci, IN

what a waste

This did absolutely nothing.I still have yellow hair despite leaving it in longer than they say to. Total waste of time and money.

Victoria Grant, LA

Works OK

I recently used brass banisher after bleaching the bottom half of my hair (ombre hair) was left with a orangey blonde tint. I was hoping this product would help lift some of the brassy tones out, and it did lift slightly, but only slightly. I had better results just using a cool toned toner to try and minimize the warm tones.

Kelli Seibert, CO

No difference

After I decided to go back to brown after various shades of red, some of the pesky hard to get rid of color shone through. I thought that this product would do the trick, but after using it noticed no difference whatsoever and was left with slightly dried out hair. I wouldnt recommend this.

Concetta Point Harbor, NC

Such a slight change, not worth the chemical process

Fluorescent can look great, for accessories, maybe clothing, but not in hair. Highlighting my dark red hair led to fluorescent orange. I don’t blame the highlights; as my dark red is color treated over already naturally red-toned hair, I expected my highlights to need some toning. But this product, after left on twice as long as suggested (20 minutes), made such a tiny difference that I regret putting my hair through the chemical process. It looks slightly less bright in some places, but where it was the worst, the very front crown, there was no difference. I suspect that leaving this on even longer, 30 to 45 minutes, may have made a more noticeable difference. I chose to double the time after reading reviews where people did leave this on longer than 10 minutes and got good results. I feared damaging my hair though– unlike the boxed haircolor and highlights I used, both ammonia free, this gave my scalp a slight burning feeling and had that awful hair dye smell. Rather than buying another box of this and leaving it on longer, I am trying the Ardell Red Out along with AG’s blue conditioner. I hope they help! If you try this, if you have a ton of brass like me, I suggest leaving it on for greater than 30 minutes as long as your hair is kind of healthy. Good luck in your journey to fix your hair!

Joy Chelsea, OK

This doesn’t work

I have pretty much platinum hair and it usually gets super brassy every time I dye it , so when I saw this I couldn’t resist buying it but sadly it did nothing for meIf you really need something that helps with the brassiness don’t waste your money on this

Lourdes Arecibo, PR

Certainly helped

It did help to reduce the brass and redness, although a complete change from my formerly red hair was a several stage process. It took several treatments of various types to arrive at the shade I wanted, but this was a pretty good step on the way.

Dayna Leonardville, KS

works great

this takes the yellow out of home processed color jobs and saves a lot of money from high salon prices

Leigh Elizabethtown, PA

really worked

this is a great product if you dont feel like waiting another 20 min at the salon to have them apply the toner.

Aline Cavendish, VT

Didn’t do much….

I couldn’t tell a difference after using this. My blonde hair was still brassy, didn’t really look like I had did anything to fix it. I’ve learned my lesson since and will never attempt blonde at home… ever.

Henrietta New Bremen, OH

Bye bye bras

Gentle on my hair and tones down the brassy look my well water tends to give my dyed hair. Love it!

Yvonne Whitlash, MT


I was really torn when writing this review, but at the end of the day, this product did not at all do what it was supposed to. I have been bleaching my own hair to achieve an ombre look. I had achieved a perfect slowly transitioning look, with very light blond on the bottom that eased into my dark natural color on top. The last time I did it, I added highlights to the top of my head, which came out very orange and brassy. I had read that this Brass Banisher tones really light hair a darker color, but I figured it wouldn’t be dramatic and that it would be worth it to remove the orange tones. I applied it and then left it on an additional 7-10 minutes. Here’s where I was torn.. it ended up evening out my hair color across the board. My ombre is not nearly as noticeable. My highlights look less dramatic. Overall… it actually looks classier and it doesn’t look bad. BUT, it took away months of slowly bleaching my hair to the lightest blond I had achieved AND the top of my head is even more brassy and now it is an all over tone. Basically, I went from being dark haired with brassy highlights to looking like I have really dark red hair with very subtle ombre. I suppose some of it looks "caramel" colored, and the even color does look more professional. Again, it doesn’t look bad, but it just is not at all what I wanted. I am going to have to re-bleach my ends and try to achieve the subtle ombre again. Also, I’m going to have to find another cure for the copper penny orange on the top of my head. It is quite possible that this is intended for someone with very light hair to begin with. Like.. almost white blond, like the picture. I made the mistake of thinking this would work for any hair color as long as it contained brassiness.

Imelda De Beque, CO

It really work’s, But You can buy at Walmart for 8.00

I have redhair that get’s really brassy in the Summer. This really does work. I leave on for 10 minutes. I’m not sure why they are selling for almost 40.00 when you can buy at Walmart for 8.00???

Mae Bretz, WV

Works well

I dyed my hair blond and surprise surprise my hair turned out orange ! well this brass banisher works beautifully ! would buy again!

Susana North Pembroke, MA